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Loves Baby Soft By Mem For Women. Cologne Spray 1.75-Ounce

Loves Baby Soft by Dana for Women – 2.3 oz Cologne Spray

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  • Loves Baby Soft by Dana for Women – 2.3 oz Cologne Spray
  • Loves Baby Soft by Dana for Women

Honest reviews


The Nostalgic Factor…

I remember receiving this cologne spray as a gift for either my birthday or Christmas while I was still attending elementary school. I remember liking it a lot at the time…… Now that I am an adult and my tastes have changed, I am wearing more “mature” fragrances. I wouldn’t wear this fragrance now, but have fond memories of wearing it as a girl.This fragrance is perfect for a young girl between the ages of 9-13 who wants to wear perfume…. A great starter perfume if you will.

Yolanda Penn Laird, VA

Inexpensive perfume with a soft powdery fragrance

When you first spray on some of this perfume it almost has a floral fragrance. But give it a few minutes and it turns warm and powdery. You can’t help but feel cozy when wearing this fragrance. You can spray it all over to make your skin smell like fresh soap. This is one of the perfumes my husband doesn’t complain about when I wear it. He thinks everything else I use is too strong. So this might be a good option if you usually get headaches from other perfumes.~The Rebecca Review

Reba Goshen, CT

Fresh and lovely nostalgia!

Love’s Baby Soft by Dana has been an off-and-on favorite of mine for many, many years. It’s clean, soft, fresh and gives you that just stepped from the shower feeling any time of year.So many women I know have loved this scent since our teens! It makes a wonderful little gift, usually received with a nostalgic “Oh! I always LOVED this stuff!” when unwrapped.Why not buy one for yourself and remember why you always loved it, too?

Sonja Butte City, CA

Baby Soft

Love the light scent! I, too, wore this fragrance in high school. I am a Philosophy, AMAZING GRACE, girl……but, sometimes I like to mix it up with a scent that is just as light and natural….LOVES BABY SOFT is a perfect alternative. It’s not easy to find so I’m glad Amazon carries it.

Rosa Calumet, MN

Loved since I was a child…

This is a wonderful, light scent that is still relevant and ideal today. It is good for the younger crowd and is not obsolete with the older crowd.

Beth Lanesboro, IA

Love’s Baby Soft

I used this when I was in high school over 20 years ago. I loved the smell then and I still do. It makes you smell good, but isn’t overwhelming. It is a very feminine teen fragrance. I bought this for my daughter to use, and she loves it too!

Brittney Beresford, SD