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Lysol Touch of Foam Foaming Hand Soap, Creamy Vanilla Orchid, Pump, 8.5 Ounce

Lysol touch of foam foaming hand soap pump creamy vanilla orchid 8.5 ounce. Kills 99.9% of bacounteria on hands. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients.

Key features

  • Creamy texture enriched with micro Bubbles delivers moisture to skin
  • Creamy vanilla Orchid scent
  • Lysol touch of foam antibacterial Hand wash
  • Soft on skin, hard on germs
  • Kills 99 9% of bacteria on hands
  • Enriched with moisturizing ingredients
  • Creamy vanilla orchid

Honest reviews


lysol touch of foam

I was sent the hands free pump with soap container that fits in it, and not the touch of foam, so i appologize for my confusing review.This is the review for the product i was actually sent.The soap is not foamy, if that’s what you’re looking for. I have it on the sink and use it several times a day. It puts quite a bit of soap into your hand, more than I think you really need. It has a moisturizer and maybe that is why it doesn’t foam up better. My hands feel clean and not stiff and dry. It’s easy to use the the sensor works every time with no waving around. The holder is raised off the base of the sink with about 1/8″ plastic legs so the batteries, which are accessed from the bottom, have less chance of getting wet if water splashes on the sink. I think it’s a little expensive, but it does what it says it will. You can buy refills just about anywhere, so it’s convenient.

June Hood, CA

Thus review will be useless

I am a Vine Voice and am required to review products sent to me. In this case the product I received was not the one described. I received a Lysol brand no-touch dispenser with one hand soap refill bottle. It works great and I will leave my review of it at the proper place.

Dora Mazeppa, MN

Once ya get the Hang of it………..

This Lysol soap No Touch Soap Dispenser is pretty nice —once ya get the hang of it.I know they have to package everything very well to be sure the contents get to you in its proper form—but I almost had packaging shock getting this out of the plastic cover and even more so getting all of the smaller seals and covers off the dispenser–as there is one for the batteries and one for the tip of the soap container…you also must remove the actual battery cover itself…the removal of the tip cover itself was a journey of packaging frustration in itself. Pulling, tearing ,scraping to get it all removed.The next level of frustrations comes when installing the soap container into the hands free holder. OH !! Which way does it go ?? Front to back ?? back to front ??? Still doesn’t work !! Try that a few times then OH ! It must be something else….Is the tip in deep enough …Yes ? NO ? front to back ?? Back to front ???…NOPE !!! I need to press it deeper into the opening.See what I mean ?NOW !! Once you’ve perservered and gotten thru all that packaging and set up frustration—you will be in for the good stuff.The soap is wonderful. None drying , soft on your hands light and gentle smell.The soap dispenses truly with a wave of the hand…but I also need to mention that the back of the container has a ON /OFF switch which you will need to use in any case where you DON’T want the soap to come out. This would be for cleaning the area near to it , cleaning the area around it or underneath it…because if you touch any of those areas it will send out the soap.I wasn’t sure whether to give this product a three star or a four…but in the end–I believe a 4 star is more appropriate for as the soap is wonderful and the product really is hands free. Over time –I think the other bugs and the packaging might be corrected to be easier to understand and easier to read.I wash my hands many times a day . Being able to do so with out having to touch the pump is a great idea–and I will give it time to better itself.Get it and try it for yourself…….I bet you’ll feel like I do…great thing–needs a little work on the packaging.

Chelsey Downing, WI

Love this dispenser!

My family LOVES this dispenser! I love that germs are no longer spread on the spout of the hand soap. No touching. Just wave your have underneath and the soap dispenses. We use these in our kitchen and bathroom.

Joann Minden, IA

So, My Family Is Fighting Over This!

The entire family is coveting the LYSOL AUTOMATIC NO-TOUCH HAND SOAP DISPENSER! I have it in the kitchen, my kids REALLY want it in their bathroom, and my husband thinks it should go next to the utility sink. The LYSOL AUTOMATIC NO-TOUCH HAND SOAP DISPENSER truly is a great little system. Just slide the antibacterial hand soap refill into the little gadget until you hear the click, turn it on (yes, there is an on/off switch on the back), and wave your hand in front of the sensor a few time to get it primed. After that, you get a perfect amount of hand soap every time! Without spreading any mess or germs to or from your soap dispenser. With two kids and constant germs, that is a wonderful thing! No cross contamination from raw foods or mud and muck from the playground. The scent of the aloe vera and vitamin e soap is light, clean, and pleasant, and the dispenser itself is easy to clean. (But be sure to turn it OFF first, or you will end up with soap dispensed everywhere…that little sensor REALLY wants to please you!) The automatic dispenser runs on 4 double A batteries, which, so far, have lasted through several soap refills.I am definitely buying more LYSOL AUTOMATIC NO-TOUCH HAND SOAP DISPENSERS. My wee one is washing her hands more often because it is fun, and the teenager has declared it to be wondrous. And I love it in the kitchen. Clearly, the only way to end this battle is to get one for each person in this house. Well done, LYSOL! You’ve sold the entire family on the LYSOL AUTOMATIC NO-TOUCH HAND SOAP DISPENSER.

Rachel Glencliff, NH

The Importance of Washing Ones Hands

This is a LYSOL TOUCH LESS SOAP DISPENSER. (A nice looking one with the soap refill included). I really need to learn how to read, lol. I thought I was getting something different like oh Lysol Touch of Foam Foaming Hand Soap, Creamy Vanilla Orchid Pump.Now, what I have is a pump, yes, and hand soap, and it’s creamy, but that’s it.That being said, it is wonderful it smells great. I have no idea what scent it is though I have tried like crazy to figure it out but to not avail.In the end great product. Washes hands very well. Dispenses just the right amount. Very easy to use for all ages. Reasonably priced. Will recommend.

Carole Nicoma Park, OK

Can’t Review This

I can’t review this product, because I got an entirely different product period. The only thing that was the same is that it was a Lysol product, and that it was a hand soap. I would have liked to have tried this product and then be able to review it, unfortunately I can’t!Like other Vine Voices, I too received the wrong product, not the one listed, which I would have liked to have tried as I do like Lysol products and use them as well, plus Iam very familiar with using hand soap that is foam variety, not just regular hand soap.At least now that I know that this product does exist, I will be looking for it on my next shopping trip.What I received was the Lysol No Touch Hand System, which the dispenser was in silver, and the hand soap was Aloe & Vitamin E.Interestingly enough the invoice that came with this product showed what I should have received, not what I actually received.I contacted Vine about this issue. The person who responded back sent in another order for me. That too was the same WRONG item, which included the same invoice with the product I should have received but didn’t.I’ve always wanted to try this Lysol No Touch Hand Soap. The first unit I received I could not get it to dispense, despite even putting in new batteries. Unfortunately if you cannot get the dispenser to work you can’t just use the hand soap on it’s own. I tried.The second order I received the dispenser did work after waving my hand under it a few times, to get the dispenser going.I put the unit on my bathroom sink. You need to be careful where you put your hand because if you aren’t careful the soap will still dispense, or else you need to turn the unit off, which there is an on/off switch on the back of the dispenser.I found that out when I was cleaning up water around my faucet.The Aloe and Vitamin E scent was pleasant, tho it’s would not be my first choice when it comes to hand soaps. As with alot of hand soaps this one too is antibacterial.Iam glad that I was able to try out this Lysol No Touch Hand System. Iam not sure I would continue to use it after this bottle runs out. It would depend on if the hand soap that would work with this dispenser is on sale, as it is somewhat pricier than regular hand soap, which I buy and use alot of.As I previously said, I will look for this Lysol Touch Of Foam Hand Soap the next time I grocery shop, tho in a different fragrance if available.

Lessie Justice, IL

Great stuff, works well as SOAP ~ but um, doesn’t foam?!?!

Lysol touch of foam works well – as SOAP. It comes out all nice, but never foams up – it’s nice and great working as liquid soap, and the dispenser dispenses it easily, but I’m confused about why it doesn’t foam as claimed…?!?!…the vanilla orchid fragrance is great, very nice and the bottle seems to last pretty well. I wash my hands loads of times before I need to get a new bottle of Lysol hand soap – and at $2.50 or so a bottle, it is a very good deal ~ I would definitely recommend Lysol Touch of Foam Vanilla Orchid, for all your liquid SOAP hand-washing needs, but if you’re looking for FOAM, look elsewhere!!

Melinda Oxford, KS

Another great product from Lysol

I like how this product cleans, is lightweight and doesn’t overly dry my hands. Nice light scent. Not overpowering yet enough to leave our hands smelling fresh.

Viola Maurertown, VA

Love This

I have always liked the soap dispensers that the soap foams. I really like the texture of the soap. This dispenser is really nice because it automatically dispenses the soap and you don’t need to pump or anything. The soap is nice and and luxorious. It is very full and makes your skin feel great and it gets the skin clean. I really love the dispenser that all I need to do is put my hand under the spout and I have soap. Great invention.

Caitlin Labarre, LA

Not More Liquid Hand Soap for Me

I absolutely the Lysol Touch of Foam Hand Soap.1. Just the right amount of soap is dispensed (very economical)2. Pleasant smell (not overpowering)3. Decorative item (matches the color scheme my Master Bath perfectly)I will certainly purchase this item time and time again.

Aisha La Rue, OH

Say goodbye to dry hands

I have a newborn in the house so this has been a great product for me. The smell is pleasant but not overpowering. However, the big thing for me was that it did not dry my hands out. The other bacteria killing soaps we were using dried my hands out and made them peel a lot. This soap was very moisturizing without leaving that film behind on my hands.

Kathleen Oakland, KY

Helps soften hands while it cleans

Creamy Vanilla and Orchid are the scents you get when you pump this foaming soap. It lathers up quickly and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.The scent lingers for a short time and is not overpowering. It helps eliminate the dryness of “winter hands”. Even the bottle is pretty sitting on your counter. It is also antibacterial which is especially nice in the cold and flu season.

Shelby Courtland, MN

Lavender Lysol

I grew up with Lysol, the small brown bottle, When you grow up with the security that a product kills 98% of germs, as the populous manufacturer develops a hand cleaner that is lavender and foam, I still have the security that Lysol grown up will kill germs.I look for the lavender foam .The fragrance has a delicate lavender scent and lingers well after a washing.A sense of security, Highly recommend Lysol Lavender Hand Soap.

Ericka Herminie, PA


I always have a variety of anti bacterial products including soap around. This is the first time I tried using Lysol. It smells great, foams up nice and leaves a clean feeling on your hands. the only drawback is that my hands felt dry and I needed to apply lotion to my hands. It’s really no big deal but if you’re one of those people that likes to wash and go, your hands might feel dry.I would buy this again and use it in my bathroom and kitchen and I might even take one to work.

Patrica Madera, CA

Great foaming soap!

I am a big fan of foaming soaps, and this just may be my favorite! My roommate and I agree that we actually like it better than our regular brand–Bath & Body Works. The foam isn’t TOO foamy–it’s smooth and dissolves easily. I also enjoy the scent, which isn’t overpowering. And the soap rinses off well without leaving my hands dry. The one thing I don’t like about it is really minor: I wish the “Lysol” name wasn’t so prominent on the front. I just don’t associate the name with a pretty hand soap–I associate it with the horrible smelling disinfecting spray my grandma kept in her bathroom!Also, I want to be clear that this has a regular hand pump–apparently some Vine reviewers got a hands-free model. If you purchase this product, you’re purchasing soap in a regular disposable pump dispenser.

Marsha Cadyville, NY


Lysol touch of foam soap is not too bad. The only complaint I have on this product is that after you’ve washed your hands it dries the skin out extremely and if you do not have any hand cream my hands become rough and cracked. The soap itself is a pleasant smell and it does foam as it says it will it leaves no residue on your hands so they feel gummy or sticky. I’m not sure I would buy this on a regular basis unless I was trying to take precautions during a flu or cold so I would not pass on my germs. Outside of those thoughts I think I’ll probably just stick with what I currently use as I do have very sensitive skin.I hope this recommendation and my opinion is helpful!

Alba Roachdale, IN

Fluffy puffy soap

This hand soap smells great and has a nice rich foam. You only need one pump to wash your hands. It has a thick texture and the bottle lasts much longer than the gel soaps in a pump.

Mavis East Northport, NY

Soft, clean hands…

This product review of the Lysol Touch of Foam Foaming Hand Soap, Creamy Vanilla Orchid, Pump, 8.5 ounces is part of my obligation to Amazon for accepting to be a member of the Vine program, a club of selected customers that provide opinions about “new and pre-released items.” We enter this club by accepting free copies of products but we promise in return to submit an opinion.We can never be too careful in today’s environment, where we come in contact with many people, shaking hands that carry microorganisms that can expose us to the common cold or any other bacterial infection.Started to use this Hand Soap and was marveled at the ease of use, the creamy foam that leaves the hands feeling soft, but the best of all features is the Vanilla Orchid scent because the aroma is soothing and people around me notice, receiving several comments for the scented fragrance that carries for a while.The bottle is attractively designed, the size perfect for placing it in small bathrooms and the pump dispenses the right amount for a thorough hand wash.Highly recommend this product, the moisturizing ingredients leaves the hands soft and ready to continue working!

Dona Starbuck, WA

Not a foam and kind of messy

I tried this purely because during flu season it seemed like a good idea to minimize the hand contact in our bathroom. The package says Foaming Hand Soap. Not so. What this package contained was a thick creme soap. I prefer foam, so the creme was not a welcomed difference. The unit has an on/off switch in the back. Battery operated, not waterproof so don’t drop it accidentally into a sink or tub full of water. There is a specific way to use it so that the soap does not dispense when you don’t want it to, and the package insert explains the way to move your hands under the sensor to avoid such mishaps. Not the best idea if you have kids in the house since chances are they are not going to spend the time making sure their hands are in the right position before reaching for soap. The fragrance is pleasant and has aloe, which some family members are allergic to, so I will either search for a refill that is aloe-free or donate this entire thing to our local thrift shop since I don’t think it will provide care-free use in our bathroom. Sorry Lysol, you’re better off sticking to household disinfectant sprays and leave the hand soap market to Soft Soap.Softsoap Pampered Hands Jasmine Oasis – Foaming Hand Soap, 8 OunceI managed three stars for this review because the unit has a stainless steel look and fits neatly in the corner of the vanity. Otherwise not practical for our family.

Aida Pompeii, MI

Good stuff, but small bottle

I like the Lysol Foam Soap alot. They use a similar product at the gym that I go to. Unlike gel soap, or bar soap, the foam soap doesn’t really need to be rubbed to create a lather, it just applies to your skin evenly and easily. It also has a really nice smell. The only drawback is that I’d really like a larger bottle. As it is I don’t think this will last me long, and it’s wasteful to be constantly buying new bottles and throwing them away.

Hillary De Kalb, MO

Smells so nice

This foaming hand soap by Lysol is great. First, the pump works very well and supplies the perfect amount of foamy soap to wash with. Second, the pump bounces back up quickly. Third, the scent is awesome. I like how I can smell it while I am washing my hands. It does not linger for very long though on your skin. I will say I don’t find it to be at all creamy, or any different in texture from most foaming hand soaps but I didn’t get it for that. I got it for the germ killing benefit and the scent.

Alta Pinson, TN

Lysol products rule!

Lysol products really help our fight against in germs and with our mental relief is knowing we are doing the best we can for sanitation. This product is compact, fits on the kitchen sink easily and looks beautiful while its doing its job. I can think of several ways to use this product .. even giving it as a gift for a friend with a new home along with a nice new home gift cleaning package. This really is good on the hands and smells wonderful too.

Jenny Forest City, NC

Mine looks nothing like the photo but lets talk about the soap

First I have one that is a no touch foaming hand soap. The packaging took 20 minutes to get through. I thought the days of plastic inside of plastic was over. I do recycle so all of that packaging did get recycled. The soap is a good idea. I like getting soap when my hand are dirty without touching the bottle. Sadly the soap I got was not vanilla orchid but some very commercial smell that was I guess clean but I hated the smell of my hands. So check to make sure you are getting soap with a scent you like.

Belinda Mc Leod, TX

Lovely Subtle Fragrance

This has a subtle, yet lingering scent which is lovely. Typically vanilla fragrances are cloying to me, but this was subtle enough to be nice. Hands retained a slight clean fragrance for awhile, which is surprising given the lightness of the original fragrance. Not sure why its called “touch of foam” since it foamed up generously and fairly thickly, although not very sudsy was hands were rubbed to wash. Product did what it is designed to do, which is wash the hands. I suspect however that this container will not last long, since the foam is thick and pumps out generously, so in the end, its probably more pricey than others, for example, Method foam hand wash. But I would buy this again for the fragrance alone.

Shawn Victoria, MS

Best thing since sliced bread!

I love this touchless soap dispenser! No more gunk on the pump when cooking and frequently washing hands. With this new touchless dispenser I just wave my hand under pump and the soap comes out in just the right amount-perfect for the kitchen-or any room for that matter. Great idea Lysol!

Jeannette Orlando, WV

Great fragrance

I like using anti-bacterial soaps and this one has a great fragrance as well. Does not dry out my hands like so many of the hand sanitizers do. Lysol is also a very trusted name in sanitizing. Would recommend to anyone.

Allie Hathorne, MA

Nice scent but very drying

I have no way to test the efficacy of this soap in killing bacteria but like most foaming soaps it provides good coverage. It has a pleasant vanilla / lavender scent. The top can be twisted 90 degrees to lock it, which makes it great to pack in your bag. Like most anti-bacterial soaps, it is drying to your skin.

Kimberley Olema, CA

Smells Delicious

I am not a vanilla fan usually, but I love Lysol and tried out this hand soap. The smell is infectious. It smells really good and fresh, and not like fake vanilla I hate smelling usually. It foams up light and fast and you use just a little for an good hand wash. The foam feels good too, and is not hard to wash off like gels. The price is very reasonable as well, so I recommend this hand soap.

Lesley Fraser, MI

It’s sort of like waving a magic wand.

First step: Open the package; get jackhammer. No, actually the scissors worked–eventually.Second step: Remove red strip so that the dispensor will work. Retrieve batteries (all three of them); be careful so they don’t roll off your workspace…Third step: Read directions and warnings. Move hand under dispensor nozzle over and over and over and listen to it hum. Take bottle out and be sure it’s open. (Hmm. I’m not sure.) Jam it back hard. Continue hand waving and listening.Fourth step: Actually, it does work now, but instruct other household members in its use.This was an interesting experiment, uh, experience. For people who are really worried about germs and who need it for other reasons, it’s a useful tool. But remember to start the water running first. (OK. A family member says that she doesn’t have to, but I worry about getting the faucet handle soapy.)Re: soap. I didn’t like the smell, and it felt oily or greasy, but for those who use hand cream, they may be used to that–and even like the feel.Final note: Reread the instuctions and remember to shut it off when working with the dispensor. For instance, when you’re changing the folded paper towel to keep the dispensor dry. Ack!OK, I have to add that after using it longer, I’m beginning to enjoy not using the pump dispensor. I wasn’t going to buy a refill, but now I’m not sure. I know I’d miss it. It’s quicker and actually not as messy since I had to clean the pump dispensor nozzle now and then. Will this nozzle accumulate soap? Time will tell. But I must remember to turn it off before cleaning it!

Cecile Healy, KS