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Makeup Blender Sponges 4 Pc Set – Blend Your Flawless Foundation with Beauty Matters Pink Egg Shaped Beauty Latex-Free Sponge Applicators for Foundations, Creams etc – With a Round & Pointed End They are Designed for an Airbrush Professional Finish Every-time

THE SECRET OF A FLAWLESS FOUNDATION Key to Looking Beautiful & Feeling Confident Create Your Flawless Finish – Beauty Matters cosmetic sponges make it possible for you to achieve your most coveted flawless make up finish as it will allow your foundation to glide smoothly over your face. • Cover any Blemishes & Imperfections Seamlessly -The sponges have a high moisture retention capacity, so blending colors or using your particular foundation can easily cover any imperfections. • Apply Your Makeup with Precision – The innovative & ergonomic egg shape design of Beauty Matters sponges lets you apply your makeup precisely, including hard-to-reach areas of the face like around the nose. The sponges can be used either dry or damp. We strongly suggest that try them out with your choice of make up as each one will differ. To use damp, slightly dampen the sponge and squeeze in a dry towel or paper towel to remove the excess water. Try both ways and see which is right for you. • Safe for You to Use – the sponges are latex free so people who are sensitive or allergic to latex can confidently use these foundation sponges. • Reuse Time & Time Again – they are washable & reusable. Gently wash with gentle soap, such as baby shampoo or organic face soap, rinse carefully & leave to air dry. Get the Look You Have Always Wanted – Every Time. Buy Now – Your Beauty Matters.

Key features

  • Always have a beautiful flawless foundation: Use Beauty Matters sponges damp to apply an airbrush finish and minimise the amount of makeup you need – but of course they can be used dry if you prefer. Beauty Matters sponges are ONLY sold by Design Link – any other seller is fraudulent. Any other seller displaying the same images is in breach of copyright and is not sellng the same product.
  • Apply with precision: Beauty Matters clever egg shaped sponge lets you cover awkward & large areas alike. No lines left from the edges from wedges.
  • Feel confident: Uneven skin tones, imperfections etc can be covered seamlessly with your makeup
  • Hypoallergenic: made to Beauty Matters specification, these beautiful sponges are Latex free and gentle on the skin
  • Great Value: Long-lasting, durable & safe to reuse: Simply wash in warm water to reuse. won’t break or crumble easily. The product description and all pictures are copyright of Design Link 2014. Design Link is the ONLY authorised seller of Beauty Matters makeup sponges. Any other seller is fraudulent, and you will not receive these quality sponges.

Honest reviews


Ok for a knockoff, not close enough to be a dupe.

These are an okay substitute for the Beauty Blender. You can use the same techniques, and it does need to be wet first.Limitations:Not as soft and squishy as the BB.Texture not as smooth as BB.Harder to squeeze water out than BB.Absorbs more product than BB.So these are good if you’re on a budget, but they are not close enough to the real Beauty Blender to call a perfect dupe.HOWEVER, these are great to learn on and practice with before investing in the real deal. Also, the real Beauty Blender is MUCH less expensive when purchased here on Amazon. Instead of $30 for one, sometimes there are pairs for $22-$25 on here. I recommend these for learning, but save up for a real BB, and save $ buying it here on Amazon.

Jerri Yates Center, KS

Thank you Beauty matters for your perfect product of 4pc Makeup Blender sponges

I wanted to try the Makeup Beauty Blender sponges by Beauty matters because I never heard of makeup sponges so . I decided that for under thirteen bucks not a bad idea four sponges is worth it- and I was right. These cute little 4 sponges are super soft, andwork well dry- but even better when damp. I run them under warm water, then squeeze the excess water out and blot on a towel, so that no water comes out on my face. These sponges don’t grow too much, but there is a noticeable difference. For my tiny hands,they’re the perfect size. Don’t worry, they’re not that small. Anyway, then I just take my liquid foundation on the back of my hand, dab the sponge in (not too much at one time) and stipple all over my face. It covers blemishes seamlessly, and I only need concealer on the worst imperfections now, instead of all over (yes, I have acne.) You can easily layer foundation, but even one layer covers andblends very well. The wider end works great for larger areas like the cheeks and forehead (also jawline, down the neck) and the pointed end reaches up to the inner corners of the eye and undereye circles. And I use them to apply my purifying facial mask too,As I said before these sponges are so soft, especially when damp, and they don’t have any smell to them. They feel very durable, and, don’t look like they’ll rip easily. Thanks Courtesy of beauty matters .

Pam San Juan Pueblo, NM

not great

I do not like this product at all, they are far too large and not spongy or soft when applying makeup at all, should have spent the extra cash and bought the original product

Denice Texline, TX

Blends foundation nicely. Great product

I’ve never used makeup sponges like these before, but I always hear that they are the best to put on makeup with. I have to say that these do a really great job at blending foundation, and the application is very smooth. They are also ridiculously soft. I use these damp with my liquid foundation. One: less foundation is absorbed by the sponge. Two: it gives you a little bit of a dewy look. As with any makeup applicator, it’s always good to wash it and let it dry after you use it to keep it hygienic. I really like these better than other makeup applicators I have used since you can use the round end for larger areas and the pointy end for smaller areas like around the nose. It’s just more precise.

Dionne Coram, NY

works well for me

I like these sponges. I am pleased with the smoother look of my applied makeup. I thought I might need a cake makeup to cover the dark spots on my cheeks but with these sponges I just applied my regular makeup right onto the dampened sponge and applied to my face. The makeup does a much better job of of covering and is much smoother than when applied with my fingertips. There are absolutely no streaks that I usually get with hand application. I tried the sponge with one of the makeups I purchased but didn’t like because it was too streaky and now I can and will use it. The sponges cover the dark spots well, does not allow makeup to gather in lines, and covers large pores. Good customer service.

Dionne Sibley, MS

She Is So Smooth

She Is So Smooth is how I feel about my wife’s makeup with these blender sponges. I can see the difference since she has been using these compared to her normal brush’s and pad’s. Her skin look’s so much smoother around her eyes and the corner of her lip’s. And she thanked me for thinking about her when I ordered these festive looking sponges. LOL! These seem to be very durable and long lasting. I won’t have to order again for awhile. Fast shipping and great tip’s and usage instruction’s provided.

Katheryn Una, SC

Wow, I love how these sponges make my makeup and blush look!

I read the reviews of the various sponges and decided to buy the more expensive brand, without going to the most expensive. I received an email from the company, thanking me for my order along with instructions on the best use of the sponges. I followed the instructions provided, using a stippling motion with the dampened sponge and was very pleased with the results. I used a primer then added Max Factor pan stick, topping it off with a very light coat of tinted moisturizer (my usual makeup). I did the same stippling process to apply cream blush. Suddenly I had a dewy makeup and blush that I hadn’t seen on my face in years. I plan to buy another box of these sponges to have on hand. Just follow the sellers instructions and you will be well pleased with the results,.

Kathrine Dunbar, WI

excellent blending, slightly bulky

these make-up sponges blend very well but are a little bulky and despite the "pointy" end are a little difficulty to manage in small crevices

Cheryl Garrett, IN

Five Stars

super great find in comparison to the beauty blender sponges! they are practically the same

Helene Lambert, MS

They’re very difficult to clean. I’ve tried different types …

They’re very difficult to clean. I’ve tried different types of soap, but whatever foundation/bb cream I use, it doesn’t come out once used on these sponges. Spend the money and get the real beauty blenders.

Lydia Climbing Hill, IA

Pretty sponges that do a great job with make-up.

The sponges are so soft…… They smooth the makeup very evenly. They can be used over again, but be sure to wash them after use. Let them air dry. This product would be a very nice fill-in gift for anyone, but I feel sure they would be a big hit with the teens.I recommend you try the sponges. I think you will be impressed.

Corrine Roxie, MS

Great sponges!

These are honestly the best makeup sponges I have EVER used! When wet, they do not soak up the makeup so they make your makeup last longer!

Colleen Luther, MI

I Love These!

I must say I was very impressed with these makeup blender sponges. When I used one, I wet it and then squeezed the water out and then applied makeup directly to the sponge.It was soft yet firm and provided a smooth application and feels wonderful on your face! The shape is very convenient and it blended my makeup evenly and well.I would recommend these makeup blender sponges.

Tara Vernalis, CA