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Love – Auric Blends Perfume Oil

For your most cherished moments, experience true Love, where fantasies become reality and you discover a new realm of fulfillment.

Key features

  • Auric Blends scented oils are high quality, natural perfume oil.
  • Each glass bottle is one third of an ounce.
  • Has a roll-on applicator, which is removable so you can pour the oil out if desired.

Honest reviews


Sorry don’like this.. Cherry juicy cherry Lollipop flavor smell “One Love – Auric Blends Perfume Oil”

This”One Love – Auric Blends Perfume Oil” stinks like cherry juice, cherry flavor gum chew, cherry flavor lollipop don’t know how to explain this cherry fruit flavor.. but terrible smell stinks…. ignore to buy this “One Love – Auric Blends Perfume Oil” waste of money… Burns under arms very badly if you apply under arms or anywhere over your body (even I applied on Tshirt that Tshirt wet oil touch my body burns there badly).I planned to give 0star but 1 is ok for bottle and fast shipping and as I am regular customer of this product sellers.-HP

Pamela Bradyville, TN


This scent is absolutely delicious! Auric Blends is my new favorite brand, all of their perfume oils are amazing and they mix beautifully to make your own signature scent, but they also work wonders all on their own. This one is a white amber musk combination, its fresh, and has soft floral notes of Egyptian Goddess (my #1 fave) and also slightly spicy but sweet base notes of sandalwood. It’s worn well in the summer because your body heat changes it quite a bit to make a lusciously sweet and sexy, truly unique fragrance.

Annette Hawkinsville, GA

Wonderful Product!!

I used to get these oils when i was younger and i never received a bad word about how i smelled, it was opposite in fact, and i was told maaaany times how i smelled like candy and fruit and people couldn’t get enough of it, this is the fragrance i started with and it has a fruit/sweet smelling fragrance to it and maybe a hint of vanilla, the thing about these oils is they last for eternity and smell a little different on everyone, wonderful product!

Fanny Westphalia, IN


I usually wear strong, citrus perfumes but now that it’s autumn, I wanted something softer. I smelled this at a local store and bought it right away. One Love is sweet, happy and comforting, like a warm hug!

Elisa Dixon, NM

Smells like aftershave . . .

I SO wanted to like this fragrance – but it smells like aftershave! Made me a bit sick to my stomach as well . . .another reviewer was right – a VERY little goes a long way. I faired a bit better with the Opium scent – but I won’t be wearing it. I ordered one more: Vanilla Musk – I’m hoping I’ll love that one!

Abbie Saint Francis, ME

Smells LOVEly to me!!!

This scent is very lovely, it is light and breezy with floral undertones and a slight fruitiness. Perfect to wear everyday as it is not overpowering at all. These perfume oils last all day! I was so impressed the first day I wore it and when I got home from work that evening the lovely scent was still on my wrists and neck. Make sure to roll these over your pulse points (wrists, neck, etc!). This is my new favorite!

Violet Montville, OH

My Nose Must Be Broken!!!!

I can’t smell a thing with this oil. It has absolutely no scent to me. Shipping was fast, but for all I know, this could be a bottle of cooking oil. I definitely will NOT be purchasing this fragrance again.

Cleo Little River, AL


This sort of smells like a very mild egyptian goddess to me (another of their scents which I have used for years) so I like it. It’s good for being casual as opposed to being a goddess.

Marisol Austin, TX

wonderful perfume

I have been wearing this for years and I have been getting compliments on it since day one. This and Egyptian Goddess are my two favorite perfume aromas.

Pam Glade Valley, NC

Barely any scent

Could barely smell it, and what WAS there faded within minutes. But the faint whiff I got was kind of nice.

Ramona Portage, UT