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Macadamia Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream, 10 ounces Bottle

Macadamia nourishing leave-in cream is a leave-in conditioning texture cream infused with nourishing oils to tame unruly locks, imparts silky softness, shine and uv protection.

Key features

  • Detangles and tames the most unruly locks
  • Adds silky softness & shine
  • UV protection extends the life of color treatments

Honest reviews


not worth it

I’ve tried to buy this because of rave reviews I saw on the internet, but when it finally arrived and I used it on dry hair, it feels heavy and leaves a film in your hair. The next morning I decided to put it on damp hair and then dry, and still same results. It feels course and filmy, didn’t like it and won’t buy it again.

Celina Goshen, CA

FINALLY a product that works on my frizzy hair !!!

I have naturally wavy hair and have spent hundreds of dollars trying everything on the market to try to tame the frizzies. I saw this product while I was shopping at Ulta and since I try everything for frizzy hair, I thought why not….and I’m so happy I did !! It smells wonderful and the results are fabulous. Today, I have THE softest, shiniest, bouncy, frizz-free curls. I am SO happy with this product I just had to write a review to share the good news with ladies like me who deal with frizzy hair daily. I highly recommend this product !!! Other products for frizzy hair have left it gunky and yucky…not this product…I can’t stop touching my hair because it’s so soft.

Helena Elmhurst, PA


i hated this. i hated the way it felt in my hair. it was not moisturizing at all. i decided to try mxing a little with the oil, again nothing.

Marian Meador, WV

Works very well with Mixed Ethnic Hair

This product is wonderful. I use it in conjunction with Semi Di Lino Diamante Products. This leave-in product is especially great for the edge/hairline to keep it moisturized. My hair feels nice and soft when I use it. The best part is that it does not clump or leave any residue like other products that I’ve used. It is A LOT better than any Mixed Chicks or Nexxus products that I have used in the past. I highly recommend trying the smaller size before buying this large size if you have any doubts. Products work differently depending on your hair type.

Jeanette Whiskeytown, CA


I love this product! It does not weigh my hair down and it smells delicious. It makes my hair easy to manage which is something I had never experienced before with my curly hair. I use it to style my hair withNatural Oil Reviving Curl Cream 8.5 oz. I apply the leave-in first and then the curl cream. Together they actually moisturize and provide hold for my hair. I have never experienced my hair so healthy until now thanks to these products. I think it works best when my hair is wet and sectioned. Then I apply it generously and let it air dry :)I also use and LOVE:MACADAMIA OIL by Macadamia Natural Oil: HEALING OIL TREATMENT 4.2 OZMacadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask, 8.5 ounces JarFYI: I have TYPE 3B curly hair.

Tracie Murray, KY


I use Macadamia oil in my hair, and after I get my highlights my hair is always super dry. Using this product for a few days restores my hair.I have long, thin hair and I’ve found I only need 1 pump of this to drench my hair in moisture.I did discover that if I used it when I didn’t need it that it was too much for my hair.But if you have dry, damaged hair you should consider adding this product to your hair care line up.

Deidra Masontown, WV

I’m in love

I love this shampoo, it make my hair so soft and it was easy to detangle and scalp felt so clean. for a big bottle and that price it’s a very good deal.Would I recommend this product? yes run and order .

Whitney Ewen, MI


Wonderful oil!!

Charlotte Bancroft, MI

very moisturizing

this stuff is wonderful! I have nothing bad to say about it. a little of this goes a long way, soon id like to try their shampoo, this stuff is thick enough that you wouldn’t need a regular conditioner. I also have their "flawless cleansing cream" which I like to use a couple times a week, that stuff is amazing as well!

Celia Port Clyde, ME

Macadamia leave in cream

I love this stuff, doesn’t leave your hair sticky just soft. Helps with the frizzes. Don’t buy at target cost $29. Amazon is sold at a fraction of the cost. works great.

Carla Torrey, UT

On the fence

I bought this product to use when I straighten my hair and for the dry winter months. My hair is naturally curly but very frizzy so I normally have to use mousse and hairspray which gets to feeling crunchy. So I decided to try this stuff but I can’t decide if the pros are worth the cons. On the plus side it does keep my hair from frizzing without feeling crunchy but it is also very heavy and tends to make hair flat. Also it gives hair kind of a grimy feel and doesn’t make it silky or shiny like the bottle says. This stuff is way too expensive. I will probably use the bottle I have but never buy again

Robyn Oak Island, MN

Wasn’t Nourishing at all !!!!!

This leave-in conditioner actually made my hair very dry. I also noticed some breakage while using this product. Extremely disappointed!!!"

Gay Flora Vista, NM

no better than the rest

Sadly, I’ll have to add this product to the long list of creams, conditioners, and such that I’ve bought to try and put my dry, frizzy hair in check. As other reviewers have mentioned, it almost seems to make my hair more rather than less frizzy (and dried out). I also tend to get an itchy scalp after using this cream. Contact the company to request a sample pack (of all their products) in the mail before buying this 10 oz. bottle.

Sydney Roanoke, LA

TERRIBLE product

Bought this as my aunt sang its praises.Makes rough dry hair even rougher and dryer. Had to throw it out

Mona Elizabethtown, KY

Expensive yes, worth it, not in my opinion

I have heard so much hype about this and I don’t think it is any differenct than a store bought brand of Leave in conditioner. I just smells much better than others. I don’t see a difference in my hair and honestly for the price, I would stay with Nexxus.

Rosalie Sabina, OH

Macadamia Nourishing Leave in Cream

I purchased this product several months ago and love the way how it keeps my hair soft and manageable. I use it after washing hair with the shampoo, and leave my hair to air dry.

Katie Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Must Have

This leave in cream conditioner is amazing it smells great and makes your hair really soft. I recommend this to everyone.

Angelica Elizaville, NY

Leave in Cream

I use this with the infusing oil as well. I use it as conditioner with the macadamia shampoo. Love it

Christian Sanford, FL

Great. love this

I will be buying this again. this is just a amazing cream. leave my hair soft and light and its cheap

Debbie Miston, TN

Good product

I go a lot by reviews, so i expected this product to blow me away; it didn’t.It seems to work good, the smell is not a gross smell, but it doesn’t smell “nice” either =/Overall the product seems to be working!

Sharlene Winterville, GA

great stuff!!

I have coarse, curly, & very unruly hair. It has always been dry. I have tried everything under the sun to remedy this. I have ordered every product imaginable from emu oil to Ojon products & was about to give up.So glad I didn’t! This product makes my hair soft & managable. Love the scent & will be using it from now on! Tames my frizzies too! Give it a try! Quick shipping always makes me happy too! Highly recommend!!!!:)

Millicent Strasburg, ND

Its an “ok” product

I’ve been hesitant to use it before styling since it felt so heavy on my hair and i was afraid it would burn it. 1 pump of this product is enough 2 pumps will make your hair feel greasy and sticky. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have soft/thin hair even if you have split ends.. i can imagine it would work on extremely dry frizzy hair. But personally, I would not buy this again.

Jayne Delmar, IA

Like another leave in, though it smells nice

I bought this leave in when i was (unsuccessfully) working through a shopping addiction. It works well enough and smells good, but you’d be better off getting a leave in from the corner store. This product is not special or even revolutionary. It’s run of the mill leave in conditioner.

Shawna Haledon, NJ

It’s a really nice product

I was so excited when I saw the package at my door. But when I use it, I don’t really find a huge difference from many other leave in conditioners. It smells wonderful though. And maybe it is better than most leave in conditioners. But I can not tell. It’s a great product, but it’s not super amazing. It’s just good. Just good.

Julia Smarr, GA

Works well

This product exceeded my expectations .It smells fantastic and keeps my hair moisturised, so soft and shiny.After first use you will feel the difference.I highly recommend it,I will buy it again.

Kelly Hickam Afb, HI