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Lu La Bath Brush – Articulated Handle w/ Replaceable Nylon Brush Head

This brush is a long 23 inches. But even though its long it’s very easy to use thanks to its patented folding design. It folds in half for storage, opens to a useful 90 degrees to wash your neck, further opens another 45 degrees to help you wash your back and then extends to a full 180 degrees to help you reach your feet. Thanks to its unique locking system the upper neck locks into place at every stop so you can really use some pressure when bathing. You can also remove the brush face to wash the cleaning surface or just use the head by itself without the brush handle. So many uses in one brush! Package includes 1 handle and 1 nylon brush head. Save money by just replacing the head for much less than buying another bath brush of another brand. The brush handle is also available with a soft sponge head instead of the brush. Extra heads also available online. Lifetime warranty against handle failure direct from the manufacturer, MonyUSA. Warranty applies to brushes sold on Amazon by MonyUSA and those shipped by Amazon. Also available as a gift set with a full set of heads.

Key features

  • Lifetime Warranty on the handle against breaking
  • Soft Nylon Bristle Brush
  • Bends to different angles
  • Folds in half for storage
  • 23 inches long

Honest reviews



Basically it comes down to being to costly for what it does. You can find a foot brush in the dollar store. With this, if you want it to do more, you have to buy additional items.

Wilda Scandinavia, WI


This is a good back brush. It has rubber dealios as well. You push a button and adjust at the same time to several different positions. Good for back and other hard to reach places. Would be helpful for those with diminished arm, shoulder and handstrength. I like it!

Irene Black, AL

UPDATED REVIEW – loses a star

PROS:The handle is long and well-articulated. The positions are excellent for reaching those hard-to-reach place. The brush size is good. The product is sturdy and seems like it will hold up over time. The locking positions are solid and the brush is well-attached to the handle. When completely folded it is nice and compact for storage. (SEE UPDATED INFO BELOW)CONS:The brush is too soft. It is soft enough for use on a baby. Most people shopping for a bath brush are hoping for the ability to scrub a little; otherwise we’d be purchasing a sponge.The grips on the handle are insufficient. Once wet, particularly if your hands are soapy at all, the brush can spin in your hand. When you’re already fighting a too-soft brush, it can be quite frustrating. It looks like the grip is rubber, but it is also hard plastic and the nubs are very, very small. For some areas I find myself giving up on the handle and just holding the brush head. This defeats the purpose.A minor “con,” the loop on the end is very small. If you have a detachable shower head you can remove it to hang the brush from your shower head holder, but otherwise you’ll need a hook somewhere in the shower if you plan to keep it in there.UPDATE:I have to remove a star and take away some of the credit from the “PRO” description. The locking mechanism for the handle seems to be much weaker than anticipated. Because the brush is SO fine and SO soft, it requires a bit of pressure to work. The locking mechanism for the arm broke under pressure. Not HUGE pressure, just enough to create any sensation of the brush being on your body. I think the fact that the brush is so fine the entire thing because fatally flawed. It’s more for people who want to gently whisper cleanliness across their skin. Those who want a brush to do what a brush is supposed to do will be disappointed. It was a strange design choice, but alas, this is the choice they made.

Etta Santa Elena, TX

Love this just wish there was a sponge stick with a permanent head!

Really love that this sponge comes with an extended arm. I have trouble with arthritis and really need to be able to use this for all areas to keep clean. Too much info I know but it is a great tool. I just wish the stick came with the sponge glued on. After use it does start to tear away but I bought several head replacements to counter this. I like that I can fit a variety of sponge types on this handle but again, the sponge head tends to get torn from the base after a few uses. I would love to have a more secure and permanent sponge on a stick with this length but I am not able to find anything. This works for the time being and is easy to clean and attach other sponge types as needed.

Bernice Derry, PA

Okay Bath Brush

The bath brush is nice and long, but my mother said the piece in the middle that sticks out some, prevents her from cleaning back without it getting in the way. I thought maybe I could twist around, but not!

Charity Leoma, TN