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MAC Matte Lipstick – Russian Red

MAC Matte Lipstick Rouge A Levres RUSSIAN RED

Key features

  • Features the traditional glamour properties of a matte lipstick
  • Intense colour and semi-matte velvety finish
  • Creamier, softer, more glide on application
  • Non-caking, non drying Moisturizing and incredibly wearable
  • Streamlined design

Honest reviews



Turn your wrist upwards to see the color of your veins. If you have blue veins, it means you have cool undertones and need a blue-based red, like Russian Red. But if you have greenish veins, then you have warm undertones and need a orangey-red.

Sherri Mead, WA

You found the perfect red!

I was looking for a perfect red. I’m pale (NW15), so I didn’t want it to look too gauche and ridiculous, but sexy and very bold. Russian Red is great, because it’s very intense and bright and is pretty much universally flattering on pink/red undertones. It actually makes my teeth look super white, which is really nice. It stays on for a LOONNG time, but it’s matte, so it’s not very hydrating. Use a lip liner, because it can get pretty messy. One MAC MAU told me to wear a clear lipglass over it, and another MAU said to never use a lipglass over it….so, it just depends on my mood. Great red for an amazing price!

Elisabeth Shady Valley, TN


I purchased this because of an article I read on pintrest & when I was lucky enough to find it here was super excited. It’s a great wear & my husband loves it too.

Annmarie Tillman, SC

Great color, perfect matte finish.

Definitely get a liner for this one. The red is a perfect red, very bright but the matte finish doesn’t make it feel orangey, it lets it be itself.It’s a great day time red as well, I find the darker the red the more it belongs on at night, this one can be great for all seasons and times. It lasts for at least a few hours on. When I get off work I enjoy the faded look I still have, if you don’t have time to refresh it, don’t worry, your lips will still have even color even if it’s faded a lot.My only complaint is that if you have dry lips, this may not be the best to wear at that time. I find that it does not moisturize, it’s purely color, maybe prep your lips with some serious lip balm – let it sit for a while, then remove before applying, this color should not be topped with gloss either, it’s matte finish will most likely break up and cause your color to fade inconstantly.

Shirley Baker, MT

my favorite

I know it is a cult favorite and Marilyn Monroe used it. I have a light, cool complexion and it is really good for me. On online dating sites men will comment on my red lipstick–yes, ladies, it is true–men like red lipstick!

Adrienne Palco, KS

Smooth, Opaque

Really pretty red. Fairly long lasting. Doesn’t bleed. I highly recommend this as a classic red. I imagine it would look good on all skin tones. It looks great on me, and I am extremely pale.

Vonda Allison Park, PA

Best lipstick ever..

This lipstick jumped out at me from Khloe Kardashian’s face. Rarely, if ever do I care what the Kardashian ladies wear, but I was entranced by Khloe’s red lips and Googled to find out where oh where could I rock some red lips llke that?? Found out it was Russian Red and Amazon’d myself a tube. It didn’t disappoint. Gorgeous red like the bloodiest red you’ve ever seen. I’m African-American so it worked as well on me as it did on her. Be aware that it will dominate your face. So, if you’re not a ‘lips-centric’ girl like me, this red puts the focus right on your mouth. Also, the consistency is not like the department store brands. All you need is to swab it on once. It goes on smoothly in one coat. I’ve NEVER applied just one coat of a red lipstick before. To make it uniform, you always have to ‘play’ with it by dabbing here and there, adding a coat, blotting a coat. Not with this lipstick. You definitely pay more than dept store/grocery store/CVS/Walmart, but it’s worth every penny if you want to rock some REAL red lips.

Zelda Sabinal, TX

OMG finally !

Thats amazing lipstick, one that i was looking for so loooooooooooooooong, OMG im so glad i found it :)its exactly that has Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada 🙂

Leslie Bainbridge, PA


I bought this for my sister for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. The color is a very very pretty red. it lasts a good while also. Great product, would def. recommend.

Lillie Valhermoso Springs, AL

a must-have for the red lipstick junkie!

Perfect shade of red, can be worn every day. It’s a beautiful red with a bluish undertone, that would compliment any complexion. I am tan with yellow undertones, this shade is very flattering. In comparison to Nars Red Lizard, it almost beats it out. Red Lizard is definitely a vibrant, bold red hue, but I tend to feel overdone when I wear it. Sephora Red 04 is just to costumey for my taste. Mac Russian Red is a true red shade that I find I can wear daily in a professional work setting as well as for dressier occasions. Longlasting, doesn’t feather. I apply with a lip brush. Lovely.

Meredith Shadehill, SD

I get so many compliments

This is a great color and I love the matte finish. If your going to have Russian Red lips I don’t think they should be shiny (for me anyhow). It took awhile to get this delivery but I will buy again.

Carolina Smithboro, NY

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Packaging is no problem, but when you open to paste has been broken into two pieces. It’s incredible. When the proposal delivery or open to have a look to confirm goods is shipped complete. I urge businesses to send a new one to me. Or you can choose to return.

Valarie Esparto, CA