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Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Dish Soap Dispenser Starter Kit, Tangerine, 8.5 Ounce

The kitchen is a busy place. You need to keep multiple products around the sink to tackle all of your cleaning tasks from greasy dishes and surfaces to germy hands leaving your kitchen untidy, and increasing the chance that you could spread a germy mess even as you’re trying to clean it. Introducing no touch kitchen system one solution for a clean kitchen and healthy hands. The automatic, hands-free dispenser is designed to fit your home and cleaning needs.

Key features

  • Easily removes grease and food residues to leave dishes sparkling clean
  • Clean kitchen surfaces and cleans all types of kitchen messes from food spills to tough grease
  • You can trust Lysol to kill bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them

Honest reviews


Fun but Gimmicky

I admit I started out with a cynical attitude about this product, being a simple sort of person. “A battery-operated, motion-detecting, soap dispenser for the kitchen? How dopey!” I thought.Then I tried it, and I have to admit–it’s pretty cool to walk to the sink with your hands all goopey from rolling pie dough and just pass your hand under the thing and get the soap. I smiled, because it is cool. Like a toy.So that is the pro. Here are the cons:1. Unless you have a motion-detector sink at home (alas, I do not), you still have to use your goopy (and now soapy) hands to turn on the water to wash your hands.2. This little gadget takes four AAA batteries! Do I really want to buy replacement batteries… for a soap dispenser?3. The tiny little bottle of liquid soap is a special purchase, you have to buy a new bottle each time you run out. You can’t refill the bottle. It’s like a “Swiffer” … once you buy the gadget, you’re in for those expensive refills.4. The soap is designed not just for hands, but for pots and pans, dishes, countertops (you have to rinse) and any other kitchen use. Hence, it makes your hands feel about as you’d expect, when you use it as hand soap: tight, dry, like you used dish soap to wash your hands.5. Because it is motion detecting, you can’t pick the thing up without it squirting soap on you. So put it where you want it and leave it there!6. As an aside, sharpen your ax or hedge clippers, you’ll need them to open this plastic clamshell packaging. Good luck doing so without scratching the dispenser or cutting your hands. Then the directions are inside the bottom of the package…trying to reach them and pull them out is tricky, depending on where the jagged edges of your package ended up after you finally got it open.After balancing the pros and cons, I’d have to say I’d pass on this little gadget.

Kasey Doland, SD

Terrible for women and children. Ingredients may cause breast cancer.

As a breast cancer survivor and am always checking cosmetic ingredients on EWG’s Skin Deep web site. Their web site will give you information on ingredients used in products, even cleaning products. You can also check Wikipedia which uses information obtained from EWG’s web site.Ingredients in this product are bad for you. Specifically, Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is the second ingredient listed (which means there’s a lot of it in this product). The problem with SLS is that during the processing of the chemical there are toxic impurities present, specifically DIOXANE, which is a known CARCINOGEN and NERVOUS SYSTEM TOXIN. SLS is banned or used on a very limited basis in Canada and Europe because of its toxicity.Besides SLS, Benzisothiazolinone and Cacamidopropyl Betaine are main ingredients. These are known to cause HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM TOXICITY and can irritate your skin, eyes, and lungs.If you use this product, I would recommend only using for very occasional cleaning, but rinse very thoroughly. Don’t use as a skin cleaner and don’t let your kids use it at all on a regular basis.I just can’t give this product a good rating, and even more since the container is sealed, so you can’t even replace their cleaning solution with a healthier alternative.

Jeanine Bradenville, PA

It works- but ingredients are nasty

Upon opening the clamshell box, I see that the unit comes with a proprietary bottle filled with Lysol Antibacterial Soap. It comes with preinstalled batteries- a nice bonus. The sensor dispenses one squirt when you bring an object close to the spout, so don’t bother waving at the little window on the bottom.The bottle lid will not come off, so you are limited to buying Lysol refills as long as you own the unit. The scent is not overpowering, and it lathers just fine. Lysol intends it to be all in one hand soap and dish soap, but I found the formulation to be too drying on the hands for dishes.I took off one star for the proprietary format. You have to like the soap, or you will never use it. I took off two stars for the ingredients. The Sodium Laureth Sulfate left my hands too dry. Benzophenone-4 is banned in the EU for health dangers. It’s a suspected carcinogen due to the amount of free radicals it generates. There are also a number untested preservatives like benzisothiazolinone.I cannot recommend this product. Not until they reformulate to include moisturizers and take out all the nasty chemicals.

Jimmie Desmet, ID

Really do like it!

I haven’t had this long, but I really do love it! It’s a pain getting it out of the plastic packaging. The three batteries come with it, already in the base. All you do is insert the bottle, remove a tiny piece of tape and turn it on. Looks really nice sitting by the kitchen sink and since you’re not supposed to have to touch should stay relatively clean. The orange scent is great and not overpowering. Lysol brand is a well known, effective cleaner and this one can be used for cleaning dishes, stoves, washing your hands. Supposed to be over 150 squirts(?)to the bottle and then you just replace with a refill. I think it gives a large amount out at a time, if I could adjust that I would make it smaller. Should be interesting to see how long this first bottle lasts and the batteries too. It has an eye on the front that senses and you really don’t have to touch it, cool! ****UPDATE****03/17/12 I had a heck of a time pulling the old bottle out of the dispenser, finally my husband got it, pulling straight up. Another important thing! The kitchen refill is NOT interchangeable with the handsoap one. It looks like the same thing but the kitchen dispenser has 2 pinlike nubs sticking up and that refill only accomodates that dispenser. Had to find the refill in the dishsoap aisle, handsoap refill in handsoap…batteries still going strong and I still think it’s a great product!

Irma Angoon, AK

Works good excellent soap inside

Not too much to say, the hardware works well, the soap inside is excellent and smells nice and citrusy. My only “minor” issue is finding refills as we live in a small town and nobody carrys it here, however we frequently travel a small distance to a larger city for medical reasons and the stores there have refills.

Enid Piseco, NY

Good concept but not practical

My idea was to put this dispenser at the kitchen sink so it could be used to wash either hands or dishes. For the most part, it does what it says…it automatically dispenses a generous amount of soap which can be used to wash dishes or to disinfect hands. Unfortunately, the dispenser has some major drawbacks.1. The dispenser uses 4 AA batteries. Although it comes with batteries, extended use in my household indicates that the batteries do not last as long as you would expect. I got 2 refills out of it before the batteries died.2. The refills are expensive. It is difficult to justify buying a refill for this device when my local grocer has foaming, better smelling and perhaps safer and better performing soaps for as low as a dollar each.3. The motion sensing capability works well but it sometimes dispenses soap based on other movement in and around the sink.4. My unit went haywire and started dispensing 3 “servings” of soap each time which wastes a lot of expensive soap (it does not need batteries).5. I find that it dispenses a little too much soap each time for hand washing. In addition, I find the soap difficult to wash off and too thick (probably based on the hardness of my water).6. I find that normal dish detergent cleans better and rinses better than this all-in-one type of antibacterial soap.With all of these factors coming into play, I find it difficult to justify purchasing this dispenser. Perhaps if the price point for the dispenser and its refills was somewhat lower, it would be a better value. As it stands, I find myself using the old-fashioned manual soap dispensers more than the Lysol dispenser.

Katharine Altona, IL

The automatic – hands-free

This is a hands free handwashing station. It was very easy to use and has was a hit with the whole family. The own problem I have with unit — I find soap around my sink were some of the leaks. I think I will continue to buy this product nice to look at and so far it working great.

Dolores Edinboro, PA

Didn’t live up to my expectations.

I was pretty excited about a no touch system that could do so many jobs, but unfortunately this product didn’t live up to my expectations. As a cleaning product I suppose it is ok. The smell is nice. I found it alone doesn’t clean, but when I use a towel to turn it into a soapy lather it works well on my counters. For dishes it didn’t really work well. I’ll stick to my other detergent. Also I can’t recommend this for hands. I have sensitive skin and this made my hands dry and itchy. No way would I want my kids washing with this on a regular basis. So all in all this is an ok product in a fancy package. With the price of refills I’m sure this will find a way under my counter to collect dust once the provided container of soap is all gone.

Kari Louisville, TN

Dispenser isn’t for me, doesn’t lather good, doesn’t smell good and refills are too expensive

I like the idea of a no touch soap dispenser but this isn’t what I had in mind. I normally like Lysol brand products in general but not so much in this case.First of all let’s start off with the good. Batteries are included and pre-installed. The starter pack that contains the battery operated dispenser with pre-installed batteries and one bottle of soap. I think the price is very good to start.I like that it will automatically dispense the soap without having to touch the dispenser. It works ok but sometimes you have to keep waving your hand in front of it before it will work. I think they should improve the sensor for future models that they release.I tried the Tangerine scent and thought it would smell much better but I don’t really care for the scent at all. It is designed to use as both hand soap and dish soap. Most hand soaps smell much better than this and lather a lot to get your hands nice and clean. This soap hardly lathers at all and is just odd to use as hand soap. It doesn’t even smell as good as most dish soaps. Using it as dish soap is ok but there are many other dish soaps that smell better.I am someone that spends my money very wisely. I research reviews and pricing on most purchases other than grocery items. This machine will cause you to waste a lot of money purchasing the refills that are at least several times more expensive than dish soap that you will find in most grocery stores. For the cost of one refill pack that contains two small bottles I could purchase 4 or 5 large bottles at the store of better quality dish soap. I doubt I will continue to use this dispenser after the soap runs out because of the cost involved for refills. I would like it much better if you could refill the bottle but these bottles are made so they can’t be refilled and force you to go buy the more expensive refills.

Anna Angleton, TX

Down with germs

easy to put together…just make sure the front faces the front…not fond of the soap scent, but my brother liked it so maybe it is personal choice on that and I am sure more than one scent is available…great idea and it is getting plenty of use in my home

Chasity Oilton, OK

Works well… Once you get it open!

There are days that I think that state secrets and precious gems would be 100% safe as long as they were packed in that heavy plastic “clamshell” packaging. This soap dispenser is must be even more precious, because it seemed as if it was in even heavier than normal clamshell packaging. I tried scissors and a nail clipper to try and get through the incredibly secure and tough plastic, to no avail. I then caved in and rummaged through the tool drawer and found some tin snips, which eventually opened the package without damaging the soap dispenser inside.Once out of the package, the Lysol No Touch System soap dispenser was very easy to use. The batteries were included, and all I had to do was pull a plastic tab to activate them. There is a handy on/off switch on the back of the dispenser, which prevents unintended squirts of soap. The bottle of cleanser attaches easily to the dispenser, although it isn’t anything like the other dishwash soap dispenser I own, so the two are incompatible.The soap itself was another matter. It is supposed to be used for handwashing as well as dishwashing, cleaning pots and pans and other kitchen chores, and like many multi-use products, it doesn’t do a stellar job at any of them. Washing my hands with the product left my skin tight and dry, unlike some of the other germicidal hand soaps I use. The dishwashing performance was average, getting mildly soiled dishes clean but requiring extra cleanser to remove even a little grease from dishes. When used very liberally, the cleanser got pots and pans clean, but I found that my old dishwashing liquid worked much better with a far smaller amount. Perhaps the best use of this cleanser was on my countertops, table and other kitchen surfaces. I put a few squirts on a damp sponge, squished it around a bit to distribute the cleanser, and started wiping down the kitchen. Everything was cleaned quickly and well, and because I only used a small amount of cleanser on my sponge, nothing needed rinsing.I think that the dispenser’s quality far exceeds that of the cleanser. I wish that the dispenser would work with other brands of cleanser, because the weak spot of my other automatically dispensed dish soap is the dispenser, not the cleanser. That and the packaging. People with hand problems or the elderly will never be able to get at this product without help.

Chelsey Elmer, LA

Love it

Love the smell. So clean and fresh!The no touch is great, although it gives off a little more soap than I would like it to. You also need to be careful that it’s not in an area where you can move items in fornt of it, it will dispense the soap.I’ve used it to clean dishes, the sink, my countertop, and stove top. I put it to the test when I cleaned out my microwave. With the soap and a hot sponge I had it clean in no time. I usually use a Mr. Clean Eraser, but I didn’t need to.Nice product, I do reccomend!

Margie Balaton, MN

just ok

There are things I like about this Lysol product. It works very well, dispenses for me at least the right amount of soap, is a nice size and looks nice by the sink. But there are a lot of downfalls> I found the scent a bit sweet-strong. I’ve been using it for weeks, and I still forget that if it shifts and I try to place it back where it was, I will get squirted with the soap, unless I’m very careful how I handle it. The bottle itself is fairly small, and got used up quickly, and you cannot refill it, for “green reasons”, if not price, I find this wasteful. You also need 4 AA batteries to run it, another price factor. Overall, it’s ok, I may try and see if I can get a different aroma, and refills on sale.

Antonia Curtis, MI

Nice idea, but fundamentally flawed

This dispenser is a neat idea, it allows you to get dish soap without having to touch anything. Just wave the dish or bowl under it and it squirts out just what you need. When I wash my cat and dog bowls, they usually need a squirt each and this dispenser makes the task much easier. The dispenser is not too sensitive, which is a good thing, you don’t want it squirting every time you come to your sink. Also the soap is good and has a nice scent.But there is a problem. the dispenser cannot be refilled and can only uses Lysol refills. This not only limits your options on what kind of soap you can use and eventually you know they will stop making them.Also there are touch-less dispensers available here on that are refillable. They are a much better buy.

Marquita Herrin, IL

Mona Lisa

The Lysol No Touch Kitchen System works really great. I was very excited about getting this system because you dont have to touch any thing to get it to work. All you have to do is turn the system on and make a slight motion under the nozzle and yor are set. The system is battery operated. The batteries are already installed when you receive the system. The system also looks great in the Kitchen. The System is both very useful and great looking for any Kitchen Decor.

Maribel Hillsboro, IL

Good but not Great

I received the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System as part of the Amazon Vine review program. While I love the smell of the soap (Tangerine) it is very sensitive to movement and at times dispenses on its own. It is however very convenient if your hands are a mess not to have to pump your typical liquid soap. Refills will only happen if I find them at a discount store as stated in another review.

Mellisa Courtland, MN

Awkward and unnecessary gadget

Germ-phobia is a cash cow for a lot of companies, and Lysol, which has been disinfecting America since 1912 (including being used as a douche!) has taken the process a step further. Now there’s a dispenser which is touch free. Yup, wave your hand under the spout and the soap comes pouring out in a measured dose. Well that’s cool and all, but IMO far from necessary in the home. I can see it being a nice addition to a public restroom where god-only-knows-what ends up on all the surfaces, but for home use I think it’s a bit excessive.However, that’s not my biggest quibble with this item. The no-touch mechanism depends on a sensor which, when triggered, shoots a measured dose of soap out into what is presumably either a waiting hand, or a sponge or something similar. Unfortunately it’s easily triggered. I now have a box of tissues covered in the soap because my cat shoved it under the soap dispenser as she was jumping off the bathroom counter. I can’t help but feel that if she’d actually seen the soap being dispensed she might have gotten interested enough to end up covered in soap herself. And therein lies another problem. It’s too easy for pets or small children to trigger the dispenser. Keep them away from it you say? Short of tying them up, the chances of being able to do that are a whole lot slimmer than you might imagine. The only true alternative is to turn the thing off between uses, and that kind of defeats the purpose of the no-touch system, doesn’t it? A pump bottle would work just as well, wouldn’t require batteries, and wouldn’t be so easy for the small creatures in your home to trigger.The soap comes in an individual plastic container, which has to be disposed once it’s empty. If it’s not refillable, I don’t want to deal with it. The bottle can be hacked to make it refillable (You can find videos on YouTube describing several different hacks.) which makes it less problematic for me. Being able to refill the bottle with my own soap would be a big plus in terms of money since refill bottles are running between $4 and $6 each. I also hate the Lysol-brand soap which reeks, and not in a good boy-this-is-killing-germs way. It’s a strong, faux orange scent that clings to your skin for hours. The other problem with the soap is that it contains Triclosan. ([…]) Now there’s no firm evidence for or against this stuff, so at this point you need to make up your own mind about it, but I’m not really sanguine about using it unless I have to.I say don’t fall for this; iy’s just another way of getting more money out of the consumer. Unless you can get the dispenser on sale and you hack the bottle to make it refillable, I don’t see that it’s worth the money you’re going to lay out on it over the course of its life.I gave it two stars because it does what it says it does. I just can’t see that it does it well or in a way that I want to support.ETA: I was right about unintentional dispensing of soap onto pets. My little cat managed to get under the dispenser in spite of my putting it where I hoped she couldn’t get close. The stuff is like glue! I had to shower her twice to get it out of her fur, and towel her down several times in between. And then it occurred to me that I didn’t know how toxic this stuff might be to cats which are notoriously sensitive little creatures. Also, Lysol itself is highly toxic to cats, and while it’s not the same thing, I wasn’t sure what the ingredient crossover was.Accordingly I called the hotline number on the bottle and got directed to their medical questions department where I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. They asked a lot of pertinent questions and did some checking, and the answer was that had she ingested a lot, it might give her some temporary gastric problems, but it wasn’t dangerous. In other words, it might make her puke or give her the runs, but it wouldn’t kill her. They gave me a case number and made sure that I knew I could call back if there were any other issues. (She’s behaving normally, so I suspect she didn’t ingest much. Just and FYI for you cat lovers out there.)I give them points for the way they handle these questions. I still don’t care for the product and it’s not going to be used again.

Avis Vero Beach, FL

Ideal Product

This is an ideal product.It’s the perfect size and doesn’t take up much space. I searched around and the product is somewhat costly. Nonetheless, I’d certainly purchase it in the near future.

Wanda Clarksdale, MO

Good soap, dispenses a correct amount, easy to use. Ties you into lysol no touch refills

So far this system has worked very well. After priming the pump for the first time use, you get just the right amount of soap on your sponge every time by passing the sponge underneath the dispenser. Batteries are pre-installed.The included tangerine soap is very good. Longer lasting than most kitchen soaps and it cuts through grease nicely. It also seems to last longer and go further than most dish/kitchen soaps. Which is a good thing. Because per ounce the soap is pricey and you are of course tied into Lysol products. I would look up the various refills available and pricing and then decide on getting the ‘system’. One thing I am not a big fan of is anti-bacterial soap. I know many people are. And for surfaces, or our daughter’s high chair tray I am ok with. I don’t like using it as hand soap though.Overall though very impressive soap especially if you are a fan of anti-bacteria. Keep in mind when pricing the refills that the soap lasted a long time. Dispenser works well. Soap works for a vareity of kitchen jobs; both dishes and counters, etc.

Hattie Meacham, OR

It’s OK, but too pricey for me

The sensor on the no touch system works great thus far, and the berry scent isn’t too terribly strong (although I’d prefer it if it were less scented). Lysol advertises this as a system to wash hands and dishes, but really I’d stick with dishes. This soap is so harsh that after a week of regular use my knuckles are cracking. After pricing the refills I just don’t see this as being a frugal item. The soap doesn’t last long and you will be off to the store to buy more in no time. I wouldn’t buy again, and I wouldn’t recommend.

Jodie Montgomery, LA

Hand free soap dispenser that works!

Most inexpensive, hands free soap dispensers don’t work well, however, this one is the exception. I have been using this for about a month now, and am pleasantly surprised. I was worried about the dispenser going off with just the littlest movement, but you have to wave your hand right over the sensor to get the soap to come out. There is also an “on off” switch that comes in handy.I like the tangerine smell, but I think it is a bit strong and it dispenses too much soap in one squirt. I tried using this with a sponge to wash the counter off and I wouldn’t recommend using a sponge, as the soap is extremely foamy and it took many, many rinses to get the soap out of the sponge not to mention off the counter. I also don’t like that you can’t refill the soap, you have to buy a new one.Overall, I would recommend this as a hands free dispenser over others, because this one actually works, and works well.

Sofia Godwin, NC

This dish kitchen soap sucks!

Like the concept but the kitchen soap sucks! Not a lot of spuds compared to real dish washing liquid and you have to keep on resoaping your dish sponge. The hand soap system however I love, but the dish soap, nope sorry. I rather buy real dish soap.

Tori Cheshire, OR

Great for Handwashing

I have a couple of different brands of hands free soap dispensers. I have to say that I like the hands free dispenser. It is convenient but it’s also just plain neat to use. The only drawback is the cost of the refills. I will be buying refills if I can find a good deal on them. Sometimes with coupons and sales, it’s cheaper just to buy the dispenser and all each time. The cost is definitely something that you have to keep in mind with these. Regular dish liquid is so cheap in comparison.I really appreciated the hands free operation of the dispenser when I was washing my hands while they were dirty with food, especially raw meat. But I didn’t really think it was necessary to use with just routine dishwashing. I didn’t like the consistency of the soap for dishwashing. It was a thin consistency and not real foamy so I didn’t think it worked as well on dishes as it did my hands. While I really like hands free operation dispensers and the foaming dispensers, with both, the soap has really been thinned down to go through the dispensers. So we are really paying for the convenience and not the product. I think that’s the main push of foaming products, we are paying more for less product and all we get is a cool, foaming pump out of it. The same goes for the hands free ones.Overall, aside from the expense, I really like having a hands free dispenser when I’ve been preparing meat and such. I’ll probably keep one around just for that but for regular everyday dish washing, I’ll probably stick to regular dish liquid and containers.

Ora Arco, ID

Works great!

I love this soap dispenser. Just pass your hand in front of the small window and out comes the soap. And I mean a lot of soap. That’s the only thing negative I can say about this dispenser. It will need to be refilled quite often because it puts out so much soap. About half of what it dispenses would be plenty. Other than that, I can’t say anything but good about this dispenser. I got the tangerine scent which is nice. This unit sits right on the edge of my sink and is super handy. No need to touch anything with your germy hands. It’s great and so much cheaper than others on the market. I’m glad I got this!

Melva Arthur, IL

Neat little dispenser – soap smells like orange soda

I love the idea of a touch-free soap dispenser. Really smart technology in a small, affordable package. The set up time was really quick – except for the ordeal of getting it out of the hard-to-cut-could-slice-your-hand-off-plastic packaging (really tough!) It even came with the batteries installed – neat.The soap container only goes in one way so you can’t mess that up either. All in all, it went together with no problems.In practice, it dispenses a small amount of soap onto your sponge or hand with a delightful little mechanical whirr. The soap foams up and cleans greasy hands or pots and pans well. Of course, the Lysol brand name means it also takes care of germs and other nasties while it cleans. I like that too.The dispenser size is just right for sink-side and so far, it has worked just fine – a good purchase and I recommend it for anyone who is tired of fighting with water-logged bar soap or hard-to-pump manual containers.One complaint / comment – the soap smells like orange soda. My wife mentioned it first and for her to notice such things, it has to be a really strong smell. I am not sure if they have a better scent (I recommend a “no scent” variety) but that’s really the only nit to pick.Quick – update – I saw this on the shelf of my local super market. They have refills in different scents. All of which are better than Orange Nehi!

Michell Toone, TN

Love it

Love the hands free dispensers for the bathroom. This is just an amazing thing with the dish washing liquid. Perfect for siting on the sink and being able to quickly get some soap to wash dishes and it even is okay to wash your hands. Love it.

Bonita Pacific Grove, CA

A useful, unique gadget!

I love gadgets! The “Lysol No Touch System” falls into this category. I did not include “kitchen”, as I will be using this in the adult guest bathroom, and I already have a soap dispenser (filled with Dawn) built into my kitchen sink. After inserting the bottle into the base (instructions do not show matching up the bumps and sensor) we were in business! Ours is the tangerine scent which is a nice clean citrus smell. Can’t wait to try the others. I am not that concerned about the chemical factor, as practically everything else anti-bacterial is in that same category! I have not noticed the product drying out my skin anymore than others. We haven’t had to replace the bottle (may have to shop around for best price), or batteries yet…still new! Unfortunately, I am only giving the No Touch System 4 stars because of the inability to use other liquids/cleaners in the Lysol dispenser bottle, though I do like Lysol products overall! (Grew up with the original Lysol cleaner, so it’s like “comfort food” for a clean house!)

Sue Everton, AR

Pretty Cool Product…battery life?

Only time will tell on the battery life of this gadget, however it is pretty cool. You put it on the counter, turn it on, and when you place your hand under the dispenser, an adequate amount of soap comes out. I’ve been turning it on and off when we’re not home to help on the batery life. I was also worried that any kind of motion around it might cause it to squirt out soap. However, it seems like you have to make a serious intent to get soap, so I think it’s okay. Downside is this is another gizmo to have on your counter, however if you have kids and this gets them excited enough to wash their hands more often…it’s worth the investment.

Reba Babylon, NY

attactive automatic soap dispenser

The Lysol No Touch system does exactly as it promises.The dispenser sits on the edge of your kitchen sink an will dispense approximately .25 oz of dish detergent into a dish, pot or your hand. The reach is a litle better than the similar unit Lysol sells for hand soap, and in my opinion, looks more attractive.The package comes with batteries and detergent, so everything you need is in one package.Update: Lysol sells a refill bottle, but I have found that with a little coaxing, you can pry the cap off the original bottle and refill it with any liquid dishwashing detergent.

Barbara Milpitas, CA

easy extra help

Nicely designed and easy to use kitchen or bathroom product. This nifty little product comes with three AA batteries and works well as described.There are several different refills available and all claim to have moisturizers added for hand care.One caveat: there is quite a difference in pricing for the refills. Some offer 2 pack or 4 pack quantities and are offered through Prime while other offers included only one refill and a huge shipping fee. The four pack pricing with Prime seemed like the best option although about $6.00 for 8.5 ounces of soap is still pretty expensive. I have usually refilled the hand dispensers at home with anti-bacterial dish soap which runs $2.00-3.00 for a 20 oz bottle. Unfortunately the Lysol dispensers are not refillable and the dispenser itself is proprietary to this product.So good product but the soap gets expensive.

Kellie Springboro, OH