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Lovely Vintage Jewelry Crystal Butterfly Hairpins Hair stick – for hair Beauty Tools


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Too Heavy

This is just heavy. I have to use bobby pins in order to keep it in place. It would be perfect other than that. It is lovely!

Sharon Shoup, ID

Hair pin

Very beautiful inexpensive makes a great conversation piece . But it’s a bit heavy for the hair, tends to slide out must pin hair to help hold in, but it’s worth it, I got more than one! Love them

Darcy Stockton, MO

Hair Clip

This is just lovely wished I had bought two. I usually buy in pairs but have since ordered more for myself and my sister. These clips are just beautiful and this seller has prompt delivery. thank yoy. I will order again.

Adrienne Jackson Heights, NY


This is really a nice hair clip. It is heavier than I thought & the detail is absolutely beautiful.I’ve looked around for a pretty clip but couldn’t find just what I was searching for in stores so took a chance on this one.It is long as the palm of my hand end to end. Looks great in my hair & is well made.Don’t let the price fool you here, this clip really is well made, a nice size & looks adorable on.

Myrna Elliott, IA

So Pretty

This is large hair clip and I love it. I have received many compliments about it because it is just gorgeous. Totally worth it in my opinion. I greatly enjoy it.

Jayne Mc Coy, VA

very pretty daughter loves it

for the price great deal it is made out of metal seams well built only it is a little heavy daughters have long thick hair don’t know if it would work for someone with thin hair I think there are prettier in real life then the pics

Mable Independence, KY

So Beautiful . . . .

This clip is so super beautiful. It took over a month to get it, but it a pretty big size, clips closed well and is gorgeous! I love the charm that comes down, as well.

Billie Califon, NJ


This is a great clip – it holds my fine, waist-length hair up off my neck perfectly. It’s a little heavier than I would like, but since it holds my hair so well, that’s not a huge problem.

Christian La Veta, CO


Love it!!! Its beautiful!!Thank you so much. I’ve already wore it & enjoyed it. Have a great day!! God Bless

Francesca Ogden, UT

Love it!

I love this hair pin. It’s gorgeous it really is worth the money. I would love to get more in many different colors. Do get this item.

Eula Victor, MT

Colors are off

This just came. What I wanted was a true red hair pin. The gems on the butterfly are red(ish), but the gems on the rest of the pin are pink. It won’t work for me at all. Fortunately, it was inexpensive enough that I won’t feel too bad donating it to the secondhand store.

Robbie Etowah, AR

not got

I only got the hair piece and you got your money,but I have never got any thing else I ordered..I want it please

Ramona Little Falls, NJ

Arrived broken

The item I ordered is not the one pictured here, the photo has been changed since I placed my order. In any case, I have a few things to say about this item. I ordered a red hair clip, the one I received is the pink version to it. Which, by itself, isn’t much to complain about. The original item was supposed to have two hanging pieces/chains, mine came with only one, the other one is missing and a piece of chain was found in the envelope it came in. The part by the hinge that you have to squeeze to open it was bent and would not open or close properly, and a piece by the hinge was broken off (as in, missing), and a rhinestone was actually missing. Usually, these clips come packaged in bubble wrap envelopes, but this one was just placed in a tiny envelope and shipped, and this is the first time I have ever received one of these hair clips that wasn’t in great condition. I am definitely disappointed. I guess the damage must have occurred during the shipping process, due to the lack of protection/padding. To sum up, it was broken in several places, it was the wrong colour, and it would not open/close properly.

Julie Jeffersonton, VA

Very Pretty Piece

Very pretty and well made piece. Has an old fashioned look to it, like it would have been worn in another time. I can see a flapper with a bob wearing this to hold her hair back. A little too formal for everyday wear though.

Lynn Carmen, OK


This is very pretty, I think it’s even prettier in person. Definitely worth the money. I purchased it in several colors.

Connie Spanish Fork, UT

Seems good so far

The item I received is actually different from what is pictured. The picture shows a double-prong clamp and the one I received from BUY in House is single-pronged. I have a lot of hair and specifically chose one that was double-pronged because I felt it would hold better, so I am a bit disappointed by this. That said, the one I received seems to work okay and it would cost me more to ship it back to China than I spent on it in the first place. It’s very pretty and feels sturdy. I removed the dangly thing, because I didn’t want it getting tangled in my hair. The dangly thing actually broke while I was trying to take it off, so I don’t think it would have lasted very long, anyway.I put my hair up in a loose bun and then clip it from the side. The clip is only big enough to clip about half of the bun, but it is tight and sturdy enough to hold in place all day. My hair is so long and heavy that ponytails were painful, so this has provided me with a very viable option for getting my hair up and out of my face quickly and painlessly.

Lucia Sun City Center, FL

Very pretty and sturdy

This lovely hair clip is strong and very heavy duty. Every time I wear this one, I get a lot of compliments. Very sturdy and pretty this hair clip is strong and is made with love and care. I’d recommend this seller to anyone who asks.

Christine Rico, CO


I waited 3-4 weeks for this to arrive because it is imported. It is so well made and just so pretty. I am very happy with it, and will most likely buy more.

Bettye Earling, IA


Thought this was very pretty. This one was requested and I thought it was a good choice. Loved the color of it and hope it lasts, haven’t heard yet.

Maryellen Erick, OK