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MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder 0.30 oz

Softens the appearance of imperfections

Key features

  • Completely evens out the complexion for a glowing, radiant look
  • One universal shade for all skin tones
  • Talc free formula
  • Dermatologically tested

Honest reviews


Helps set my makeup

I have nothing bad to say about this setting powder except for it can make your foundation look cakey if you apply too much of the powder. I find this helps to keep oil at bay and in general, is a good setting powder!

Claudine Cresson, PA

I don’t miss it when I forget to use it

I don’t know why my experience with this product is different from the other reviewers. I bought this based on reviews! And it was a pricey mistake. I don’t notice any difference when I apply this powder, other than my face seems a little lighter. I force myself to use it because of how much I paid for it, but when I forget, I don’t miss it at all. I am puzzled! I still have a lot left but when I’m done with it, I definitely won’t buy it again.

Beverley Swarthmore, PA

love it

used over sunscreen it controls oil /out using a foundationone two three four five six seven eight nine ten

Joanna Castro Valley, CA

Pricey, but Well Worth It

Although this little tub of powder can seem costly, a little goes a LONG WAY, and the results are well worth it. It puts a final polish on my made up face, and when I’m in full daylight I’ve had friends comment about the appearance of my skin. If you knew my skin, you would know why that is so remarkable. Just a fine dusting using a dense powder brush over my made up face is all I need. I touch up throughout the day by first using oil blotting sheets and then dusting another light coat over my face. Love it.

Cortney Milltown, WI

great product

This is wonderful powder to set foundation and to create a flawless look. One day I was sitting across from a friend and she said my skin looked great. I told her about the powder. It does create a poreless look.

Joanne Wrangell, AK

Bought this on a whim

I bought this on a whim because so many people have raved about it. I don’t mind that I’m not a raving fan because a little of this goes a long way – which means it will last a long time! It has a really nice “fresh” or “clean” scent to it and it does not take very much to set your makeup. However, I can’t really tell how much this helps my makeup, so I’m not sure how amazing it is. I don’t have super oily skin, and my makeup does not seem to last longer or set nicer than it would with any other powder.

Trina Milton, NH

Like brushing smoke on your face

This stuff is totally cool, and it definitely mattifies and sets makeup. The tough part is that it’s so fine, it won’t even stay on my brush. It’s literally like brushing smoke onto your face and hoping it stays. I recommend tapping on with a finger.

Elaine Wiggins, MS

The Reviews were right…

I originally found this product as a sealer for a tattoo concealer, but after too many mixed reviews on the concealer (not same brand), I decided against it. The reviews on the Microfinish powder, however, pushed me to go ahead and order this. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 days now, I am truly impressed with this product. I use Mac makeup, and thus far, after trying many, many brands, it was the only foundation and powder that worked on my oily, acne prone skin. This stuff, as a finisher, is even BETTER! It helps to control the oil better, makes my skin look even and smooth. I love it! And even though .35oz seems like so little for the price, it takes very little powder to even out your complexion. I’m sure this will last just as long as my Mac powder compact. Definitely worth the money!

Rene Saint Clair Shores, MI

What’s the deal with charging more than retail???

I agree with all you ladies who have positive comments about this award winning powder. I am with you all the way. Just thought you might like to know that this product/this size retails for $34. What’s with these Amazon sellers who jack up the price of cosmetics?

Beverley Pinson, AL

Makes you look “white”

I love make up forever products. They were developed and launched in an era for HD TV artists whose skin needs to look poreless and perfect. I really wanted it to work. This definitely makes your skin smooth and appear poreless but it doesn’t really get absorbed so it looks like it just sits on your skin and makes you look “white” just like the color of the powder.

Mamie Harrison, MI

Use it correctly and you are flawless!

I currently use Mac Pro powder and liquid as well as Makeup Forever HD liquid. I also always use a foundation primer. It’s a must!! Any brand will help but I prefer Mac pro primer or MF HD primer. I have combination skin. Forehead, upper cheeks, lower nose super oily. Between the brows and above the brows very very dry and the top of my nose where it connects to my forehead. My upper lip is dry and my chin is oily. Just a mess. I use a primer to help set the foundation allowing the primer to set into pores, soften up the dry skin riding the flakes, and lay over the pores to fill them for a smooth base for foundation. I use a flat foundation brush to apply foundation I use lighter colors in all my highlight areas and darker in all my contour places then I blend them forward to cover the rest. Without the finish my foundation is wet can be rubbed off, slide around, get onto my clothing, and I look glowing but not always in that positive way. More like sweaty. So I decided to try the finishing powder and you take the lightest amount of product and really swirl your brush into it. Tap off the excess and buff it into your face. A very little of this product goes very far. The tip is to just put a tiny amount into the lid of the jar and swirl that brush and allow each bristle pick up every ounce of powder. Then use what is in there to buff buff buff into your skin. Do not over use the powder it’s just for a finished look that helps to keep everything in its place. Now when I sweat the foundation stays in place, no more makeup runs on my clothing, no glowing sweaty wet foundation but this beautiful irredecent radiance. If you use cream blush reg blush highlight and browsers you can tend to have too much excess another trick is to take that brush you used for the power and without adding any new powder just lightly buff over the blush and bronzer and now perfection. You have to experiment with just how little this goes and once you can see that literally just a few grains will give you that flawless Dewey finish you will love it. Take it into sephora Ulta or another other counter and they will show you how to use it.

Kristina Norris, IL

great finish powder!

i got this a while ago and really loved it, but you can only tell the difference if you pay close attention to detail…which most girls who are into makeup do… i used this for a while up until i got the bare minerals for christmas, i love there finish powder even more!

Rosa Pullman, MI