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Lure Steam Facial Hydration System Model No. 1936

This functional and stylish facial hydration system from Lure is a wide facial mask that uses gentle steam to open clogged pores and rejuvenate skin. Its ergonomically designed mask contours the shape of your face perfectly. It includes a measuring cup and On/Off switch with indicator light making it easy to use.

Key features

  • Professional grade
  • Made in the US
  • Gentle on skin and hair

Honest reviews



Didn’t even last one time use. The thing is clearly cheap; stopping working and would not turn on after that. Would not ever re-purchase or recommend. Save your money and boil a pot of water on the stove and shove your face on that- its more reliable than this piece of junk.

Trudy Brush Creek, TN


I am very pleased with this purchase. The product is light weight, very easy to set up and break down after use and simple. The simplicity of this product, however, does not affect its effectiveness. With just one measurement of water (from the cup provided), this facial hydration system directs ample heat/steam to your entire face. It does take a couple of minutes to heat but once the machine gets going, it does a phenomenal job. Some people complain that the cup is not deep enough but I think the depth is okay. The idea is not to burn your face but to get enough heat/steam from a safe enough distance.

Rosalind Delmar, MD


With the hood it is absolutely useless, however, when I removed the hood and just used the little heating pot it works well enough. I was hoping for a more focused full facial steam, though.

Kaitlyn Hackett, AR

Not so great

It’s just okay. It doesn’t produce a LOT of steam and it wasn’t very hot steam either. I prefer the old fashioned method of boiling a pot of water, dumping it in the sink and covering your head with a towel. It works much better that way, but I wanted something simpler and portable, that’s why I tried this product. I’m also not comfortable that I’m putting my face so near boiling water…I don’t know if you’re supposed to leave the machine on or not while using it, doesn’t seem safe though. I can just imagine for some crazy reason that the water explodes on my face and having to go to the ER for 2nd or 3rd degree burns. It’s scary so I let it boil, and then turn it off, and then use it. I probably won’t use it very much though since it doesn’t work well.I wouldn’t highly recommend it, I don’t think it’s worth 20 bucks whatsoever. I think it would be beneficial for breathing therapy though and maybe if you want some extra hydration but as for opening pores-not so much.

Madelyn Matteson, IL

Good product

This is the first steamer I’ve ever used at home. It does the job well, as I get a spa-quality amount of steam that is great for opening pores. It is a little light, so I worry about it’s stability and spilling hot water all over myself, but the base is wide and I just might be paranoid. It heats up quickly and is easy to store when done.

Sheila Cuba, IL


I like this product. It is so convenient. I’m so done with standing over a pot of hot water and counting the minutes to just get off. With this, I get to lie down in front of the T.V, while steaming my face. Great product.

Lora Pittsville, VA

East to use, easy to clean

As long as you have it set on something stable, this thing is fool proof. There’s no nooks or crannies for the water to fall into, just a tiny little bowl for a reservoir, so it’s super easy to clean. Great value.

Meagan Bland, VA

Oh, you’re looking? Here it is.

This thing is really easy to use and works well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a facial hydration system.

Colette Clyde, KS

Does the job! Though it will burn your face …

Does the job ! Though it will burn your face if you get close to it!

Dora Stratford, CT