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MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC45

Combines the goodness of foundation & powder in one Provides full coverage & matte finish Hides imperfections & fine lines on face Long wearing up to 8 hours Renders you a smooth, flawless complexion

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  • MAC – Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – NC45 15g/0.52oz

Honest reviews


I am a huge fan!

I love MAC make up. I originally purchased this make up for my wedding. I was going to get my makeup done at the MAC store, and they told me it would be $150! I decided I would invest that money into make up I could keep, not just for one day! I am so thankful. I purchased this powder plus foundation, it works great. I have oily skin, and this product works great. Yes, it is expensive, but definitely worth the money. It makes my skin look great and flawless.I am hooked on MAC.

Marguerite Craig, IA

MAC Employee

This is not an authorized MAC seller. MAC does not sell our products on Amazon, nor do we allow others to sell our products. This is considered a counterfeit. We do track where these products come from and if we find out that you used a “pro card” to purchase this product at a discount from our store, you card will be revoked permanently. Ladies, you can purchase the REAL product from our website or our stores or counters. Do not trust makeup with our name on it from anyone other than us.

Marci Foxboro, MA

great powder!

using this for around 2 years…it gives great coverage…sometimes causes breakout but just regularly clean powder brush. no need for foundation with this powder.

Marisa Battlement Mesa, CO

Good but Unhealthy

THis power is great and it does cover beautifully but I certainly makes me break out. From talking with the woman who does my facials this is not uncommon with this powder. I use it only for performances and times when I really need that full matt porcelain vintage look. Otherwise I avoid it for my skin’s sake. It goes on best over a smoothing serum but don’t use it with a liquid foundation as well, it will cake and crack.

Christie Lahaina, HI

LOVE the coverage, HATE the mineral oil

This powder/foundation is the best color match I have ever found, plus it has great coverage without being too matte/heavy, when applied with a good-quality, natural hair powder brush.I love MAC products, usually, just not this one.I think it contains mineral oil, probably in very high concentration. Every time I use it near my chin and nose, I break out, badly. The rest of my face gets red and itchy, too. I’m apparently allergic to mineral oil, and when I stopped using this makeup, the breakouts stopped, too.I switched to a synthetic brush at first, thinking that the natural animal hair was the problem, but it didn’t help. I switched to Bare Minerals, trying to get a more natural product with the same coverage as this makeup offered, but that didn’t work, either–that brand is too sheer and the color match just wasn’t as good as MAC. Bare Minerals did feel light-weight on my face and was nice for summer, though.I don’t like liquid foundations, or I’d try MAC’s Studio Fix Liquid version, which I hear is 100% mineral-oil free. the reason I don’t like liquid foundations or concealers, is because they’re harder to take with you and apply when you’re on the go, or can’t get in front of a mirror somewhere to see what you’re doing. I’m on the run and also travel a lot, and I wanted one thing that was easy to pack, that I can carry with me in a coat pocket or very small purse, that works well, and isn’t outrageously expensive.Any suggestions/good alternatives to this one, ladies?

Hollie Leland, IA

Real thing,

Its the same item you would buy off but its a bit cheaper on here. I think i paid $5 less. The product is the exact same, so if you like MAC, this is something for you! Studio Fix + is a Medium to Full coverage, which does its job when used correctly. Comes with a little buffer pad so it makes it easy for touch ups when you’re on the go.

Georgette Burns, WY

by far the best “two- in- one” product out there

All women, young and old, have tried many make up products in their lives, whether it was an inexpensive brand or a high- priced brand. They have most likely tried products that irritated their skin, felt too heavy and spent money on products that didn’t give them any coverage at all. MAC studio fix powder is the solution to all those problems. It is a product that women of any age and any color can use; this product is a good price for the economic problems, ladies might have and covers all the imperfections that women are afraid to show. I can relate to this product because I use it on a daily basis.MAC studio fix powder is a powder and a foundation combined in one and is very easy to apply, rather than going through the hassle of applying liquid foundation and then later applying a matte powder, the studio fix powder is a one-step application. This is good for women of any age, whether you’re eighteen or fifty this would be a great to use. For teenagers the powder does an amazing job covering any acne that may occur, as well as dark circles and uneven skin tones. For women, age fifty and up, all the wrinkles and dark spots are erased within a blink of an eye. MAC studio fix powder is made in thirty- two different shades so any one is able to use it.If you’ve been spending too much money on products that don’t work, you’ll love how the studio fix powder is within a reasonable budget and how much coverage you can get from applying it once a day. This product feels very light on the skin and looks very natural too. Many powders can make your face look cakey and oily, the studio fix powder is very different; it makes your skin look flawless just like a celebrity’s make up would. Many celebrities use MAC’s merchandise because they love how it feels on their skin and after a long day it still looks nice. We all know who Kim Kardashian is, she is one of the many celebrities that uses this product on a daily basis and she uses it for a lot of her photo shoots. Not only is this great for everyday use, it looks beautiful when wearing it to parties.Some may argue that this powder makes your face oily and it feels heavy on the skin, but many women love this product and they use it all the time. Some also say that it can’t be applied every day, only on special occasions, but depending on how much you apply is the result you’ll get. From what reviews say online, this product is very good at covering all imperfections and it doesn’t feel as heavy as other products may feel on the skin.After searching for a long time for a good product, many women say that the MAC studio fix powder, is by far the best “two- in- one” product out there. Almost every women can relate to make up because they all use it, so why not use something that you will love from the start. This powder is very good at giving a women full coverage and doesn’t clog any of your pores like other powders may do. Lastly when you purchase this, you’ll feel great knowing that you can have a portable powder and foundation in your purse at all times.

Wendi Santa Clarita, CA

Great stuff

What can I say other than this is the best powder I have ever used and I have tried many brands. MAC happens to be some of the best and affordable (as compared to Dior, Estee Lauder etc), that actually works and lasts on..I have been using this powder (I use for minimum to medium coverage), along with Smashbox primer, and it looks fabulous..One compact lasts me about ONE solid good year..I highly recommend..

Abigail Dunbar, PA


The richness of this Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation formula is astounding. I totally enjoy using this product daily.

Rhoda Lewiston, NE


Saved a couple dollars than if I went to the MAC store will shop again if she has more thanks a bunch!

Heather Danville, NH

Love it!

This product totally covers the redness I have on my face! I dont even need to use concealer with it. it’s great for when youre in a hurry and you dont have time to do the whole concealer foundation powder routine. Good for oily skinned people. I suggest you wait a little bit before you apply this powder if you use a moisturizer otherwise it will may go on cakey. A little bit goes a long way.

Aileen Hillsboro, MS

Horrible explosive cystic MACne

For reference: I have very pale skin with red undertones. I use topicals for acne and rosacea. Rosacea means that at any time, for any reason, my skin can and will suddenly flush red and blotchy; it can stay that way or it may calm down. My skin is combination; it starts out dry but becomes greasy in a hurry throughout the day. It’s also ‘mature skin’ now, I guess. Just some crinklage starting in the eye area, I try to take good care of my skin.I’ve been experimenting around with foundations again, seeing what else is out there. I love Smashbox Camera Ready, but that cream formulation is not really serving me well right now, with summer here. My face is like waterfowl near the Exxon Valdez about an hour after I use it, and even the BB Cream isn’t containing it. After a year I finally broke down and gave in to the MAC hype, I ordered a box of foundations directly from MAC to see which one matches me. You may need to experiment heavily to find just the right tone, and if one doesn’t work, try the opposite tone no matter what anyone tells you you ‘should’ wear.This formula, in NW15, was a perfect match. But it’s a powder, and Retin-A means that my face is perpetually peely and flaking. Powder formulas normally make beacons out of the dry skin areas. I put this foundation on last night, straight, with no primer at all. I used the Sephora Mineral brush (my absolute favorite for powder foundations)SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45 and it went on like a dream. I started on the nose, and worked my way outward, and it looked great. So great, that it totally covered up every single discoloration, and I looked stark white. But, I *am* stark white, I’m just not used to seeing my skin look completely blank like that. It almost looked geisha-like (but in a good way). With such a perfect canvas, it was easy to make blush look like it should, and not like I’m having a fever or embarassed. What’s more, I guess I’d become accustomed to the shine that inevitably accompanies a cream foundation; the BB Cream itself imparts a lustrous finish. This stuff was flat out MATTE. (Others suggest using the Fix+ for that, I now use Urban Decay De-slick which acts as a mattifyer AND makes it dewy) The makeup washed off easily when it was time to remove it.So…on to today! I primed with the Smashbox BB Cream in Fair. Then using the Real Techniques Buffer (wanted to try it, and it’s fabulous, not as dense as the Sephora)real Techniques Core Collection Set I applied the MAC foundation again. Once again it was flawless, but with the BB Cream as a primer it was not dull and matte, it had a little shine to it. But by essentially whiting out my face (hey it matches my neck!) all the other makeup really popped because it wasn’t competing with the pink undertones. I put on some MAC Half Red lipliner and some lighter gloss on top to kind of lighten it up a little, and it really looked great. I was super impressed! But, it felt like a mask. In the heat throughout the day, I could REALLY feel this on my face, and it felt like my face was suffocating. As I was driving I noticed that my nose looked shiny, so I took a good look and all my face was *!!SHINY!!**I had read some reviews from others that Philosophy The Present was the perfect primer to use with this instead of what I’ve been using, so I went to the store to get it. The sales clerk asked me some questions while I was swatching on some of The Present; she thought I had never used primer before and I told her I normally use the Smashbox BB Cream. She kind of reared her head back a little as she looked at me with my super shiny robot face and her mouth made a funny shape as she asked, “You use it now??” Yeah lady I know how I look right now. I told her I was wearing the MAC and she curled her lip as she said, “I’ve heard it’s not worth the hype”. Thanks, lady.When I got home I couldn’t wait to wash this thick paste off my face! By then my face felt like it had mud on it. It essentially looked great, just shiny like I was on a sweaty coke binge. I noticed as I washed my face, that my skin along the jawline was peeling off in pieces. Not flakes, but actual pieces like little sheets. WOW this stuff must be drying as all heck. Even with BB Cream. As the hours have gone by since I removed the makeup, I’ve noticed more and more zits popping up on my face. Just about 20 minutes ago a big red welt came up on the end of my nose, and it looks like I have a 3rd nostril trying to form. I can feel them on my chin as well. NOT HAPPY that I’m wishing I had a paper bag like the Unknown Comic!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE: Using Philosophy’s The Present Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup, 2 Ounce under this powder, with the Urban Decay De-Slick Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray 4 oz..(The Present, apply foundation, light misting of De-Slick) made the appearance of the makeup much much better. It wasn’t anywhere near the grease/shine level as previous wearing. However, it still felt heavy on my face (Unlike the Smashbox Camera Ready) and I still couldn’t wait to wash it off. And, sadly, it still broke me out. But on a good note, I’m loving the Philosophy product under foundations that are more drying than the Smashbox, it’s a whole other animal from the Smashbox BB Cream. Normally I don’t like Philosophy skin care products, but have to admit this one is a real winner! It also has a soothing property to it that the BB Cream doesn’t impart. NO SPF though, that’s a bummer. I have since found that MAC products work great with the Philosophy primer but I cannot get any of them to cooperate with the Smashbox BB Cream.UPDATE II: This foundation caused such a severe flare up that I looked like I’d just won a cherry pie eating contest, with my hands tied behind my back. Chin and cheeks engorged with red inflamed bumps and pustules, knots and pimples on my forehead, end of my nose, and cheeks. Some under my jawline as well. To make matters worse, I could’t use my Lancome Huile Doceur to wash, without it stinging and inflaming my face further. My backup cleansers (Cetaphil, Cerave, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil) similarly irritated my face. The only thing that calmed it down and enabled the healing to begin was straight coconut oil. A week later my face is just down to the healed but flaky stage and I still cannot use any of my normal cleansers without inflammation and irritation. Maybe that is a good thing, since the coconut oil costs a fraction of the cleansers! But I do find it disturbing that a foundation product can incite such an allergic reaction that it changes the way your skin acts EVEN WHEN YOU STOP USING IT. Thanks to this MAC product I had to completely change my entire skincare routine and eliminate all cleansers except for just plain coconut oil. That profoundly stuns me, that ONE PRODUCT can change your skin like that. Just…wow. On the plus side, my face loves the coconut oil.

Leila Calais, ME


I have many friends who use this product but I cannot stand it. For me, I get no coverage and look chalky and pastey. The color is a match but seems to be mostly corn starch or something of the sort. It even makes me wonder if this is not authentic. My friends use it and it looks great on them, but what I received is no good.

Marjorie Chantilly, VA

Love it

Absolutely love my Mac foundation. For a woman of color it matches perfect. It’s light not to thick, foundation looks flawless.

Sherri Alamo, CA

MAC powder foundation is the best!

This is a great powder foundation. I love MAC products. They are reasonably priced, and they last all day long on my face. This is a great color and I know what NC30 looks like, that is why I purchased it online. I recommend it, but you want to be sure of the color if you are going to order it or any other makeup product.

Lottie Lexington, MO

It looks ok but think its fake

It didnt make me break out but I think its fake, my last mac smell different and had a smooth finish. This is chalky

Jordan Sun City Center, FL

fabulous mac at a great price

came in perfect condition at a very good price. Would definitely recommend! Mirror wasn’t cracked, applicator was brand new. And powder wasn’t cracked.

Allison Rolla, ND