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Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion – Extra Body: 8 OZ

Lottabody texturizing setting lotion, extra body formula. For maximum body, use Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion, Extra Body formula to create a firm hold, that is easy to comb and results in a silky smooth glossy set. Features Creates a firm, glossy hold Conditioning ingredients leave hair soft and smooth Adds incredible body and shine Quick drying Non-flaking 8 FL OZ (236mL)

Key features

  • Designed to Keep Your Hair Beautiful
  • Extraordinary Blend of Ingredients You’Ll Love!

Honest reviews


Made My Hair Hard..I will never buy it again

I tried this product with my Conair hot rollers and, it does not set my hair properly. It did not dry all the way and, my curls were hard with no body.When I set my hair I use Herbal Essense holding moose and, it makes my hair bouncy with curls that hold for two days. So, I will stick with Herbal Essense.Buy this product Lottabody at your own risk.

Ina West Covina, CA


This was OKAY. this could be due to me not understanding how to utilize it but it definitely is light weight and very sticky.

Fran Livermore, CA

When you need your hair to stay and look beautiful

Ih ave started doing vintage hairstyles, and one product kept popping up on the vintage hairstyle forums and tutorials. Lottabody setting lotion. I was doing pin curls, velcro rollers, and rag curls with wet sets and using an cheap curl setting lotion from Wal Mart. Well I thought let’s look into this Lottabody.Okay, the lotion is a liquid, complete liquid. The instructions tell you to use it on dry hair. I’ve done my hair on both. I have exceptionally fine hair that waves, my girlfriend has thick curly hair and her daughters have thick straight hair. We all did some dry and wet sets using Lottabody and had really amazing results. The styles stayed put but were quite touchable – and shiny. We did finger waves and big curls and pompadours and ringlets and rockabillys. We made this setting lotion work for its name. The curls really held up. I was very impressed.There is a slight fragrance to the lotion, it’s meh, not great, not bad, but it doesn’t last at all. I could still smell my conditioner when all was said and done.I bought two bottles at the time. I expect that it will last me a while. But, I wouldn’t want to run out either.

Linda Sulphur Springs, OH

Did what it promised

It did do what it says, but when it dries it forms white flakes. If my head rubs against anything, there’s a shower of white flakes from the dried product.I tried using a regular gel instead, and got far better results. Gel makes a beautiful soft hold if you break the cast, or stays shiny and firm if you don’t. This product and gel held the shape of finger wave and pin curls equally well.

Deirdre South Newbury, NH

Lotta Body Setting Lotion

Great product that really holds. It’s enabled me to try some new styles in the hottest and most humid summertime weather, And the styles held up for hours! I highly recommend!

Iris Demotte, IN