LTop eyelash 10 Pairs of Reusable Natural and Regular Long False Eyelashes

eyelash 10 Pairs of Reusable Natural and Regular Long False Eyelashes

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okay product

it’s cheap compare to other eyelashes that are out there, but it’s not very natural looking when I use it.

Jacqueline Farmington, UT

Natural eyelashes

I’m quit surprised by these, I don’t like the real big gaudy eyelashes I like natural and these are perfect. I have smaller eyes so I do have to cut them down as these are pretty long, which is good for others is they have larger eyes. Easy to use I don’t reuse them so I can’t say how they hold up 2nd use but I love them.

Tori Lilly, PA

Great lashes

I love to wear eyelashes. This product makes it easy for me to wear them everyday. They were also a great price. Even my grandmother puts them on now.

Sophie Dundee, IA


Don’t waste your time on these. They looked curved because stickers are holding them in place but they are really straight. They don’t conform to your eyelid at all. They are cheaply made and there is almost no place for glue to stick to.

Melisa Albin, WY

Looks Beautiful!

They are long a gorgeous. I can wear them without make up they look so natural. You can’t tell they are fake, but they have so much length!! great buy!

Luisa Centerbrook, CT

So Comfortable and Pretty

The band is clear and bends easily. The volume is just a step lighter than my Red Cherry #80 and my Ardell 105. They hold mascara really well if you want to build them up.They are so light weight I forgot I had them on.A full eight hours later and still comfy. The clear band blends so easily. I love eyelashes with clear bands so this was a bonus. I plan on ordering more 🙂

Leigh Chester, CA

So Pretty!! NATURAL look

I Love these! They are perfect for someone with short eyelashes, they make them long and gorgeous! They are so natural looking not one person was able to tell they were fake! They are very light on your eyelids too. The price is amazing, shipping super fast, and I would definately recommend! They are a bit hard to put on due to the featherweight of them but with much practice they’ll look great!

Callie Honey Brook, PA

Love Love Love

So I bought these and they are so great! They don’t have the dark line like eyeliner…..and for me I like that,. I bought the clear glue strips and they stay on. I like making my own liner on my eyes and I don’t look like a hooker. (ooops I didn’t say that)

Willie Kings Bay, GA


Buying these was pointless; you cant even use them. They don’t bend to form your eyelid when you try to put them on. This was a waste and wouldn’t recommend these to anyone!!

Candice Runnemede, NJ

Not bad

They came in on time, which I was a bit surprised about because of there being some reviews from people who never got them or got them very late. As for the lashes, they’re okay. For the price, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. The band and the lashes are really soft, which is something I have to get used to. I’m used to more dramatic lashes with a stiffer band. Some of the eyelashes were a bit bent out of shape, but a little mist with water fixed that. My biggest problem is that they don’t really look natural on me because my real eyelashes are thicker than these. However, they are still very pretty lashes that I intend to use for daytime occasions (but I don’t use falsies on a regular basis).

Greta Call, TX

I got the wrong ones.

I ordered the natural lashes and got a set of crisscross dramatic ones. they were pretty but more difficult to apply and not what I was looking for. But they are still good.

Charlotte Thurston, OR

I really enjoy these lashes.

Very natural looking, though honestly ‘natural’ is not a thing I look for from my falsies. Just so long as they look good.To the person who said they don’t hold a shape. No, they do not. But your eyes do. Pull the falsies until they are curving to the shape of your eye. Pretty simple. Or cut them to be demi lashes.Amazing value!

Jasmin Lando, SC

Length of actual lash base a bit long for my liking

These are made quite long, so I have to chop them off on both ends – I wouldn’t mind, but the eye lashes aren’t tapered by the time I’m done, making the eyelashes look fake. I tried to cut a tapered edge, but then it looks weird. Great for the price you pay, but I probably won’t be buying this kind again due to the width of the actual lash base.

Lindsay Paradise, MI


Very beautiful! They do take a while to get but for that price and especially how lovely they look they are worth it.

Kara Winnsboro, TX


VERY thin,but on lazy days I just throw them over my normal lashes & pack on some mascara & it makes a great,simple,beautiful look of full lashes

Jessica Burkeville, TX


I just received them and they are better than what I expected………for me. . I am new to the false eyelashes so I am NO expert. I bought them with the intention of using them for practice only BUT I was shocked to find that they are sooooo natural looking that I WILL be wearing them daily. I have a pair of $10.00 lashes that I haven’t worn yet because they are very bold and dramatic and I haven’t gotten up the nerve. But these……..10 pair for less than $2.00?????? They are NOT dramatic,they are very natural looking. I could wear these anytime and they will blend in with my own lashes and just enhance them, not look like I am on stage. This is what I wanted. I don’t want to look like I am wearing lashes but I believe I won’t need eyeliner with these. They are just perfect for me. I am going to order a few more right now before they raise the price once everyone tries them and raves about them. Really happy with these NAILS GAGA 10 Pairs of Reusable Natural and Regular Long False Eyelashes.

Kay Seth, WV

I will keep them

I bought them to add to my own lashes for an everyday look but they are too thin and super long while my own are medium length and thick. I doubled them together but I am going to have to trim the length down a little bit. They were supposed to come sometime between May 5 and May something when I needed them by April 25. Luckily they reached April 24. I don’t know if I would recommend but if you do order, you have plenty of lashes to make mistakes with lol

Colette South Windsor, CT

10 Pairs of Reusable Natural and Regular Long False Eyelashes

I really like these, they are wispy, not very thick but still thicker than my real lashes. They fit 97% of my eyelid which is perfect for me. They are the closest looking to real lashes, and can be built up just like real lashes with a few coats of mascara…. however they are a bit fragile….if you are gentile with them you can re-wear them.

Felecia Central City, NE


The lashes are very natural looking. If you want something that is natural looking but also enhances your lashes at the same time, they are the ones to go to!

Sally Wellford, SC


so cheap bought two types to try but started breaking out around my eyes every time i wore them. Had to toss them all. Not sure whats in them.

Ana Ardmore, AL

Take It From A Pro!!!!!

Beautiful, Top Quality, Threaded For A More Natural Appearance !!!!!!I am a pro makeup artist and will order these again and again

Noelle Perry, LA

pretty thin, good for everyday

they look really natural so if you’re looking for everyday lashes they’re perfect! now if you’re looking for something more dramatic these are not for you!

Celeste East Windsor, CT

Perfect for every eye shape!

These have very long bands for those of us with large eyes who can’t get the standard ones to fit corner to corner. They are so pretty and you get soooo many of them! I can’t figure out why anyone would purchase any of the eyelashes at a store-you get 10 pair of these for the price of one pair from a store!

Denice Bethany, MO


These are great and looks very natural. It’s a great bargain and I will definitely buy these again. I can also reuse each pair a few times.

Tina Darrington, WA

Great value.

These are a great value. They aren’t the greatest quality but they look nice and go on easily. I recommend them.

Louisa Watertown, OH

natural looking

double stack these and you get the best natural looking lashes ever! great price and no one will know theyre fake!

Elba New Church, VA

Natural lashes

These lashes are natural looking and they are inexpensive. These are a MUST BUY if you are looking for natural lashes. The only problem I had was it took a little longer to get to me; even though it comes from China ( I believe) I ordered these lashes with some other things that came from China and I got those before I received these. But I do love them!!!!

Dona Shelly, MN

for the price not bad

exactly as i stated in the tittle. the band itself is long and a clear plastic. they take some manipulation but with a good eyeliner base and good glue to slick these bad boys down they will work. just keep in mind these are rather LONG.

Luisa Gooding, ID

make those eyes pop!!!

just the right size for a person who wears glasses. Curls easily, light weight. Look very natural. I reused these .

Iris Panora, IA