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Love Potion®: BLACK~ 1/3 fl.oz. Concentrated Perfume Oil

A lusciously deep and ultra sensuous Love Potion® variety, that’s dense with dark, erotic appeal. A blend of thick, rich Vanilla Bean, aged and Indonesian Patchouli resins, Honeycomb and Brown Sugar, Amber resin, and a luscious Chypre blend. Extravagantly, deliciously rich! Magical Properties: Seduction, Sexual Stimulant, Sensuality, Yearning, Attraction, Enticement, Love and Lust. Prominent Notes: Vanilla Bean, Patchouli Resin, Amber Resin, Honeycomb, Brown Sugar, Chypre. Concentrated perfume oil, packaged in a convenient glass roll-on bottle. More options (such as trial sizes, cologne sprays and pheromone additions) available on our website, RETURN POLICY: We regret that we cannot accept returns on fragrance and beauty care items. Federal law dictates that we have to destroy all returned items. As a small, artisan perfumerie we cannot absorb the cost associated with destroying product. We do understand how challenging it can be to purchase fragranced items without smelling them first, therefore we offer trial sizes on our website. Trial sizes are a great way to test before you invest in full bottles. Also, we encourage customers to join in our lively and friendly message boards where members can buy, sell and swap with other members. Thank you for your understanding.

Key features

  • A lusciously deep and ultra sensuous Love Potion® variety, that’s dense with dark, erotic appeal!
  • Love Potion® Fragrances: The Original Magickal Perfumerie! Trusted and Respected since 1986. Handcrafted in micro-brewed small batches.
  • Packaged in a lovely organza pouch, ready for gift giving! Free samples with every order!
  • Love Potion® Perfumes featured in IN TOUCH and NEW AGE RETAILER magazines!

Honest reviews



This is my absolute favorite scent of the Love Potion line. It is dark and mysterious, and is extremely long-wearing. This is VERY UNUSUAL….do not expect a run-of-the-mill scent that is similar to what everybody else is wearing. It is absolutely NOT like that. Give it time to meld with your skin and your personal chemistry, and then judge it. Also, not all oils will work for all people….your skin chemistry plays a large part in how they smell when applied.

Victoria Ashwood, OR

Rich, mysterious and BOLD!!

This scent doesn’t let me fade into the background, I wear it when I want to be noticed!! NO ONE smells like me when I wear this!! That’s what I love about Love Potion scents: the oils blend with my personal chemistry and smell unique! My husband loves incense-y scents, and this is one of his favorites!!

Debra Valders, WI

The Power of Black

There’s about a few days every month where I feel a bit drained, and I feel weak, emotionally, physically ~ you name it and I feel it. I reach for this and it’s like a surge of electricity, like this potion is charging my engine. I automatically feel so much better about myself, and my attitude changes. I love this for boosting my ego, because it makes me feel like I can do anything and will take no prisoners! It smells divine and makes me feel like a bad ass.

Cara Mercer, PA

Sensual and Playful All in One

Black is a winner it tends to be my default scent, one that I always grab for. LP Black is a dark and luscious vanilla combined with patchouli resins, honeycomb, brown sugar, amber resin, and a luscious Chypre blend . It just brings out a Playfulness, in everyone around you… I love the self-effects one can get wearing this one.

Mabel Andover, OH

Dark and Deep

Very dark deep resinous scent. You need to like scents like that to like this.However if you like to enjoy the deeper richer resins, then you will like this.It is so well blended it is amazing. Vanilla and resins combine to a great luscious dark mysterious blend.This one is also amazing blended with LOve Potion Red. Both are must haves if you like to experiment with edible or darker type scents. Both have been multiple repurchases for me.

Lakisha Copperopolis, CA

Classic Black

Not for those who fear the dark side of perfume, this one is exactly what its name says it is. It is very dark, very resinous, sensuously rich and well.. black. Even the vanilla in this blend is dark! It truly is nice, but a bit too dark for my skin chemistry, but this is an LPMP classic. This is your little black dress of perfumes, but its aura is BIG!

Phoebe Fremont, NC

Sensual Darkness

This one is truly divine!! While wet, it’s very creamy and deep; I got dark rich vanilla and patchouli. After it completely dried down, the scent reminded me of rich vanilla maple syrup. Only a touch sweet with a very organic earthy undertone. The patchouli, which can sometimes take over an entire scent with me, seemed to blend towards the background and I could make out a little honeycomb. It’s full bodied and smoldering. This is the scent you will go to when your goal is total and complete seduction. I have been the biggest fan of LP Red since I first tried it and I thought that one was very sexy but after wearing Black, I’d have to say that Red is more the “flannel robe with nothing underneath, roaring fire and apple cider” sexy with a hint of innocence whereas Black is more “clad all in silk with heels on and a glass of wine tipping towards her lips” – definitely taking no prisoners.Having tried this straight out of the mail, I wasn’t a fan at first and I will say that if you can’t wait and don’t like the scent at first, give it some time to settle after the trip and shake it up well before each use. These are custom mixed oils and from personal experience and long time devotees on the Love Potion forum, it really does help the scent to do both. I knew this that first time smelling and I’m really glad I waited and gave it more chances because this one really is rich and lovely. I will definitely be buying more soon.

Elvia Okeana, OH

Absolutely Fabulous

I never would have thought I would like this type of scent. I usually stayed far away from darker fragrances and I will admit it took me some time to work my way up to Black.This is the Haute Couture of the LP signature line. Hands down, you have to understand it. You may need to work your way up to it.This is similar to some darker custom French perfumes I’ve smelled in the past. I find it a welcomed relief to the over abundance of white musk fragrances littering department stores and taking over today. Don’t get me wrong I like a nice sheer “white” scent but IMO, it has been overdone.This is sensuous. deep, a little spicy and resinous with out going overboard. I never fail to get complements on LP Black.

Valeria Barclay, MD

Too strong for me as a perfume but great in a candle-warmer

This is pretty strong. Just a dab’ll do ya. I like it well enough, butfind it a bit too strong and haven’t messed around with it enough tosee which combo with my other LP perfumes I’d like to wear it with. I knowLP Pink and LP Black together are pretty popular, but I traded awaymy Pink since it didn’t work well for me.However, I did add some to some leftover wax (the company sells littlewax tarts you can put in a oil/wax warmer) and my place smells really good.I’d recommend it as either a perfume or a household oil scent, but I willlikely be sticking with just household scent for now.

Meagan Waters, MI

deep and dark, yet sweet and feminine

I never really cared for “dark” resinous scents or patchouli until I tried this perfume. On me, vanilla and honey scents are the strongest, with the resins and herbs adding depth and complexity.

Christina Thicket, TX