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Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick 3 G / 0.1 Us Oz

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  • Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick 3 G / 0.1 Us Oz

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Lasting Matte Glamour

This is a daily color for me that I’ve rotated through my wear-to-work color palette, it lasts, last and lasts some more -If you want a fabulous assertive color to make a statement with as well as giving you confidence, this shade will do it!

Sandra Barkhamsted, CT


Estava ansiosa pelo famoso Ruby Woo… ele é o vermelho mais lindo que já vi. Eu simplesmente amei!!! Chegou perfeito.

Rosanne Youngsville, PA

OMG Ladies WOW

Ladies you will never buy another red lipstick again. This cream matte finish look super great on any skin complexion. The only other red matte finish lipstick I would wear would be Jordana radiant red. Mac ruby woo is my go to red lipstick of all times it gives you a classic look and it smell delicious. I’m telling you go get it if you don’t have it. I’m a woman of color brown skin and I truly adore it. No gloss needed unless you want to add it some LOVE IT!

Hilda Kreamer, PA

Beautiful color, but dry.

So, i love MACs “russian red” but i felt it was a tiny bit too bright now that my hair color has changed. I wanted a pretty red that was a little darker, i was nervous to get ruby woo cause it doesnt look too much different then russian red, but im so glad i did! Its only a couple of shades darker, but the perfect “classical” red lip color, exactly what i was looking for! I ordered it and within 3 days it arrived. I had to take 1 star off because it IS dry, like other reviewers have said. It was kind of hard to put on even because it was so dry which sucks because its such a pretty color, but with a little lip gloss it looks just fine! 🙂 I would say this color is like a “cherry red” color, def not pink.

Gladys Ellenburg Depot, NY

LOVE at first sight

This is the BEST lip color I’ve ever used. So bright, so poppin! Just sexy all around. This will be my go to color for ever!

Lou Midlothian, VA

good kinda dry

i got this product it is very very matte if you are not used to a lipstick that is very dry it is not for u try russian red but i like it

Harriet Council, NC

not as good

I love Mac’s Russian Red as it stays on really well. I think Ruby Woo does not last as well as it is not as matte. Matte ones do tend to dry but I would rather have it last. Also Russian Red fits my light complexion and creates a nice contrast.

Tia Pottsboro, TX

i loveeeee

okay…i love every thing about this product. its amazing. i love the dry look too. Obviously, this lipstick is not for you if you love the "glossy-lip-look"…..orrrrr…you could just add lip gloss with it. lol

Rene Tontogany, OH


I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be the real thing. But it is and I love it! Yay

Francine Felton, CA