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Magic-Grip Hairpins, Color Crystal

Good Hair Days Magic-Grip Hairpins are a quality combination of superior, flexible plastic material and unique hairpin design that holds lots of hair.

Key features

  • Available in clear and tortoise shell
  • Unique pin design holds a lot of hair
  • Comfortable and long-lasting
  • Great for long, thick hair
  • Made in the USA

Honest reviews


I love these pins!

These hair pins are outstanding. They hold my long thick hair in place. They used to sell them at Walgreen’s but not anymore, which is very unfortunate. Bobby pins do not hold up my hair at all, and other typs of pins are hit or miss. These pins are smooth, comfortable and secure. I highly recommend them, although I feel at $9.00 and change here at Amazon, they are a tad pricey.

Noelle Hartford City, IN

Best Hairpin Ever!

It seems impossible that such a simple looking little pin would do such a great job of keeping hair where it belongs, all day and all night. I put my baby-fine hair in a french twist, a style which is notorious for falling out unless you add pounds of hairspray. With these hairpins, I don’t need hairspray at all, which keeps my hair feeling soft and nice.Even though I have blonde hair, I use the tortoise shell hairpins, because they hide inside a bun or twist so well. They never seem to break, and don’t come out until I remove it at night. Even in rain, wind or humidity, these hairpins just don’t let go. They seem expensive compared to bobby pins, but they work so much better that they’re well worth the price.They only have one drawback: theft by other long-haired family members, such as daughters or sisters. (I don’t think I need to explain a whole lot more about that.) I suggest you buy an extra package and hide it for later.

Noreen Monticello, IN

Pull and Pinch Hair

I was hoping to like these, but they hurt way too much. They hold my hair,, but they are tight and pinch all day long and pull an rip out my hair when I take it out. My hair is only 10 inches long so it’s not a lot of hair being stuffed in, but it hurts when I use it to hold in the ends of a bun. My hair is very fine, but very curly, so maybe it’s for straight hair. I ended up getting the hair pins from Franz Luxe or something like that and they don’t pinch my hair, so I’m happy with them.

Leann Choudrant, LA

Plastic hair pin

This hair pin is just OK… is made of a thin plastic the kind that will probably brake easily. I love the grip. But dissatisfied with type of plastic.It is not made of the thick type plastic that I found before. Those last forever.Would not reorder this brand due to the quality for the price. Hair pins are hard to find items. Good ones are too.

Maribel Issue, MD

They just snap

As soon as you turn or twist them even a little bit. So annoying. Every single one I’ve used I’ve had to pick out of my hair in two pieces. Maybe i’m being too aggressive with them. If you do want to buy them, maybe get a stress ball or something too?

Dianne Rosamond, IL

Keeping hair up

I have been using these for a while now. I have fine hair (not thin), of medium length. My daughter has thick medium length hair. These are much easier for me to use than they are for my daughter. It seems to me that they may need to be a bit longer for thicker hair… maybe. For “regular” hair types, IF, these pinch, poke or slide out, you don’t have them placed correctly. The pins have a slight curve to them, so when inserted, the curve should be away from your scalp, so that they do not poke. I gave myself a couple of good bruises before I figured this out! It is hard to explain and easier to show, but sliding the pins into the edge of the “bun” heading in a direction away from the bun first and then turning the pin back the opposite direction to secure under the bun works best for me….. if you have ever used a pencil or stick to secure your hair you likely are familiar with how to do this. If not, look on youtube, there are examples how to place pins to secure chignons – although, beware as I have noticed that they show the curve of the pin toward the scalp- OUCH!

Patrice Corriganville, MD

Won’t Stay Put

I guess I just don’t know how to use these things properly because no matter what style I wear, I can’t get them to stay securely in my hair. They don’t fall out, per se, but they don’t stay snugly in position. I see a lot of people rave about them, so I was surprised to not like them. They are definitely high quality though, and I don’t regret buying them. I’m sure one day I’ll find a style they’re perfect for. They’re certainly light years ahead of bobby pins.

Vonda Stoney Fork, KY

These are the Best

I love these hair pins. They hold nice-sized chunks of hair and never pinch or even dent my hair. Each one lasts a couple of years, when one finally gives way, I shed a small tear.

Arlene Locustville, VA

Good Hold

A great product for the price, and they hold well.A must have for your hair stash for a variety of styles at any length!.

Louise Brooksville, ME


I have long dreadlocks (at my bra line) and have been looking for hair pins I could use to style my hair up. Thought these would do but somehow they don’t quite.The main problem I have is that they get twisted while putting them in, and they tug my hair when I’m trying to get them out! They also don’t quite work when I want to pin my hair up and need quite a few to make the style stay.A co-worker has suggested I try the Caravan Crink hair pins, as they are almost like these but without the middle part.

Mindy Talcott, WV

these break easily.

I purchased these for half the price listed here on another website. They are small at about 2-3″ long and 1′ wide. They are very fine plastic but have no sharp edges which was good. I also got the tortoise color which I like. They held pretty well until they broke………. I only had these one month before every one of them was broken. They would literally break into pieces while they were in my hair. I do not have thick hair…at all. I was happy I didn’t pay the prices listed here and I wont buy them again.

Claudette Warsaw, IN

Strong Hold

I really like these hairpins. They are great for holding thick hair in place. My only complaint would be that it’s difficult to hide the large circular end of the pins. Even though they are clear, they seem to be very noticable in my hair. I will probably order the darker color to see if that helps at all. Overall, I use them for multiple types of hairstyles, and so far I have been able to reuse them without them bending beyond repair.

Tabitha Fruitland, IA

Your hair will.not.move.

I used to have a few of these with a book on how to do hairstyles I got when I was a teen. I broke several and found them here. They do break (not being the best quality) but last several months regardless.I use them to put my hair up in sleek buns, messy buns, twists, french braids, ponytails, and more. I really use them all the time, and they keep your hair so tight.I love these pins.

Roxanne Modoc, IN

Do not work as well on slippery hair

I have long straight and slippery asian hair. I tried to pin up my hair into a bun with these pins, somehow, my bun always tends to loosen and fall in a couple of hours. Perhaps, there is some tricks that I am unaware of??

Trudy Kilbourne, OH

I love these pins!

The current price that these are selling for is about twice what I paid for them at my local Sally’s store, so definitely be wary of the price.These are fantastic pins! I have the brown ones, and they work to hold buns and twists in place all day. On top of that, they are comfortable, and don’t dig into my scalp or leave me with any soreness.I’ve also been using the same few pins from my package for about six months, and there is no sign of wear and tear or of bending/loosening of these; they appear brand new and are still working well.A great product for your hair!

Tia Odessa, NE

Very secure!

These and Amish pins are awesome for fine slippery hair like mine. I can get my hair into updos easily, and the weight of my hair doesn’t pull out the pins. Very comfortable to wear, but not quite as comfy as Amish pins.

Eva Shokan, NY

not happy with the color

This seems like it’d be a great product for someone whose hair color can hide it. In the picture the clips look darker. They are too light so I was disappointed. I might try spray painting them. I really want to be able to use them.

Tessa Harvey, IL

Magic Grip

Have to figure out how to use this, I’m watching youtube for help though!! I’m glad there are people out there willing to help those of us that don’t know much about hair!!!

Harriet Morton, MN

way better than traditional bobby pins

I have a love hate relationship with traditional bobby pins. I have to use about 3 to what most people would need only 1.These are great. One of these replaces about the use of 10 bobby pins for me.Unfortunately, they are plastic and I’ve already busted about 4 of them. It’s because I was just shoving them into my hair and not being selective in what I’m pinning. Once I realized I needed to section out what was being pinned I’ve stopped breaking them.

Tammie Keene, KY

pretty strong!

apparently the 3" long really strong metal ones just aren’t available any more. these are the best substitute we have found so far. they work in long, heavy hair.

Carmen Covington, TX

Really strong!

I use these every few days to put my hair up in a french twist and they NEVER break! I am very impressed. They grab your hair like no other pin I know of.

Dominique Mapaville, MO

The BEST hair pins I’ve ever used.

These hair pins have no equal. I wear my long hair pulled up a lot, and these do the trick, without pulling on my scalp or hurting, yet, they have fantastic hold. They are ingenius design. I love these so much, and hate losing them, although they stay in pretty good. I highly recommend them. In fact, I’m about to reorder them.

Melody Lakeview, OH

Nice hairpins but bend and slide out

I bought these to use hairpins keeping my bun in tact. Due to my job, I cannot use metal hairpins so I usually use rubber band to secure ends into the bun but I do not like the look of bands around my bun. I’ve tried these hairpins but these slide out of bun and I noticed these bend after a while. I will continue using these until I lose them all – being clear is very easy to lose.

Joan Hillsboro, OH

Best for thick hair

I love these hair pins! I only need two or three to keep my bun in place all day! Recommend for thick hair.

Luisa Wheatland, OK