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The original MakeUpMiser, patent-pending set of 2 flexible makeup spatulas that have been ergonomically designed to get into the bottom and all corners of your beauty containers. Finally, you can get every drop you paid for and reduce bacterial contamination by keeping long nails and fingers out of the jar. Great for liquid foundations, serums, moisturizers, lotions, body butters, hair gels, toothpaste, and any container with a small opening. Also perfect for mixing dry and wet makeup products to create new colors. Makes transferring to travel containers quick and sanitary will no spills. Hot new beauty tool is fun to use! Nylon handles are flexible yet very strong and silicone-like tips bend and conform to different size bottle shapes.

Key features

  • Get up to 3 weeks MORE out of your cosmetics & makeup containers with this handy set of 2 beauty spatulas.
  • Flexible spoon-shaped tips designed to scoop and hold every drop until you are ready for application
  • Washable (even with alcohol) & Reusable -Fits every shape and size of beauty containers
  • Protects your manicure by keeping nails out of messy creams and sticky gels & helps prevent contamination

Honest reviews



I got soooo tired of throwing out lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles with product clearly still left inside. On some lotions, not matter how much you squeezed you could not get the product that was coated on the side of the bottle.With these handy little spatulas I can either pop the tops off of the bottles or in some cases just cut them in half and then scrape the product into little plastic jar pots I purchased inexpensively from the Target store sample/Travel size section.They are super durable and easy to clean off after each use. I love them so much I am now going to purchase a second set for condiments and other food items that stick to THEIR containers. These things will pay for themselves in no time. I highly recommend them.

Martha Ruffin, SC

great idea!

I so needed this thing!! I an saving myself lots of money in the long run!! They really do work and get all that extra product out of small containers.

Cathleen Charlotte, TN

love these little things

i spend a lot of money on cosmetics and sometimes they are expensive. with these i can get every little drop of product out. great for anyone who wants to get every pennys worth from their money.

Sonja Almond, NC

Too big for small makeup bottles

It says it’s small, but the Spatty is smaller and I would recommend that one for your small makeup bottles.

Noreen Franklin, ID

Helps get the last drop

The name is miser. It really helps you get the last drop of lotion out. The different sizes are quite good.

Deena North Highlands, CA