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M2 High Potency Skin Refresh, 50 ml

This core treatment formulation features a potent blend of 20% mandelic and malic acids. It effectively evens the skin’s tone, refines pore size, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and banishes breakouts.

Key features

  • Mandelic and Malic Acids even skin tone, reduce breakouts and soften wrinkles
  • Eliminate all your skin care woes with one easy-to-use serum
  • AHA 20%

Honest reviews


Lighten Knees and Elbows ~ Excelent if you are a Woman of Color!

I used a another brand of this or same manufacturer different formula. I didn’t use on my face I used on my knees and elbows and both my knees and elbows got lighter. I ran out and since I am again on my beauty kick I started looking for this again. I will certainly try on my face but it works great on dark knees and elbows. I am a woman of color and sometimes we can have dark knees and elbows….great product!

Nadine Dulzura, CA

Amazing M2 Skin Refinish 20%

If you are a person of a certain age and struggle with acne, breakouts, even rosacea breakoutsyou will adore this product. It keeps the breakouts in check as well as keeps your skin slightlypolished from the benefits of using these natural acids on the skin.M2 stands for Mandelic and Malic acids. Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy and is antibacterial in nature.It is extracted from the bitter almond. Malic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound found in mostunripe fruit. It is a key ingredient to add tartness to many foods.Love that these are natural. Love what they do for my skin which is not getting younger. Would ratheruse good and natural products like this than go the botox route or under the knife.

Alison Norwalk, OH

Great product for Longtime Acne sufferers

I purchased this product in hopes it would help with my acne. Although my acne is not severe, it is moderate and I have had it since I was 14 and I am now 34. I have tried just about everything out there except accutane. I have been on Retin A numerous times, antiobiotics, birth control, differin gel, tea tree oil, sulfur soaps, salicylic acid products, alpha hydroxy acid products and so much more. I have FINALLY found the right product. This product every other day along with Retin A Micro has been a God send for my face. I am African American and have light skin, but I produce a lot of melanin and I always have hyperpigmentation after the blemishes heal. I am noticing a HUGE difference with exfoliation and lightening of these scars with the products I listed above. I found out about the product during a google search looking for acne solutions. If you are like me and have tried everything, please give this a try it might be the product for you. Also, I have always had extremely oily/shiny skin. That also has gotten better.

Kristie Dresser, WI

M2, how come nobody knows about you?

I just received my first bottle of M2 and could not be more thrilled. Although it has only been a few days, I can already see a difference in my skin.So let’s talk about my skin so you understand that intensity and severity that I have to work with here. Some people say they have acne, which means occasional bumps, white-heads and blackheads. People, I have ACNE – not cystic (so not horrible enough for me to choose Accutane – but it has been recommended by every derm I’ve ever gone to see) but bad enough that it is noticeable, red, inflamed and everywhere. On top of that, I’m pregnant so I welcomed some serious acne on my back and chest. We are talking tons of raised red ouchy zits, tons of plugs and lots of angry white-heads. No as if that wasn’t enough, I have hyper-pigmentation problem cause by too much ACTH in my system. So when I tan, I turn brown, when I scar it is even darker.My loving, amazing husband has been ‘working on my back” almost every night for 9 months. All that ‘work’ has emptied out my back of plugged up goop but left me with tons of hyperpigemented spots on my back. We’re talking clear night in the Rocky Mts looking up at the stars number of spots on my back! Enough to make strangers make comments when I;m at the pool or gym.I put on M2, got a tiny tingling sensation and was anxious to see what would happen in the morning. After a few days, both my husband and I have seen a definite improvement. Everything on my back and face seems to be slowly fading into the background. This is by no means, a miracle overnight disappearing cream/lotion, but after a few weeks, I hope that will make some major improvements. I plan to update this review in a few weeks to see if M2 is still in my life!

Alyssa Pepeekeo, HI

Great product!

My dermatologist prescribed this for me to restore skin clarity as I had some allergies which manifested as rashes on my face and left marks when they healed. But the Amazon price is much lower than at the doctor’s clinic.

Deirdre Glendale, KY

WOW! that stings!

I got an email from a skincare website that I occasionally use advertising this product, I hopped over to and found that it was $13 cheaper so I bought it here! As I have only had this product for 2 weeks I have yet to see any real results but I plan on continuing my review as needed. I am looking for a reduction in sunspots on my face that I have been self conscious about for a while- I’d like to try gentler means to get rid of them before going for intense chemical treatments from the dermatologist. The first time I applied this product (after washing with my clarisonic) I had a tiny paper cut on my application finger and it stung like crazy!! Likewise, if you have any abrasions or facial skin that is in any way compromised you will feel quite a sting for a minute. Overall there was some tingling but nothing that was unbearable and it quickly faded. The label states that if you apply too much product it can cause your face to be sticky feeling. The first application I put almost 2 pumps and it made my face incredibly sticky so the next time (and every time afterward) I have used only 1 pump and my face still feels a bit sticky, however I only use it at night just before bed so it really hasn’t been an issue.

Willie Bayard, WV

The original MaMA

Love this lotion. There are lots of products that I use. I am definitely an experimenter. I keep reordering this and that says alot.I use it a lot more in the summer as it can be drying. In the winter I am sure to follow it up with a great night cream like Cetaphil

Francesca Harman, VA

It’s not the right skin care for sensitive skin

I like the result after one night using it. I always used it at night, with expectation my breakout skin and dark spots will be gone.In the morning my skin feel soft but this product doesn’t help with my break out skin and dark spots. I don’t like the sensation while using this, it was tingling and burnt, especially after I cleaned my face. I’m not sure my skin type either normal/combination or dry and sensitive. By the way I bought packet which include mouisturizer and facial foam. The only thing that I like from this brand is facial foam.

Sybil Willow Springs, IL

M2 Skin Care HP Skin Refinish 20% 50 ml.

M2 Skin Care HP Skin Refinish 20% 50 ml. i returned this because it is too oilly, and too thick

Kathryn Winthrop, MA

highly recommend

i love this stuff- it is great. my skin was breaking out so I would put this on at night- completely cleared it up. it is sticky but its worth it. HIGHLY recommend! have been using for years!

Charity Asbury Park, NJ


I just started using this because I have developed adult acne :(I haven’t used it long enough to tell you if it cleared up my skin – I’ll update my review if it does (or doesn’t)What I can say is that this product feels "right" it’s not greasy, there’s no strong scent and you can tell its working.It’s strong – they describe it as a tingling sensation when you apply it, but that’s an understatement – it kind of burns. You HAVE to apply moisturizer afterwards.All told I really like this product & hope it helps clear up my skin. So far I can tell its doing something since my skin looks better already.

Hattie Lakeville, IN

This stuff works great

I have spent a small fortune trying to clear up my melasma/hyperpigmentation. Most OTC products are a complete waste of time – it takes forever for even a tiny improvement. With this stuff, you will notice significant improvement within about a month. Now, keep in mind that melasma runs “deep”. If you think that the product isn’t working (because your melasma looks the same), see if your freckles and/or acne scars are getting better (these are more “shallow”). Melasma is stubborn and takes a long time to clear up, but this product really does help if you stick with it (plus it is WAY cheaper than laser treatments).

Lara Post Mills, VT


This stuff in FABULOUS!! Tightens up your skin and leaves it smooth and delicious to the touch the next morning! I see that some have said it is sticky, but if you read the instructions they say to put a moisturizer over it and that REALLY works! Worth every penny! LOVE IT! When they say "refinish" – they mean it!!!

Amelia Malakoff, TX

Good but not Great

From reading the reviews I was so excited to buy this. Maybe I only gave four star because my expectations were so high. After you put this on you can immediately feel your face tighten and if you have no moisturizer in tow you are in bad luck. Overall I’m satisfied with this but for the price I probably will not be buying it again anytime soon.

Jane Moodus, CT

Possibly the best serum on the market

Not well known and I didn’t know really what to expect when I ordered it. I am 63 but am blessed with very "good" skin…however, I am still prone to the occasional breakouts, especially around my chin/nose. I bought this when I saw in a Facebook ad that it was great for treating acne. Tried it just for the affected area and it made a HUGE difference overnight! Then I saw that it’s really meant as an overall facial serum for a myriad of problems (lines/discoloration, etc.) so I started using it a few nights a week all over (just a very thin layer, though — it’s strong and it tends to be somewhat sticky). It has really helped my skin stay consistently – clear. I alternate this with AHA and Glycolic acid based serums. Might not be suitable for particularly sensitive skin – would recommend a "patch test" first. But this is a product that I would not be without!

Eugenia Hugo, CO

🙁 It burned me

Stung and burned my face. Definitely not a repurchase. 🙁

Nita Boonville, NC

Beautiful Skin!

I totally love this product! It keeps my face mostly blemish free and smooth. The only con would be that it can be a little irritating at times (always wear sunscreen when going out). Overall, I would recommend this to anyone with oily acne prone skin. It worked wonders for me.

Georgia Wentworth, SD

… when it was called Mama lotion and it worked great, but I can’t say the same about this …

I used this product years ago when it was called Mama lotion and it worked great, but I can’t say the same about this purchase. It doesn’t clear dark spots like before.

Meredith Red Oak, OK