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Malibu Hard Water Wellness Treatment Kit, 9 oz Shampoo, 9 oz Conditioner and 0.17 Hard Water Treatment

Hard Water Wellness Kit is the number one defense system against malicious minerals and other elements hiding in your water. This 100% vegan total wellness kit is predictably popular as it instantly removes and prevents pesky buildup to unleash perfectly purified, weightless tresses and reveal unmatched shimmer and shine.

Key features

  • The only system that detoxes and defends hair against hard water minerals found in the water we use to shampoo
  • Hair instantly goes from dry and dull to soft and shiny
  • Naturally eliminates hard-to-budge mineral deposits while locking in moisture
  • Clean, fresh, purified hair means you get superior results with all chemical services including color, highlights, perms, relaxers, straighteners and keratin treatments

Honest reviews


Amazing Shampoo! My scalp and hair feels like when I was a child again.

This product so far from what I’ve seen in the passed week of using it is amazing. My hair and scalp feel so much better. Not as dry, itchy or irritated as with other shampoos. I’ve only used the shampoo so far btw. My scalp feels like it can breathe again if that makes sense. It actually feels healthy. I hope and pray it stay this way. I’m not sure how I’ll feel after long term use but I must say so far I’m quite impressed. Thank you Malibu and thank you Amazon for selling this product as I have not seen it anywhere else. This is really good if you have hard water to help soften your scalp and hair follicles. NOTE: most water nowadays is hard unless you live in places like Arizona, Florida and a few others that I’ve been to where the water was not hard.

Andrea Nahunta, GA

hair feels so much better

After moving to a new city with hard water I have slowly noticed that my hair feels gunky and gross even when just washed. This kit does the trick. My hair is back to normal after a couple shampoos and the crystals also really made a difference as well. It is expensive but it did not strip the color from my hair, which is color treated to cover grey, and left it soft and silky.

Deena Ashaway, RI


We have hideously hard well water, full of minerals and who knows what else. I used to have bright blonde hair before we moved to the house but my hair quickly turned green, dry, and brittle. So bad that my hair stylist had to cut me bangs just hide the breakage from the water and dye my hair darker to try and hide the green. It was a disaster. This stuff has been amazing. After one use, my hair was softer and my hair color was brighter and more natural looking than it’s been in over a year. It honestly feels like I have brand new hair, I am so relieved to have discovered this stuff, I will be a customer for life! (Or at least until we move somewhere with better water ;)….) My only regret is that I didn’t take a "before" picture, this difference has been amazing.

Lena Beeler, KS


This item was wonderful. My water had always been hard but when there hasn’t been any rain it gets worse. I noticed my hair was turning orange like my tub from the water. My hairdresser told me about this product and I ordered it. It has cleared my hair of the nasty red look and I am happily blond again!!

Beryl Libertyville, IA


Here’s my situation: I am living temporarily in a home that is on well water. There is a water softener, but although the water feels "soft", it’s obvious there are lots of chemicals in it. Salt and these other chemicals leave a residue on clothes, dishes, hair, skin. I noticed that my hair was getting very limp, turning darker, and it felt like there was a coating on my hair. I have brunette hair with gold highlights, and the highlights were turning orange.ONE use of the shampoo, treatment, and conditioner, and my hair came back to life. My hair lightened up, was no longer limp, and you could see the highlights again. The orangey color is disappearing after two washes. I really like the treatment powder, but from the instructions it is only necessary to use once weekly, so I did not use it on the second wash.I am really pleased with this purchase and the total package costs less than the shampoo alone that I usually buy. Another thing that’s nice is that it has a very subtle but nice smell, slightly citrusy.If you are suffering any woes from well water, or treated well water, you won’t go wrong with this. If you color your hair, it does not harm your color; in fact, I think it helps.

Maggie Mackinaw, IL

My hair looks terrific

Glad I purchased this set from Malibu Wellness. I like that the Shampoo is Sulfate free. Without using a heavy conditioner, my hair feels fantastic after just one wash/treatment and conditioning.

Herminia Dorchester, SC

Hair saved

I moved to an area that has THE worst smelly, iron filled, hard well water ever. For MONTHS and months my hair has had this weird waxy/oily build up around my scalp that made my hair look dirty, even after I washed it. I always had to put extra dry shampoo or baby powder on my roots once my hair dried just to make it look somewhat presentable, that was helping to an extent.The rest of my hair looked dull, limp and never really had any life or shine either and I could never figure out a fix. I tried clarifying , volumizing, thickening and anti-residue shampoos, nope, NOTHING worked. My hair looked TERRIBLE and was starting to turn ORANGE.After one use of the de-mineralizing crystals my hair immediately felt smoother, even while still wet, there were zero tangles.The shampoo/conditioner saved my hair, when I dried my hair, it had life, body, shine and no weird, waxy/oily build up around my scalp. My hair was so amazingly soft too and to my further amazement almost all the orange that was in my (dark brown) hair was gone!I was a little put off at first by the high price (over $40 +S&H; on the Malibu website) and unsure if it was really worth it, but if you have hard/well water this product is pretty much a must have to save your hair.

Kari Saugerties, NY

Great system

This kit really does the trick to get hard water stains out of your hair. After a few washes it is back to how it should look.

Cara Stumpy Point, NC

Amazing and repairing

After my hair was horribly damaged by hard water I found this and it transformed my hair within the first 4 weeks

Kelley Easton, MN

Cleans hair Nicely!

Love this stuff and the packets the most. Left hair very clean and even helped my other hair products seem to work better probably because it seemed to pull the build up on my hair off. Def recommend giving a try.

Amber Saint Martin, MN