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M By Mariah Carey Eau De Parfum Spray, 1-Ounce

For me, creating this scent was like creating a song – it takes many notes to compose a fragrance. It’s like a beautiful melody. – Mariah CareyMariah’s signature scent opens with an indulgent, creamy accord and blooms into an opulent floral heart as a rich base reveals darker, sensual facets.

Key features

  • A warm and inviting marshmallow is woven throughout the fragrance, evoking a sense of comfort. This indulgent accord captures Mariah’s fondest childhood memories of being in the kitchen with her father.
  • Combines a feminine veil of Living Tahitian Tiare flower wrapped in the aura of wet Gardenia petals. This beautiful blend is reminiscent of the fragrant breezes of Hawaii and the Isle of Capri, Mariah’s favorite getaway.
  • The soul of the fragrance reveals a sexier dimension. Sheer amber, infused with spicy, woody accents of Moroccan incense forms a seductive accord that embodies Mariah’s sensuality, beauty and glamour.

Honest reviews


This perfume smells disgusting.

While some celebrity perfumes smell really good, I wasn’t surprised when I smelled this one by Mariah Carey and found it to be extremely repulsive. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a fragrance so bad and certainly don’t know how stores are able to sell this. Where one would expect something feminine and springy by looking at the purple bottle topped with a butterfly, this fragrance actually smells like mold mixed with grandma’s old musk that’s been sitting in your attic for nearly two decades. As I sprayed this in Rite Aid, I actually think I saw a few customers crinkling their noses with disgusted facial expressions. Would NEVER recommend this scent.

Krista Ramona, OK

hated it

This is horrible. A waste of money if u ask me. I will never buy this again. This is not for a young person. The scent is old and more fitting for a middle aged person if they like weird scented fragrances. This was such a bad buy

Anita Spokane, MO


Unfortunately this perfume is simply sweet which is probably fine, but it is only sweet and nothing else. It lacks the complexity of fragrances that are interesting. It would be a good first perfume for a 10 or 12 year old, but I shall be donating my bottle to the local Salvation Army.

Deidra Huntsville, IL

Food + Musk does not equal good

I have a love/hate relationship with celebrity perfumes. I love lots of them (the Britney Spears one, the Hilary Duff one, several of J. Lo’s) but I’m often not a huge fan of the celebrities involved. And I’m not a huge Mariah Carey fan, but given that I’ve enjoyed other celebrity perfume scents I was willing to give this a go. Unfortunately, I don’t care for the scent any more than I care for Mariah Carey. This smells like cake to me- cake with musky notes. The cake note are more prominent at first, then it becomes more musky. Cake and musk are just two things that (at least for me) should not go together. If you like cake smells, I’m sure this is great, but cake is not very popular with me. So, I’m not very fond of this, but foody fans might well like it.

Joan Westview, KY

Beautiful bottle, but not for me

The bottle is lovely and very girlie, I love the amethyst jewel tone of purple. Even tho, I love the bottle, I don’t love the fragrance held within. M to me does smell faintly of marshmellows, violets, citronella and cinnamon. It is sweet, but not overtly so. M lies very close to the skin. One would have to get very close to even smell it.There’s also something in M that I’m very allergic to. I’m allergic to citronella and I’m sure that M has it listed as an ingredient. It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m sure many will love it.

Hilary Walpole, ME

Nice scent but a little bit different than I expected

I generally like flowery scents, so when I read the product description, I thought I might like this perfume. It was offered as the goldbox deal, so I surrendered to temptation. I must say that this is more of a spicy scent than a flowery scent. The fragrance notes reads: Tahitian Tiare, Gardenia, Amber, Marshmallow, “Sea Breeze” accord, Patchouli, Moroccan incense. I must say that I smell more of amber and Moroccan incense than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a nice scent. If I were to choose a reference to define the scent, I would say that it reminds of bath & body works’ rather spicier scents like sensual amber.I find the bottle and the overall representation a little bit childish, but it’s just me!

Janet Chilton, TX


I was given this for Christmas and immediately started getting compliments. I will be buying this perfume for years, Especially if amazon continues with those amazing prices!

Tamika Aiken, SC

Ideal autumn/winter scent

If you like Pink Sugar, Fantasy, Angel, Princess or Flowerbomb you need to try M. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. The notes of marshmallow & sea breeze accord bring back childhood memories of autumn holiday’s by the sea, walking along near the fairs.Despite it not being overpowering, the staying power is very good. I love the colour purple & I have a butterfly tattoo, so I think the bottle is lovely.Scent notes: Marshmallow, sea breeze accord, Tahitian Tiare, gardenia, sheer amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense.

Lynne Edison, NJ

great scent!

I love this perume! it has a light powdery scent and the bottles pretty, although the scent seems to fade throughout the day and night on me anyway, but ill tell you its definitely a favorite!

Andrea Eckley, CO

Loooooove this perfume

I had previously had this perfume but missed it so much I knew I needed it again! Every time I wear it I get compliments and I have to be careful that my sister doesn’t steal it away from me! It’s a flirty/romantic/sweet smell, not very spicy at all. A bit floral.

Lacey Sand Point, AK

Warm violets

On my skin this perfume smells like sweet violet and marshmallow incense. It is more floral than I expected but I still enjoy it. I personally don’t get any of the oceanic/aquatic/beachy notes I’ve heard others describe but it is a pretty sent nonetheless. Longevity could be better but at this price I’m okay with reapplying.

Earline Princeton, WV

My favorite Fragrance

I love the way this smells on me and it lasts longer than some of her other fragrances of which I have all. This is my favorite scent of all fragrances I have ever tried by anyone.

Rosalind Grannis, AR

Love It!

I really grew to love this perfume.All I get is marshmallow…my favorite. And it’s balsamic which I also love. It’s not girly sweet in my opinion, but a more mature fragrance. I will always have a bottle of this for as long as they keep making it.

Cassie Fort Sumner, NM

Smell so good

I have the 1Oz bottle and looks so tiny cute. Perfect for my purse. The perfume last a lot and smell so femenine.

Antonia Ashton, IA

Sweet & Sensuous Scent

M by Mariah is such a lovely, sweet, almost delicious fragrance. My husband just loves it, and so do I. It’s so nicely scented that I find myself smelling my wrist throughout the day. The price makes it even more wonderful! I would definitely purchase this one again, but in the larger size. It has staying power, too. The bottle is simply adorable with the purple butterfly on top.

Cynthia Northfield, OH


This is not overly sweet, with prominent notes of Morroccan incense. It is more of a mature scent, and one spray will go a long way.I love Oriental scents,and this is a very good one.

Lacey Presque Isle, ME

I love this perfume!

I got this perfume for my birthday and I love it! The scent is sweet and girly. The bottle is very beautiful! I love purple and butterflies, so the bottle is perfect for me. I would highly recommend this product to any lady who wants to smell sweet and sexy.

Kristen Saxe, VA

Love it!

I bought this for my sister since this is her favorite and I will probably be buying some for myself!The smell lasts for hours and it is such an amazing scent. We have both gotten TONS of compliments every time we go out wearing it!

Estela Scottdale, PA

Addicted to M

I don’t care for celebrity perfumes. Mainly because they just seem like a gimmick to me. Slap a celebrity on a drug store perfume & it suddenly becomes dept. store price. So back when this first came out I thought the same thing. I first experienced it in a magazine. I saw it said it would have a marshmallow smell to it. Really? You can imagine my eye rolls at the time. I sniffed the sample & was pleasantly surprised. Sniffed it again… I think I like this. After a few more samples seen in magazines I wandered into a dept. store & tried it in the store… sold! I have been wearing it ever since, every day, work or play. It has become my signature scent & I get complimented all the time from women of various ages. I was even getting coffee one morning & the lady working there was stocking the coffee bar next to me & stopped to ask what I was wearing. This is the only downfall. I’m not really a Mariah fan so when people ask me what I am wearing & I have to respond, Mariah Carey’s perfume “M”, I also feel the need to explain I don’t usually care for celebrity perfumes, I’m not a big fan of Mariah… etc etc. So I guess you could say I wear it with a disclaimer. Overall, the scent is light, sweet but not overly so with touches of floral. It’s very feminine but not in a bubblegum teen kind of way. I have allergies & can’t take overbearing perfumes that are musky, etc. This works great for me! I ran out 2 days ago and was using little tester samples I had of other perfumes I kind of liked & couldn’t stand it anymore & ran out to get another bottle of this so I guess you could say I am addicted. A side note, I have tried all of Mariah’s other perfumes & don’t like any of them.

Alejandra Vandervoort, AR