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Lysol No Touch Twin Refill Kitchen System, Berry, 17 Ounce

The kitchen is a busy place. You need to keep multiple products around the sink to tackle all of your cleaning tasks from greasy dishes and surfaces to germy hands – leaving your kitchen untidy, and increasing the chance that you could spread a germy mess even as you’re trying to clean it. Introducing new Lysol No-touch kitchen system is one solution for a clean kitchen and healthy hands. The automatic, hands-free dispenser is designed to fit your home and cleaning needs.

Key features

  • Easily removes grease and food residues to leave dishes sparkling clean
  • Cleans all types of kitchen messes from food spills to tough grease
  • You can trust Lysol to kill bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them

Honest reviews


Mona Lisa

Lysol No Touch Twin Refill Kitchen System ia a great product. Refill is easy to install. Goes well with all other Lysol products. Great value for the money. Soap also works quite well. Cleans dishes really good with a minimal amount of soap. Also good as hand soap to use in the Kitchen.

Billie Spreckels, CA

need it

need it for the holidays and I thought the price was good I really like my no touch and the soap it nice no mess to clean up and a little of this soap goes a long way if your looking for that last minute gift would get this

Noemi New Hampton, NH

Great Smell

I like the tangerine fragrance of this and can’t find a better price than on Amazon for this product. Wish they would add some more different fragrances for the kitchen pump than what they have, but the tangerine is my favorite so far. Use for dishes and/or hands. It provides good suds and not too drying for hands.

Tanya Maylene, AL

I love this product!

I purchased this and the system sometime ago not knowing if I would like it. I have to say it turned out that I really love the system. I don’t use too much soap anymore. I only use just enough to do what I need. Give it a chance, I think you will like it too.

Jenifer Davidsonville, MD

Good Product

I love the No Touch Hand Soap for the Kitchen. I have been told by Lysol, this has been discontinued. I did find these on Amazon along with a new dispenser, Wish the variety would have been a little less expensive. It only fits the No Touch Kitchen and not the regular hand style. It’s a good product and sad to see it fade out.

Ella Watseka, IL

Encourage the boys to wash there hands

The younger boys love to be able to just hold there hands under the faucet and also have soap in there hands. They spend longer washing. So hopefully they are cleaner.

Rosemarie Penasco, NM