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Madina African Black Soap Cocoa Butter W/Vitamin E 3.5 oz by HalalEveryDay

A natural moisturizing skin conditioning cleanser of highest quality and purity. Aloe Vera a creamy moisturizng cocoa butter soap for blemish prone skin. Cleans and lifts away

Key features

  • Excellent for face, hand and body

Honest reviews


Gives my skin a clean feeling

I love this. Everytime i would get out the shower, my skin felt clean and nice. But i have to say i do prefer using Carley’s Clear and Smooth Natural soap bar. I Love it way better than this soap and it think you would if you tried it.

Ana Gillett, PA

It works best! I have tried & tested all black soaps…

I started out using this soap years ago. I am 34 years old now, I started using this soap back in my early to mid twenties maybe even late teens. More recently I have decided to go back to using Black Soap since no other over the counter products did much of anything for my occasional body breakouts. I purchased this particular black soap, but became interested in trying the 100% RAW AFRICAN Black Soaps as well (can be purchased online easily the brands I tried I will leave nameless, but they were authentic from AFRICA RAW BLACK SOAP, has a bumpy texture, and is Dark Brown in color). While Madina Black Soap works as well as I remembered (quickly clearing up the acne blemishes, & is a superb skin softener. I never get skin this soft unless I exfoliate with sugar scrubs, this soap is UN MATCHED when it comes to skin softening), while the real RAW African Soaps have done things like tighten my skin (must use moisturizer immediately afterwards, irritated my skin, it didnt clear up the acne as quickly as the “Madina Black Soap” would have at all. After my last bar of the Madina Soap actually used up, I was disappointed (literally wishing I had purchased 6 bars instead of 2 bars), but took that opportunity to try the next Raw Black Soap from Africa, & while it was “good” & “smelled great” still didnt get rid of pimples or acne as well as The Bar of Madina Black Soap, nor did it soften my skin as well as the Madina Black Soap. I dont use this soap on my “face”, I use it strictly as a BODY BAR of soap in the shower & it works beautifully. You always know a good product when you keep coming back to it year after year after all others fail you. I am about to buy like 6 bars after this review! LOL

Natasha Carle Place, NY

I hated this

It may be better for people with dry skin. People with oily skin like me should really avoid this.It caused me severe pimples

Luann Kimballton, IA

black soap

First time purchase for me. Good soap.Did notice that the little pimples thatwould pop up on my face, are no longerdoing so. I use daily and there have been noadverse affects. Left my skin smooth andbump free. Would purchase again.

Iva Bristol, VT

I love nature and herbs quick customers service in shipments and communications

I love how nature and herbs gives out fantastic quick customer services, and excellent communications, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT JOB!!!!! I GIVE YOU 2 THUMBS UP!!!!

Renee Jenkins, KY