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M.D. Forte Facial Cleanser III 8 oz

This gentle, creamy cleanser is ideal for all skin types. It removes daily residue, makeup, and oil without harshness or dehydration. Contains 20% glycolic compound, should only be used after your skin has adjusted to levels I and II.. Glycolic Compound is a complex, pH-balanced mixture of glycolic acid, ammonium glycolate, purified water, and higher-molecular-weight oligomers of glycolic acid, with an approximate activity level of 60%, and is designated on product labels as the ingredients “glycolic acid” and “ammonium glycolate.”

Key features

  • Cleanse with the highest level of Glycolic Compound available. Contains 20% Glycolic Compound.

Honest reviews


Never received product, terrible company

I ordered an MD Forte masque and face wash a month and a half ago. They sent the masque and not the wash. I finally contacted THEM and they said their order hasn’t come in yet but it should in a few weeks. They were unapologetic and could careless if I kept waiting or cancelled my order. They sold me an item they never even had and since I decided to wait, I am STILL waiting for it! They should have received their shipment 10days ago. And yet again, I haven’t heard a word from the company. This place is fraudulent I would never order from them again and I warn others not to order from them too! You can even find better prices for the same things they sell with less hassle!

Hilda Martin, PA

Amazing cleanser. Not for the novice.

This facial cleansere is for the woman who has worked her way up from MDForte I and then II. Between RetinaA, and this cleanser, I have a flawless complexion.

Cathleen Westwood, CA

Just ok

This is just ok. I’ve used glycolic acid products in the past, so I started off with this higher strength. I have not noticed any difference; the oil is still there. My skin doesn’t look better. I still have large pores, breakouts and excess oil. May not purchase this again. I really didn’t think it was worth the money. I’ve had better results using the Cor Silver bar and even Walmarts Cetaphil.

Emma Ridgeway, IA

Cant recommend!

I have to say this didnt cut it and has been sitting in my shower for along time after many uses. For 30% glycolic it didnt do anything at all. No tingle which would be common, I used it on my chest area and got a growth that developed. I also notice it smells like shampoo and ingredients say sulfates. I know after all these reviews I was excited to purchase. I didnt get those results! Save your money!

Kellie Mineral, IL

Love it

I love this product as it helps sloth off dead skin, especially whenever Im using other products that promote peeling. This product gives the extra push to remove dead skin. This product will sting; however, if you are using an aggressive exfoliating regimen which I tend to so some times, I wouldnt use this product. When my face feels too sensitive I do switch over to Cetaphil sensitive skin wash. These are some of the products I use that promotes peeling but also will leave the skin pretty sensitive: other glycolic acid products, salicylic acid, Rx tazorac, retinAs, benzol peroxide 10%, clindamycin 1%. (of course not all at once)But yes, love love this stuff.Oh final note: I had to work myself up to III. I started out at I, then went to II, and now have been at level III for years. My derm put me on to this product and I cant thank him enough. He was the same derm who realized that I needed accutane when all else failed, when all other doctors kept experimenting. He cleared me of pizza face and if I were still in the DC metro area, I would still see him for maintenance. Dr. Thomas Day in Baltimore, MD!

Terry Santa Fe, MO


This is absolutely the greatest face wash on the planet! I have sensitive skin, however, this is perfect for my skin. It has glycolic acid as an ingredient, so if you have never used it, start slowly at first. I use it twice a day, morning and night, I cannot be without it, it keeps my skin clear, soft, and has a great impact keeping my skin to glow. Highly Recommend! Thanks!

Juana Fieldon, IL

Made me breakout

I love MD Forte products so I was extremely dissapointed when teh cleanser made me breakout. However, I do want to point out that my skin is weird and I can only use one cleanser without any breakouts (the Neutrogena grapefruit cleanser). This could have been an isolated incident but I still have faith in MD Forte’s other products.

Rosanna Somerset, CO

Recommended in 1994 by surgeon

Love this glycolic cleanser. Leaves your face clean as a whistle. I wouldn’t recommend starting with number III to avoid any irritation. Start with the number one and progress. I think you’ll be a happy camper. The price is comparable to what I paid in the ’90s. I only use at bedtime and just rinse in morning with clear water. Really smooths the skin. Made in the USA.

Myrtle Chipley, FL

The best cleanser!

This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist. Despite my extremely sensitive skin, it works wonderfully. I do highly recommend this product.

Janelle Eugene, MO

Best cleanser ever

I love this hard to find product, it works great and doesn’t break the bank! Perfect for low grade glycol in peel too!

Alberta Beallsville, OH

Almost but no cigar

When i first started using this product it really helped to soften and tone my skin. for the first time in a long time my was even-toned. About 2months in it started to irritate and burn my skin so much i had to stop using it. Not sure what happened i was sure to use it with other MDforte products but had to give up on the regimen.

Louella Elk City, OK

Prevents breakouts and leaves skin glowing

I’m a 29 year old male and have used several brands throughout the years trying to get rid of my blackheads. My blackheads aren’t complete gone, but they are so much better than they used to be. As long as I don’t skip a night washing my face, I never get breakouts anymore either. I love M.D. Forte and worked myself up to level III. I started with level I, which is not longer manufactured. Level III is a little thicker than level II. With free shipping on Amazon, I find the price to be unbeatable.

Angelita Pavo, GA

It works!

Keeps my sensitive, congested combination skin clear of debris! Works even better with a Clarisonic. You must be consistent with this product, as any product, and follow up with the MD Forte moistuizer.

Arlene Bellwood, PA

Acne and wrinkle controles. FINALLY

This controles my acne riddles aging skin better than any other product I have ever purchased. And I have purchased a lot of very expensive skin products including prescription pills creams and cleaners.

Marian Clearwater, SC