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MAC Eye Kohl Smolder Eye Liner for Women, 0.048 Ounce


Key features

  • Mac Eye KOHL EYELINER Pencil in Smolder black NEW IN BOX

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Edit: I removed my original review. This listing has changed drastically since I ordered mine 3 years ago. The price is different, the images are different, lots of things are different. I wouldn’t count on these being authentic MAC pencils anymore. It’s super hard to tell and I wouldn’t take the chance. Dropping the rating.

Sondra Lake Stevens, WA

Buyer Beware

This is a fact: It is illegal for anyone other than the real M.A.C. to sell their cosmetics. Buyer, know that there are many M.A.C. knock offs just as Louis Vouitton has numerous Knock Offs. Do yourself a favor and purchase permanent MAC items at the store so that you know you’re getting the real deal. Limited edition stuff, you may have to buy it on here, but , it is illegal for the seller to sell it. Just know that. Call MAC at their number on their website and check to see if they have an amazon account before buying your products. Chances are, they don’t. I’m not saying that all the makeup on amazon is counterfeit, but, I know for a fact that some of it is. This review is not of any one product or company selling on here. If you are legit, than this cautionary statement shouldn’t bother you. Unless, you’re dishonest and are ripping people off.

Claudette Lawn, TX


Its like a lot of my other eyeliners, I wouldn’t buy it for full price but it was packaged very nice.

Naomi Kanona, NY

great value

got 2 for a quarter of the price, excellent service, excellent quality. Would recommend to any one wanting to try this product.

Leola Garwood, NJ

Great eyeliner

This eyeliner is very smooth and very creamy, very black and will last you a long time. My only issue is that is fades really quickly

Catalina Everton, AR

Smudged easily

If you are looking for an eyeliner that smudges, this eyeliner is for you. Careful though, it can be hard to control sometimes.

Shelby Spencer, SD

I wasn’t super impressed.

Not saying that they aren’t good– they are. But the first time I used the eye liner, it was so hard and sharp that I almost stabbed myself! I prefer Ulta’s eye liner for the softness, but this stays on a lot better.

Crystal Lionville, PA

Ahhh…utter disappointment =(

I LOVE MAC’s Smolder eyeliner. When I saw it on Amazon for much cheaper than their website I was ecstatic. That’s a huge price difference. However, something was definitely off about this eyeliner and all in all I should have known better. While this eyeliner is highly pigmented I find it to be slightly softer than the eyeliners I buy from MACs actual website. It doesn’t take long before it runs on my eyes. For the eyeliner that I received, the wood was a very cheap quality compared to other MAC eyeliners I have owned. It chips and splinters really easy. I am not entirely convinced this is truly an authentic MAC product. However, if it is then it must have been their “duds” that came off of their production line. That would make sense considering the price comparison.For me, I have found that since I have purchased this from Amazon I don’t use it anymore. I prefer my cheaper Cover Girl eyeliners from my local drugstore. It’s a shame too because this was my go-to eyeliner. So until I get another one from an actual MAC store then I think I am just going to trash the one I got on Amazon.All in all I would recommend this eyeliner…BUT, I would recommend going to an actual MAC store or their website. I know it sucks to put out a few more dollars for something. However, at least then you will know you are getting a “real” and good quality product.

Phoebe Mauricetown, NJ


This eyeliner is the bomb dot com! I love anything MAC and this eyeliner is no different.I recommend this product.

Jeanette Basin, MT


I had high hopes but this mac liner isnt the best had to burn the tip for darkey look to!

Tara South Boston, VA

Smolder, cmon!

You seriously can’t go wrong with this eyeliner. Its the best eyeliner MAC carries(aside from the black track gel liner)

Shanna Smithfield, VA


I love Mac products and often purchase them at a discount on Amazon. Saves me a lot of money for a wonderful product. Thanks!

Kasey Delaware, IA

Great eyeliner

This eyeliner is darkly pigmented, and goes on smooth with no tugging. I would definitely purchase this eyeliner or any other M.A.C. eyeliner again.

Faye Dandridge, TN

MAC Eye Kohl Smolder Eye Liner for Women, 0.048 Ounce

Excellent: cost, quality and delivery of the product.Good delivery date of the productVery good packaging Appropriate for mail box, and nature protectionThe product is hypoallergenic … and is ideal for gifts or for everyday useThe eyeliner Helps Enhance the look, and is secured many hours, is waterproofPurchase: recommended 100%Good experience in purchasing

Gussie Sheffield Lake, OH


I was hesitant to buy this product but I have no regrets. This eyeliner does a really nice job and gives me the black lining I am looking for.

Eliza Tripoli, IA

Who doesnt love M.A.C

Goes on smooth as all get out and stays on all day long. I really love this eyeliner alot and will buy again,

Sharlene Williams Bay, WI

Buy MAC products only from a MAC store or MAC website

MAC kohl eyeliner is a great product. You can easily smudge it when first applying, but later sets pretty well. Great for smoky eye and water-line. MAC has a strict policy to sell its products only in genuine MAC stores or their online website. If you choose to buy this product on this site or other sites to get a better deal, you may likely get a fake inferior product with fake MAC packaging. Love this product, just always pony up the dough and go to a true MAC supplier if you want to make sure you get the real thing. The liner lasts a long time, so $15 for an eyeliner that lasts a year or more is a good deal.

Daisy Loretto, PA


a nice gift for a women. it could be used by any women and make their eyes more sexy and lovely

Tommie Arthur, TN

Love it

I absolutely love this eyeliner. It was shouldering but not overly dark. Smooth glide on and did not run. Easy to clean off.i will buy it again.

Ola Roxbury, CT