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Madonna Truth Or Dare Women Eau De Parfum Spray, 2.5 Ounce

Truth or Dare By Madonna Eau de Parfum 2.5 FL OZ. Darkness and light, innocence and deceit. Truth or Dare by Madonna represents the dual forces that coexist in all of us. Daring to embrace the duality of our true nature. Truth or Dare by Madonna is a cont

Key features

  • For Women
  • Design House: Madonna
  • Fragrance Notes: Neroli, Gardenia, White Lily, Jasmine, Amber And Vanilla
  • Year Introduced: 2012
  • Recommended Use: Casual

Honest reviews


Love this smell!!

Not a Madonna fanand not a fan of buying very expensive (celebrity) perfume (unless it’s designer perfume Dior, Versace, etc)…. But I just had to have it once I smelled it! I love the bottle and the smell! I couldn’t resist paying regular price for it and I even got a cute little Madonna bag with it!

Dona Christine, ND

Sickeningly Sweet

I expected better. This stuff smells so cheap. A few whiffs make you feel like you’ve been smothered with gardenias. Reminds me of the uber-cheap Gloria Vanderbilt perfume sets from the 80s. An ex gave me a set for Christmas one year (because it was under $20 for the whole set) and it was SO sweet it almost put me into insulin shock. I’m sorry I thought Madonna would TRY something seductive. This is an epic fail.

Darlene Bryan, TX

Amazingly long lasting EDP, a tuberose gourmand

Usually, tuberose and neroli are two of the worst notes on my skin, so I tried this perfume expecting to hate it.On my skin I get tuberose which is sweetened up by the amber and musk. This is a scent which has to be on the skin for awhile before all the base notes really mix well with the potent tuberose.The sillage of this perfume is high and lingering. So, put this on with a light hand. The lasting power of this EDP is amazing. It lasts all day long with only one spray.This EDP reminds me very much of Versace’s Blonde and Guerlain’s Mahora, yet it’s just a bit different than both of them with the more creamy, ambery base. It’s basically a tuberose gourmand.I can definitely see Madonna’s Italian roots when I smell this perfume. I can just picture Venice and Tuscany when I smell this. I think Madonna did a good job on this one. I don’t care who’s name is on a perfume if you like it wear it!This won’t become my favorite scent but, I can see myself growing very fond of it.Truth or Dare fragrance notes: The scent is both a light and dark, opening with notes of gardenia, creamy tuberose and neroli. The heart consists of jasmine, benzoin and white lily, based on vanilla absolute, caramelized amber and sensual musk.

June Lowpoint, IL

Not a good scent

to me this was very strong perfume, It will remind you of your grandmother, not for me. The scent also lasts very long and have me a headache.

Ester Saint Albans, NY

This is one of the Best

At first i wasnt sure but when it came for the price this is the most prettist parfumat this cost i have ever smelledit stayed on me al dayIm buying another today and my parfumscost money great job great parfumfast shipping in 2 daysgreat job

Jan Sebec, ME

Love the smell

I had smelled this at a dept store and loved it. I suggest going to dept store if you can and smell a bunch and then buy here as it is much cheaper.

Bessie Cosmos, MN

Beautiful But You Have To Like Tuberose & White Flowers To Enjoy

I am impressed with this scent. I have never bought a celebrity fragrance but this was recommended to me because I like the fragrance “Fracas”. If I didn’t know this was a “celebrity” fragrance, I would have thought it was a much more expensive/exclusive fragrance. It’s easier to wear than Fracas but shares many of the same characteristics. It also reminds me of that 1980’s Coty cologne “Sand and Sable”; it must be the gardenia, jasmine, white flowers.It opens BIG with Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine & then Vanilla & Orange Flower, hints of Creamy Caramel, Amber, Lily & Cedar. If you are not in to white flower scents, you will not like this fragrance. I don’t really notice much musk but I think it’s barely there on the base notes. There is more lovely, sweet amber with a flower hint. It doesn’t go stinky/dirty on me in the dry-down so I still like it at the end of the day.It is STRONG! One or two little sprays are plenty & it lasts all day on me. It doesn’t smell like flowery “old woman” fragrance but it’s not one for the teeny boppers; this is a modern adult woman’s fragrance. The Gardenia flower says girly girl scent to me but then the Tuberose kicks it up to WOMAN; it’s like a good, bad girl – HA! Just remember to go LIGHT with this fragrance because it can be overpowering if you put on too much.FYI: My bottle was Sold By:, LLC Shipped By:, LLC

Malinda Chaska, MN

Great fragrance but not for me…..

This fragrance is ok just not for my body chemistry. It reminds me of another fragrance but I wasn’t able to pinpoint the familiar smell.

Twila Arcadia, IA

Gardenia, Gardenia….and more SWEET Gardenia.

Though I think that I’m fairly neutral on this scent (I got it for dirt cheap and won’t be wearing it often, but I won’t be donating it to the local thrift store either…), I really think that this one is either “love it” or “hate it.” Truth or Dare is a very mature scent, but there’s something nostalgic and emotionally evoking about it. It’s not quite “old lady” or moth balls, but I can definitely see how younger buyers will not exactly be enticed or excited about this.The vanilla does not stand out as a note of its own (typically true vanilla is more like Tonka- it’s earthy and does not add overt sweetness to a blend), but FOR some reason, contributes to Truth or Dare’s overtly sweet quality. Let’s talk about the sweetness: this perfume is not only sweet, but cloyingly (CLOYINGLY) sweet. It’s like candy and is almost foodie in its quality. Gardenia on its own tends to lend to the sugary side smell wise, so the combination is sugary city. This is a good thing or a bad thing depending on your scent preferences.Overall, I find this scent to be okay (it smells okay enough…for me, casually), but I would not recommend it AT ALL if you do not care for gardenia. Gardenia and sweetness= this scent in a nutshell. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. Those expecting this perfume to evolve on the skin will be disappointed.I think Truth or Dare’s audience will be 30+ (and if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure that Madonna had a certain age demographic in mind when she concocted this…and it was not meant for teens and tweens). By all means, teens can wear this if they wish, but I just don’t see them liking it as it lacks the fruity, tart, light, fun feel that many “youthful” scents offer.All in all, it’s just okay. I can see gardenia lovers loving this; I can also see the floral hater HATING this.My best advice is to get a sample before you buy a bottle. Though, I must say the bottle is very attractive!!! It’s fitting for a Madonna scent, as it has a church quality to it; very ornamental and beautiful for display.

Milagros Springfield, SC