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Love Potion®: Sugared Honeycomb ~ 1/3 fl.oz. Concentrated Perfume Oil

Verrrrrry sexy! The scent of rich and thick late-summer honeycomb, mixed with our delicious blend of 5 sugars. Honey fans know that this particular type of honey smells very similar to the scent of “female musk”. You must be daring to wear this scent, as it truly smells like “sex” and drives most men totally bonkers. Keep in mind, this is an earthy, down and dirty sexual smell. Mess up your hair, and wear a lingerie top or an oversized man’s button down instead of a shirt. Look like you just got out of bed and can’t wait to get back in…and the effect will be complete. We’ve crafted this perfume to be a “layerable” scent. You will love wearing it on it’s own, but you can also add it to a compatible perfume to “sex it up”. Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment. SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. Concentrated perfume oil, packaged in a 1/3 fl.oz. glass roll-on bottle. More options (such as trial sizes, cologne sprays and pheromone additions) available on our website, RETURN POLICY: We regret that we cannot accept returns on fragrance and beauty care items. Federal law dictates that we have to destroy all returned items. As a small, artisan perfumerie we cannot absorb the cost associated with destroying product. We do understand how challenging it can be to purchase fragranced items without smelling them first, therefore we offer trial sizes on our website. Trial sizes are a great way to test before you invest in full bottles. Also, we encourage customers to join in our lively and friendly message boards where members can buy, sell and swap with other members. Thank you for your understanding.

Key features

  • One of the sexiest scents on earth…The aroma of rich and thick late-summer honeycomb, mixed with our delicious blend of 5 sugars.
  • Love Potion® Fragrances: The Original Magickal Perfumerie! Trusted and Respected since 1986. Handcrafted in micro-brewed small batches.
  • Packaged in a lovely organza pouch, ready for gift giving! Free samples with every order!
  • Love Potion® Perfumes featured in IN TOUCH and NEW AGE RETAILER magazines!

Honest reviews


Smells nice….when I can smell it.

I decided to give this product a try since it had so many great reviews. However, I was a little disappointed in the size of the bottle and the strength of the scent. Granted, I don’t want to attract bees with it’s sweet smell, but I hoped it would be a little stronger. It does have a sweet honey scent, when I can smell it. I used the product as directed on the instructions (thank you for that!) but the scent still seems shallow. I will continue to use it as directed and see if anyone can pick up the smell. On a positive note, adding sample perfumes really works. I would like to try one of the perfumes with the pheromones. We shall see.

Janna Traer, IA

Sugared Honeycomb

Sugared Honeycomb is a great layer able scent. It’s extremely sexy. Smells just likes dripping sweet, syrupy honey but settles into an almost floral skin scent. It’s a must have for your perfume collection.

Jami Popejoy, IA

Wonderful Honey Scent

This is a wonderful honey scent–full and rich. Great longevity. Layers wonderfully with other perfumes as well. Has become a go to favorite. Highly recommended.

Jaclyn Orangeburg, NY

Sweet Indulgence!

Honey… I love ALL things honey and Sugared Honeycomb will not disappoint you if you love the sweet, sexy, sticky goodness of the precious golden treasures of the hive. Honey is thought by many to be one of the sexiest scents there is. I share that belief! This is so absurdly rich and indulgent. Honey is amazing on its own, OR you can use it to layer with other scents. As far as I am concerned, everything goes better with honey. Mara Fox serves up a beautifully rendered version of it too, so that it comes off smelling natural, not plasticky as many commercial honey interpretations can. Another plus is I love dealing with a small, artisinal business where things are crafted with attention and all of the TLC that Mara puts into each and every aspect of her business. I can not praise the perfumes or the service enough.

Kristen Grants Pass, OR

A refined powdered honey!

This is a great ‘go to’ honey scent. I love the refined, delicate sexy feel I get when wearing this. It’s also a great scent to layer with other fragrances when you want to add a sensual, sexy spin.Sugared Honeycomb is a great starter honey scent for those who are new to the whole idea of Honey perfume.

Geneva Flushing, OH


This is the most delicious honey fragrance known to man! I love this. It is my favorite. Everytime I wear it I get compliments! It really melds with my skin chemistry really well. It smells like powder and honey, but it is so bright, fresh, and juicy! It is like some kind of ripe fruit except it is not fruit. This is truly a mouth watering fragrance. It will remind you of sex, but don’t be put off by it. It is such a wonderful scent.

Cassie Elkton, TN

sweet, sexy honey

I wear this on days that I don’t feel like wearing perfume. It is my imagined “skin scent” perfume. I also layer it with other Love Potion perfumes anytime I want to add a honey note to what I’m wearing, and finally, I use this scent as the cover scent for unscented pheromone blends. It covers them perfectly and also blends with every other scent that I wear. Its sort of the “lingerie” of perfume — goes under everything, or by itself is super sexy.

Cortney Frontier, WY