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Lysol No-Touch Automatic Hand Soap, Hydrating Cucumber & Watermelon, 1 Refill, 8.5 Ounce

LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System helps eliminate the millions of germs that your hands can pick up each day! It automatically senses hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap. Handwashing is one of the most important steps you and your children can take to help you stay healthy and with the LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System, you and your family will never have to touch a germy soap pump again. What’s more, the system’s antibacterial hand soap kills 99.9% of bacteria on hands* — so it’s ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom. The starter kit includes a dispenser, one hand soap refill, and four AA batteries. When you use the LYSOL Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System, you’ll know you’re helping your family by fostering proper and effective handwashing to help prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial hand soap refills for the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System are enriched with moisturizing ingredients and available in four great scents: Refreshing Grapefruit Essence (Refill only) Soothing Cucumber Splash Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with Moisturizers Antibacterial Total Care

Key features

  • Never touch a germy soap pump again
  • Helps stop the spread of bacteria
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Automatically senses your hands under the nozzle
  • Dispenses just the right amount of soap

Honest reviews


Nice scent and works great, but a little pricey

I like this hand soap and the automatic, no touch dispenser. The cucumber splash has a very nice, fresh scent that is not overpowering, and the soap cleans and disinfects well. I do think that the dispenser provides more soap than is really needed though. Because of this, you will go through a refill bottle pretty quickly. My two suggestions: 1. Have some type of adjustment on the dispenser to allow how much soap you want it to release, and 2. Allow for refillable bottles. The second is a biggie, as far as I’m concerned. As I mentioned, you will go through these pretty quickly and they are a little pricey; plus, this is just another plastic bottle that goes into the trash. A refillable container and a large size bottle of refillable soap would do the trick.

Gwen Salisbury, MO

Great Hand Soap

I love the scent of this hand liquid soap. I did not feel any dryness on my hands. Would recommend this product.

Nan Salford, PA

Good hand soap

Good soap, fits our no-touch machine perfectly. The soap leathers well and smells fresh and clean. The soap is not drying and leaves my skin soft.

Mable Williams, OR


TOXIC please pay attention to the ingredients in the things you buy. This is chemical filled unnecessary nonsense. Not to mention plastic is bad for the environment and our drinking water on top of the fact that the contents of this soap are bad enough by themselves.

Lula Middleville, NJ


bought for my mom to give to her with the station. works great. not too much comes out at once so little kids, like my nephews, don’t waste the soap. I will take the one persons advice and drill a hole into one or both of them and refill with other liquid soaps. ty!

Bertie Nikolski, AK

I didn’t care for this scent

Love the soap refills for the Lysol Healthy Touch Soap dispenser, but I did not like this smell. I prefer the vanilla.

Coleen Floyd, VA

Love it

This soap is great! First it’s antibacterial (which a lot of hand soaps aren’t), it smells awesome, and we recently replaced all soap dispensers in our house with the Lysol automatic ones, so I love that they have this option. As a bonus, it’s available through subscribe and save, so I don’t have to worry about running out! You can also pop the lid off and refill if you prefer.

Doretha Patrick Afb, FL

Favorite scent and thickness

The white soap is too thin and the clear one doesn’t smell as good. The cucumber is our favorite by far. It’s got a a great fresh scent, not in the least bit flowery or overbearing. It doesn’t smell up the whole bathroom or follow you around like a perfume. They’re a little expensive but worth it to us for the cleanliness and convenience the hands free dispenser offers.

Leola Moffat, CO

I prefer this soap due to multiple hand washings and dry skin.

This soap is very rich and non drying, It clicks in easily and the whole family uses this soap !

Karla Hillsboro, GA

Doesn’t fit

Bought the pack of 2 and what a mistake. Even though the description said it would fit my automatic dispenser, it does not. Had to punch out another hole to make it work, then leaked everywhere. Ended up buying the right kind at my local Walmart (looked the same as the ones from Amazon, but had the holes in the proper position to work). Will not purchase again from Amazon. Think sometimes the Amazon descriptions of what fits what products are false.

Renae Crowley, CO

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Refill, Aloe, 8.5-Ounce (Pack of 2)

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Refill, Aloe, 8.5-Ounce (Pack of 2) works well in my quest bathrooms, i don’t have to keep lotion in there for my guests hands.

Genevieve Mount Hope, OH

Would definitely recommend

I was a little worried that this soap would have a weird smell, but it’s actually quite nice. What really sold this for me though, was the moisturizers. It’s great to have a soap that’s not going to dry your hands out.

Heidi Addison, ME

You really burn through this soap FAST

The soap is fine…it’s soap. It cleans. However, I think that too much comes out at once and you end up wasting a lot of soap. Also, it should be refillable, as it is an incredible waste of plastic and packaging to keep buying a new one every couple of weeks. I live in rural Kansas so we literally have to drive our recyclables to "The City" when we go…about 115 miles away. Guess how much recycling we ACTUALLY get done? Hence the gripe about the packaging.

Melba Anita, PA

Works great

It does what its supposed to do. Very easy to use and the smell is okay. I would buy it again.

Elsa Glen Ellen, CA

Smells good

Nice scent. Leaves hands clean. Not much else to say. I do wish you could adjust the amount of soap is dispensed. I would not go through these as quickly. I supposed that’s the way Lysol wants it.

Lucinda Wakarusa, IN

Nice mild scent, does a great job cleaning

This has a nice mild scent and does a wonderful job at cleaning the hands. I like the fact that neither my daughter or I have to worry about fiddling with a pump. My daughter was able to use this when she was about 2 1/2 or 3 years old, when she washed her hands and had trouble with the pump.

Meagan Husser, LA

Great Value and Scent

This was my first Lysol hand soap purchase and I am very pleased. The fragrance is light yet pleasant enough to use in both the kitchen and bathroom. Great neutral fragrance that can be used by both men and women. Just the right amount of "soapiness" and rinses well. Will purchase again.

Cathleen Bristol, IN

My favorite scent so far for the non-kitchen dispenser.

I am quite fragrance sensitive and most of the varieties of hand soap for both the Lysol hand washing system and the kitchen system are too heavy in fragrance for my taste. However, since I’ve invested in both systems, I’m trying to make do and find refills that I can tolerate. So far, this aloe vera is my favorite for the hand washing (non-kitchen) dispenser.Its texture is very pleasant–a creamy lotion-type soap vs. a gel. It feels great on the hands, silky and smooth. It does not irritate my skin.Its scent is the least offensive (to me) of the ones I’ve tried thus far. It DOES have a scent, but over time it doesn’t bother me like some of the others (in contrast, Total Care is the absolute WORST of the lot, fragrance-wise, that I’ve tried so far–medicinal and hugely off-putting).I have just put in an Amazon subscription order to receive the aloe vera refill on an ongoing basis…that is as much of an endorsement as I can give any of the refills.

Christa Aguada, PR

Love the Convenience and Sanitary hands.

With all the viruses and whatever else is out there. To have something that is recyclable and also good for my hands. Not drying at all to my hands.

Elnora Trumansburg, NY

Smells great!

I recently bought the dispenser for my 5 year old who loves it. This system encourages him to wash his hands more! This scent is light, clean, and fresh. It is not overpowering at all and is not drying to the hands. ++++ for Lysol!

Graciela Wooldridge, MO