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Malcolm’s Miracle NEW GREEN Moisture Jamzz Moisturizing Gloves – Made in the USA with Biodegradable Packaging!

Uses the body’s own heat to open pores, allowing even more of your favorite lotion to penetrate dry skin. Unlike other cheaply made all cotton gloves, these are much thicker and they are made in the USA. And because they have spandex, they fit snugly and won’t fall off. Unlike neoprene, they are soft and cool, allowing the skin to breathe. And they will keep their shape after many washings. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we are happy to say that we stand by our products. Simply contact us by clicking on “Contact Seller” and we will either replace them free of charge (free priority shipping as well) or Amazon will refund your money.

Key features

  • The most celebrated brand of luxury moisturizing gloves – NEW GREEN print is slightly larger
  • Quality-made in the USA of 94% super-soft high-grade breathable cotton and 6% spandex
  • They breathe and keep their shape after many washings
  • These true moisturizing gloves fit snugly but comfortably, and allow you to still use your hands for just about anything
  • Thin and cool, but thick enough for a noticeable difference after only 1/2 hour of wear if used with your favorite lotion – give yourself a full spa treatment at home!

Honest reviews


Snug, which they should be, but not soft

These gloves are snug, which they should be, but not soft. I have generally small hands and they were still tight. I wanted them to be tight enough to do things while wearing them – type, etc – but they are not soft and are a bit uncomfortable.

Carmela Wurtsboro, NY

These gloves were a disappointment

These gloves did not do anything for my hands. I will have to save up for the bliss gloves. After wearing them, my hands were still dry and it did not make my hands soft.

Vanessa Felton, GA

Don’t see the value

I really don’t get how these are better than a thin pair of gloves. The seams are uncomfortable (especially at the fingertips). I just wasn’t impressed.

Anastasia Lucerne, CA

don’t bother

I bought these in the middle of winter, hoping to get some relief from splitting fingers. These did not seem to hold in any moisture, rather, they just absorbed the lotion on my hands.

Ericka Newburg, WV


If you’re the OCD type with your hands, these are a must ave! I am always washing my hands, doing my nails, and using cleaning products without the proper gloves so my hands are drying out more than I would like them to. I bought these and the night I got them in the mail I was thrilled. They really do work! I would stay away from harsh chemicals that are found in most moisturizers ladies. IT PAYS TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Find a moisturizer that is truly going to benefit your hands. I wear these to bed with my pick of moisturizer, and in the morning I have such soft supple skin!

Madge Hemlock, IN

Work great and fit well

I have had these gloves for a couple of months and I wear them 4 or 5 times a week at night. I work in health care and my hands get very dry from washing. These gloves keep the moisturizer on my hands and off the sheets all night. They stay on well and I have washed them several times (I don’t use the dryer but just hang them to dry). I have not had any problem with the seams pulling apart, they seem to be well made. I like that they are stretchy and fit snugly without being too tight, I have never had one of them come off before I take them off. I highly recommend these gloves if you have dry hands or want to keep from getting dry hands.

Shelly Alexander City, AL

Great Benefit!

They have been a great benefit to me. They are soft and easy to sleep in. Thank you for making them in the USA!!

Betty Poplar, WI

works well

Reading the negative reviews, I was afraid these gloves would rip. But I’ve used them for more than a month now, every night, and they haven’t ripped! I’m 5’4 and my hands aren’t large, but they aren’t small either. These gloves feel really soft and comfortable, and they’re easy to wash too. Five stars!

Milagros Cadiz, OH

good – cotton not the soft lotion filled gloves

This glove is soft cotton. It’s a bit tight and I have small hands but it’s comfortable. I have been using them for a few days. I actually prefer the soft fluffy gloves that already have aloe lotion in them thought hose can feel a bit greasy. These seem to hold in moisture okay.

Michelle Ellsworth, IL

good for intended use

I wear them in bed after applying hand cream to moisturize my dry winter hands- the fingers are slightly tight and slightly long for my small to medium hands so not suitable for thick fingers- medium weight, might be hot in summer but I likely won’t use them in summer- machine wash, hang dry – easy care- keeps cream on my hands and off my bedding- a bit pricey for cotton gloves at $10

Jasmin Reidsville, GA

good overnight gloves!

I like these gloves a lot for nighttime moisturizing. They got a little down your wrist and stay on tight all night. They are comfortable and do the job. Will get more once I need to

Concepcion Valley, WA

Pretty well-fitting and effective

I was looking for a moisturizing glove I could wear that would not interfere with some of my activities. First, I had no problem with the fit or the quality of the product. Not only is it pretty but it is well-made. The gloves contain sufficient spandex in addition to the absorbent cotton that allows stretch as the gloves are put on or taken off. As with any glove, don’t just yank and jam it on your on the hand, "gentle" it down and work it off finger by finger. I have a small hand so there is still a little bit of excess material at the fingertips but that doesn’t bother me. I can still read a book (turn pages in a hardcopy or touchscreen the KINDLE), text or use a keyboard without a problem. For real moisturizing, apply castor oil and wear the gloves overnight (put it on your feet and wear your socks). After two overnight uses, my fingertips and cuticles have lost their dryness. As with any skin care product, you must be consistent to see the results.

Teresa Gibbon, NE


It is a bit small for my hands so it slides up a little when I sleep . But it does keep the lotion in. My hands felt smooth after a few uses

Lilian Jackson, NC

Really like these gloves!

There were so many gloves to choose from that I had a hard time deciding which one I was going to select. I am very impressed with these gloves. The feel great. They come up past your wrist a bit so they aren’t so short all they want to do is roll down. They are stretch and they fit my hand very well. I had purchased a pair of cotton gloves in Walmart which I thought were ok, but after receiving these I don’t care as much for those because these fit so well and are so smooth feeling.

Patrica Cooksville, IL

i do like these

however, after one hand washing, the seams split. my hands are not large but as well made as these look, they should not have split after one use and one hand soaking.**the company has contacted me and will be replacing the defective pair. Very fair and quite satisfactory.The replacement pair arrived today as promised. These have been the BEST brand if moisturizing gloves I’ve used. This makes 7 pairs I own, one for each night of the week, and often during the day also since my sclerodermic arthritis is quite eased by these great gloves. Malcolm’s Miracle has a loyal customer as long as they continue to make and stand by these excellent gloves. The moisturizing Google’s are my next purchase. Thank you Malcolm’s.

Kirsten Leitchfield, KY