Love Potion®: La Femme Mystere ~ UNscented Pheromone Blend for Women – 1/3 Fl.oz.

An UNscented sexual attraction pheromone potion for women. Designed by a mysterious Tantrika in our midst who wishes to remain anonymous, La Femme Mystère is a wholly unique creation, based upon her years of experience and expertise. Her vision was to craft a blend that has a deeply feminine and voluptuously seductive air that would inspire positive feelings, deep emotions, meaningful connections, and leave a lasting, memorable, enchanting impression. Both social and sexual, this blend of seven carefully balanced ingredients evokes the “seven veils” of feminine mystery… sultry and intense…it casts a spell, greatly enhancing your sex appeal. Includes the following pheromones: Estratetraenol, DHEAS, Beta-Androstenol, Alpha-Androstenol, Epi-Androsterone, Beta-THDOC, Androstadienone. This pheromone blend has little to no odor and can be easily layered or added to your fragrance of choice. Total of 1,000 mcg per bottle, in an oil base. Packaged in a convenient glass roll-on bottle. More concentrations and formulation options available on our website, RETURN POLICY: We regret that we cannot accept returns on fragrance and beauty care items. Federal law dictates that we have to destroy all returned items. As a small, artisan perfumerie we cannot absorb the cost associated with destroying product. We do understand how challenging it can be to purchase fragranced items without smelling them first, therefore we offer trial sizes on our website. Trial sizes are a great way to test before you invest in full bottles. Also, we encourage customers to join in our lively and friendly message boards where members can buy, sell and swap with other members. Thank you for your understanding.

Key features

  • An UNscented sexual attraction pheromone blend for women with a voluptuously seductive mysterious air. Wear with your favorite scent.
  • 1/3 fl. oz. Concentrated UNscented Pheromones in an oil base. 1,000 mcg per bottle.
  • FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING to USA! Packaged in a lovely organza pouch, ready for gift giving! Free samples with every order!
  • Love Potion® Fragrances: The Original Magickal Perfumerie! Trusted and Respected since 1986.
  • Love Potion® Perfume featured in IN TOUCH magazine!

Honest reviews


Loving this!!

I wear this pheromone when I’m out and about, and it always gives me a boost of energy and confidence. I love how people want to get closer to me too. It’s like they can tell something is different about me, but they just don’t know what it is! Love this!

Ma Mountlake Terrace, WA

La Femme Mystère

La Femme Mystère gives off that “queen bee” effect on everyone around you. It makes you feel happy and carefree and is a blend that gives off great self effects and gives you that air of confidence. I have this in the spray form and find that for me to get the best self effects, I use 4 sprays, one on my torso, neck, and arms.

Alexandria Arkansas City, KS

Perfect finishing touch!

I have this in an alcohol spray, which I use over my perfume oils. I find no scent discernible from the product itself. I really love this, it adds a little something to any day, any occasion. I have found it creates friendly effects with a little awe/admiration thrown in, but not in a way that is overly scary/dominant. Like ‘I want to worship you because you are amazing’. A good scent to wear if you wish to ask someone to do something for you, of course, you may not even need to ask!

Leann Green Valley Lake, CA

Confidence Booster

This is one of my favorite pheromones because of the self effects that I get from it. When I wear it, I feel so sexy and in control of every aspect of my life. When I pair it with on of my favorite Love Potion Scents, I feel even more in control. It doesn’t take much for this Pheromone to work.

Mia Riverside, CT

Confidence in a bottle

I very much enjoy wearing La Femme Mystere, I call it my “confidence in a bottle”! When I wear it, I feel like I’m more effective in my communication,and that I’m listened to more. I feel more centered and overall efficient.I keep an extra bottle of this at work.

Autumn Ralph, MI

Makes me feel amazing!!

I’ve been using pheromones for about 4 years now, and this blend is one of the very best!! I feel so amazing when I wear it, like a goddess!! I enjoy pheromones as much for the self-effects as for the effect on others, and this one wins on both counts!! People, men and women alike, are friendly and attentive, and truly attracted to me when I wear this! I have it unscented and blended at 2x strength with a scent, and I enjoy them both.

Rebekah Lincroft, NJ

La Femme Mystere

This phero gives me a boost of confidence- makes me feel cool and mysterious. It almost makes me feel cocky if I over apply. This makes people seem fascinated by you.

Hillary Rochester, NH

One of my favorites in the Love Potion Phero line…

OK I’m new to the phero field but have quickly become a huge fan of LP Perfumes. With that being said, I have been trying several of the pheromone lines for fun, both in unscented and perfume blends. I’ve quickly become a believer in the "science" behind these, only because I do see and feel the effects on myself and others. La Femme Mystere is a great phero to use if you are like me, "new" to their use and application. It’s great combining with other scents for the workplace or in social situations where you want to exude confidence and feminity.

Dollie Bray, OK

Simply Mystifying! Can Not Say Enough!

THIS…is one amazing unscented Phero blend! I have tried many of Love Potion’ s Phero blends and speaking from my own experience, this one qualifies as something akin to magic in a bottle. I wore this one on a very special evening out and experienced the most incredible reactions from people. Male and female, social and attraction wise. I am by no means, full of myself, and this one did in no way make me feel full of myself, but I *did* experience a level of confidence and even blisffulness with this blend that gave me a much needed ego boost. I found myself VERY well received by all those I encountered and especially nice, it seemed to make those around me feel the same sort of blissfulness that I felt. I am not one who is receptive to placebo suggestion, so it is the real thing as far as I am concerned. It truly does lend an air of mystique and attraction and positive feelings. I would merely suggest that you choose a compatable scent to wear it with well. The night I am referring to, I chose a very exotic perfume to wear it with and they seemed to act as catalysts to each other’s properties. Bottom line. I KNOW this works and I hope they never discontinue it!!! LPMP has some incredible pheros, but they really knocked it out of the park with this one. Excellent!

Christy Willet, NY

Use for You and Not Necessarily for Others

Le Femme Mystere is one of those pheros that you will probably end up using more for yourself rather than the effects it has on others. When I wear this, it makes me feel confident, stand taller and feel a little sexier. It makes me feel like I am in control, relaxed and that I hold the power to sway. The feeling is all about what I can do rather than what I can make others feel and that is a powerful feeling.I’ve only seen a few small hits in terms of effects on others so I can’t say whether I think it works in that respect. However, with that said, sometimes the person who most needs to receive the effect is the person wearing it and if you are looking for something that will give you a boost, I do believe that this stuff will do just that!!

Althea Philmont, NY

My favorite

La Femme Mystere (LFM) is the first pheromone I ever tried. It was in a perfume “Goddess of the Blue Moon” that I purchased here on Amazon from Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie. This was a beautiful fragrance and I was glad to get a second bottle before it sold out.But I’m here to talk about this pheromone so let’s do it…I had done a little research on pheros before my first purchase, mostly at first for safety, some companies are pretty shady. I found this small boutique business which made excellent perfumes and sell some containing pheromone blends. I gave them a try with my first purchases through Amazon. The first thing I noticed with LFM are the “self effects”. I felt very feminine and a bit sexy,it just gave me a lift in general. All throughout the day interactions with people, store clearks,friends and my kids doctor went over well. There was just this added something..conversations lasted longer and everyone was so friendly and chatty. After a lively talk with my kids doctor we hugged ….It hit me as we left the office..I’m thinking WTH. I wondered if he thought the same thing. It felt natural at the time, but afterwards my son says “wow didn’t know you were good friends” ‘LOL, I think that’s what’s known as a “hit”‘I don’t wear pheromone products everyday but I do enjoy the self effects of LFM when I do. The social effects and reactions range from the more obvious ( as described) to more subtle. One important note on pheromones, you don’t just put a Phero on and say ok go…come get me. The pheromones accentuate, give you a boost. You have to bring something to the party.This Phero has NO odor. I believe another reviewer confused pheromones and couplins they get grouped together but are not the same thing.You can wear this unscented blend with your favourite fragrance. As with anyone New to pheromones I recommend you do your own research.Try this business’ website to get started. I find this a reliable, reputable small business with quality products. End Of Review.I do want to mention here that I don’t often review, It generally takes time I don’t have. I, among others came to show support for a small business I adore and trust. I gave my honest review and Amazon’s verified purchase. I believe everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I also believe there’s some odd activity, perhaps a competitors compulsion or someone more interested in trolling than doing their own homework. Since my original purchases here I have purchased from LOVEPOTIONMAGICKALPERFUMERIE many times. This small american business has a devoted clientele, in the US and abroad. The fact that this business has a loyal clientele speaks well for its reputation. I’d invite anyone curious to check their website and see for themselves.

Juliette Sapelo Island, GA

Cool, Calm, and Collected

The blend is really nice. It is very versatile. I recommend this for women in the workplace as it was designed, but it can also be used in social situations. I got the impression that I came across as very feminine to others, but at the same time very confident and capable. This mix will give you a lot of respect without masculinizing you. Thus it is good for work. But men still will treat you like a lady and so it is good for social situations.

Elaine Beverly Hills, CA