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Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo Volume 33.8 fl. oz.

Hard Water Wellness Shampoo restores hair that has been exposed to hard water. The perfect defense against dull, dry, discolored, damaged locks caused by malicious minerals hiding in water, this 100% vegan super shampoo boasts top-notch cleansing capabilities without harsh chemicals or sulfates and features the sweetly scented aroma of Orange Dreamsicle. Sulfate-free. 1 Liter.

Key features

  • Improves the look, feel and texture of hair. Leaves hair free of minerals, soft, manageable, full of body, and shine.
  • 100% vegan shampoo possesses superior cleansing capabilities without harsh chemicals or sulfates and features the sweetly scented aroma of Orange Dreamsicle.
  • Completely safe for all hair types and for processed hair, both color and perms.
  • Helps prevent dryness caused by softened water: replenishes moisture to hair.
  • Prevents oxidative damage caused by chlorine, chloramines or bromine in water. Helps prevent discoloration caused by minerals, iron, copper.

Honest reviews


Works great.

This really made a difference in the texture of my hair–softer and shinier. I use it first, BEFORE using my regular shampoo.

Madelyn Bloomdale, OH

Went from 3 to 4 stars

Used it several times already and see no differnce in my hair so I am pretty disappointed 🙁 I had just gotten a shower head water filter which has helped with my hair quality a lot (the results of that were immediate) but since water filter doesnt completely soften the water (only lessens chlorine & impurities) I thought this might help even more to get my hair back to its awesome soft water quality, but I’m not seeing any difference. Kinda regretting this purchase.UPDATE- after a month of use I did notice the hard water build-up was lessening & my hair was feeling more clean even after showering in our hard water so I am giving this product 4 stars, would definitely recommend. Probably better with conditioner also which I havent tried.

Cara Butte, NE

Can’t live without it

We have horrible well water that turns my blonde hair Kermit-The-Frog-Green. This is the ONLY shampoo I can use to stop my hair from becoming a big green mess. The shampoo IS drying though (having hard water definitely doesn’t help) so what I do is, I condition my hair FIRST and then rinse it out like 75% of the way. Then I shampoo and follow with a really hydrating conditioner (I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one). This keeps it soft and healthy, and most importantly, NOT green. Even my hair stylist was blown away at the improvement of my hair and now recommends it to her other green-haired clients! It’s not super effective for getting rid of the green that’s already in your hair (for that, I used to have to go the salon and get a de-green-ing treatment) but there is nothing better for keeping the green away.

Jodie Valley Falls, KS

No Noticeable Improvement to Hair

This doesn’t do anything I noticed as far as extra-cleaning the hair, so maybe my water isn’t hard enough to benefit from it. The city said the water was moderately hard.

Geri Advance, NC

Love this Shampoo……

Wonderful shampoo for anyone with hard water and it also smells so nice and clean.It is well worth the money, I try never to be without this. I usually get a few extra bottles for myprivate stock up.

Concepcion Monticello, MS

This really works!

Despite a full system water softener system, our water is still brutally hard. This product really works! It leaves hair feeling clean and soft and lusterous looking. Will definitely re order. The scent is clean and light, very nice.

Brenda Ozawkie, KS

Say goodbye to suds -and- residue!

I have artificially high-lighted blonde hair and hard water in New England. It’s a mighty struggle to keep it looking fresh over time. I already use both Malibu demineralizer and blonde wellness packets. I bought this shampoo to up the ante against residues and minerals that dull my hair and make it very unmanageable. My impressions of this shampoo: bottle is attractive enough, the pump dispenses the right amount. It smells like orange candy and there aren’t many suds. Sulfates make soap suds and this doesn’t have any. The benefits are it definitely cleans your hair well and it is a great maintenance product to use between demineralizer packets for keeping my hair looking good. It’s more work but the results are worth it!

Hazel Perry, TX

Love this stuff!

It’s a tad drying, but the conditioner undoes that! Buy that too!This will revive your hair color even if you didn’t think anything was wrong in the first place! My toddler has dark, sandy blonde hair and it brings back the gold that was getting dull. My infant has medium brown hair and it does the same thing with her whisps of gold highlights. My husband has to keep his head shaved for work, but it helps significantly with his dandruff. It makes my hair fluffy, and my color-treated chocolate brown less coppery. And we all love the creamsicle scent!

Sofia Jensen, UT

My hair and I like it

Our well water is full of minerals and my hair looks & feels dull if I don’t use a shampoo that clarifies it. I’ve used Ion and it was ok, but I didn’t like how watery it was. Also used Pureology’s Purify and thought it was pretty effective, but the bottle was small and kind of spendy, so I started window shopping and found Malibu C a while back.Love the smell and feel of this shampoo, and it keeps my color treated hair looking vibrant. But I didn’t realize how good I had it until I used what was left of my Pureology shampoo yesterday. Yikes. It gave my hair that feeling you get from a harsh shampoo that strips it. Couldn’t get my fingers all the way through it during the rinse. So now I’ll stick with Malibu unless something more magical comes along. Works well, feels good, price is right.

Alana Bone Gap, IL

Good for water softener issues or no water softener.

When we haven’t had soft water, this shampoo and conditioner combo have worked really well to make our hair not feel like it’s a waxy, greasy mess right after washing it. It’s not a miracle product, but it makes a huge difference without stripping your hair too much like some clarifying shampoos too (they can make your hair feel like straw).

Dixie Hickory Plains, AR