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Mad Hippie Skin Care Eye Cream 0.5oz

Eye Cream from Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care helps to reveal soft, healthy skin. It features peptides, ceramides, pomegranate & white tea. By leaving out harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic color and fragrance, Mad Hippie helps your skin achieve true harmony. No animal testing. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Eye Cream from Mad Hippie
  • With peptides, ceramides, pomegranate & white tea
  • Made in the USA

Honest reviews



Eh, it was ok but for my type of skin, Jamaican,Irish. It made my dark circles darker. So it was ok but the outcome is killing me.

Lucile Danforth, ME

Excellent Ingredient Deck!

So many eye creams are often too emollient and they can cause milia, but not this one. It is a great product, has a excellent ingredient deck, and is a nice consistency so it absorbs quickly. It keeps my under eye area moisturized without making it greasy.This is my second purchase and I will continue to repurchase as needed.

Celia Granville, ND


Light irritation, burning sensation right away after I put it on-For that reason and since I don’t want to throw my money away I have to alternate and use only at night, I don’t find it useful as a fresh de-puffing/soothing/instant effect kind of product that I like to use in the morning.——————————————————————————————————————** UPDATE **After a month and a half of use (only once a day for a couple weeks and then once every other day for the last 3) it’s a shame I have to rate down this item to 1 star.I had mentioned before the light buring sensation, however it didn’t seem like that big of a deal because i goes away after a couple minutes.Unfortunately the skin around my eyes got really dry and started peeling! This has never ever happened to me before with any eye product I have used. I was so surprised.After a couple days I stopped using it my skin got so much better.Complete waste of money 🙁

Sharon West Barnstable, MA

Not bad

There is nothing wrong with this eye cream, but there is nothing special about it either. No miracles for my new wrinkles. It does leave the skin around my eyes soft and it is not irritating at all.

Angie Laurinburg, NC

Nice product

I appreciate finding a product line that doesn’t have a slew of chemical ingredients. These products do not cause skin break outs, I have had clear skin, with improved texture, since starting with these.

Erin Chase, KS

good for the price

I found that only a small amount of this product went a long way for me, and therefore was worth the price. It seems to be a good basic eye cream.

Harriett Glencoe, OK