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L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Serum Corrector, 1 Fluid Ounce

Restore luminosity and fight discoloration with Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector. This clinically proven formula illuminates skin tone and corrects dark spots for a more even, radiant and youthful complexion. In consumer evaluations 86% of women saw fewer dark spots in just 8 weeks.

Key features

  • Fades and evens dark spots, discolorations and skin tone
  • In 1 week skin is visibly more luminous
  • In 4 weeks dark spots, age spots and post acne marks are faded
  • Dermatologist tested for gentleness
  • Non-greasy

Honest reviews


This thing actually works.

I’m stunned. Nothing works on me so I can’t believe this thing actually works. I’ve been using it exactly one month and I can’t believe my sun spots are actually lightening up. My two most problematic spots are showing the most improvement. I don’t think my sun spots will ever completely fade away but I will keep using the product to see how light they can get. I hope they don’t discontinue this, I will need more soon.

Jeannette Safety Harbor, FL

The Holy Grail of dark spot treatments!

Wow, I never expected to get the results from this product that I’ve seen! My skin is very prone to breakouts, and I have a rather neutral skin tone. So each blemish is very visible for a very long time, LONG after the actual zit dies. So even if I have no active pimples, I still look very uneven and blemished. Needless to say, I use a lot of foundation and concealer.I’ve tried a few dark spot treatments in the past without great results, but I figured I might as well give this one a shot since it’s relatively inexpensive and received good reviews. I am so very glad that I did! Over the last 4 weeks, my spots have been fading, slowly but surely! I can’t say that it’s an overnight difference, but you should be able to see a change in 1-2 weeks. When I wash off my makeup at night, I can’t believe that my skin finally looks clear-ish again. I can’t wait to see what continued use does!!If I could give this product 10 stars, I would! Keep up the amazing work, L’Oreal!

Bettye Pierson, IA

This Serum WORKS

This serum absolutely DELIVERS what it says – it is now one of my favorite serums ever. It is light weight and absorbs into the skin without residue or balling up. My skin is smooth, supple, glowing, EVEN & RADIANT. Exceeded my expectations. It is a definite must-have. This product REALLY WORKS.

Laurie Summerville, PA

Made my sensitive skin itch

I bought this product along with the cleanser and day cream and it took me a few weeks to realize (but I did) that it was the cause of my face feeling itchy for days and days. As soon as I switched back to my regular brands, the itching stopped. I have sensitive skin and should’ve known better than to try it. It did fade some of the discolorations, but the itching was bad enough not to want to use this product further.

Fran Secor, IL

This is way better than the cream with SPF 30

The cream stunk like straight sunscreen, this smells wonderful, the cream left my skin greasy, shiny & oily actually causing more breakouts & therefore more dark spots because my blemishes heal & leave dark marks. This serum soaks in really well not making my skin shiny/oily. I have noticed a slight fade in my dark marks already so I can tell it works.

Lucile Victoria, KS

No noticeable fading of dark spots for me

I’m a light-complected, middle-aged woman. When I was in my teen and early adult years, I was a major sun worshiper, always seeking to get the darkest tan I could. I also used an indoor tanner on occasion. All things considered, my skin looks pretty good. The biggest problem I have with my skin is “age spots,” dark splotches on my face, hands, arms and legs. (Luckily, with make-up, the ones on my face are barely noticeable.)I saw this product advertised and decided to give it a try. I like a lot of the L’Oreal products. However, after using an entire bottle, I am disappointed to say I have not seen any improvement with my dark spots. Their ad states that of the women using the product, “86% saw less dark spots;” I must be one of the unfortunate 14%.Based on reviews, many women seem to have good results with this product. I wish I could claim the same. However, everyone is different and each person has to find what works best for them. I will continue to use the product since I had already purchased another bottle, but I am not optimistic that I’ll see any improvement at this point in time. The first bottle lasted me approximately 4 months, using a light amount each morning and evening. Should I notice any improvement after finishing up the second container, I will change my review.

Estella Vanderwagen, NM

Does moisturize

Have not used this long enough. I had a mila by my eve that i dug out and it left a hyperpigmented spot of sorts on my face. I used this a few times…it is moisturizing but i resorted to peels instead as i dont have the patience.

Queen Silverton, OR

Dark Spots Serum

Eh. Haven’t been seeing much spot (only one) reduction, but like the texture and will continue to use. Pleasant on skin.

Rachael Middletown, PA


i just looovve this product! love the scent of it and how it feels on my face. definitely see improvement

Gwen Haynesville, VA


I ordered this to try to combat a lot of the dark spots I have on my face from too much time in the sun when I was younger and age. They seem to be fading well and I like the "moisturizing" feel as the serum goes on my face. I will order this again as it also works well with the other Loreal products but I was able to find it at a lower price on another web site so I will wait for a beauty sale to order it from Amazon again.

Hollie Troy, KS


I have been using this product for a week and I really can tell a difference. I’ve used much more expensive products with no results. I want to avoid using makeup but the older I get (62) the more blotchy my skin but this product is leaving my skin radiant. I think this is going be my new skin care regime. I never bad mouth any product because not everything works for everyone, but I do rave about it when it does and I am raving after the first week.

Gertrude Red Rock, AZ


I loved this product when I first started it as a sample it does the job spots go away quick

Jade Thomson, IL

Good, but not sure it makes a huge difference

There are a lot of claims about these products but I’m not sure if they really work. Can you really turn back time?Either way this is a good face moisturizer and I’m sure it doesn’t do any harm.

Beverley Hilmar, CA

This product is very nice

Frankly, I have no idea if it’s "correcting dark spots", but it’s a great primer for moisturizer and makes my skin feel great.

Janis Polacca, AZ

Didn’t work for me

I have some mild acne scars and uneven skin tone with slight redness on my cheeks and sides of my nose. I’ve been using this product for a few months. It works ok as a serum, but I don’t observe improvement in the dark spots and redness. Everyone’s skin is different, and I’m Asian, so I can’t conclude that it won’t be effective for someone else.It is worth trying because it’s inexpensive, and as I said, works ok as a serum in general.

Melanie Sprankle Mills, PA

Good lotion but does not deliver promises

I bought this to remove some of the dark spots on my cheeks from old acne scars. Its is nice smelling lotion that I used under my daily moisturizer. It leaves my skin soft and moist but not greasy which I really like.It does not break me out which is a miracle in itself but sadly it has not corrected any of my dark spots even though I have been using it religiously for months. I will continue to use the bottle since it is almost done but I will not purchase again

Jannie Garland, TX

Sneaky little bugger…

Sneaky because it didn’t work overnight or perform miracles, but stop using it and see!USUAL ROUTINE: Olay Wash, Olay 7, Bare Minerals powder foundation (not anymore!), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer spot treat.Maybe I didn’t see much improvement bc I was focused on what it is SUPPOSED to do – the dark spots. , which weren’t budging. BUT, I used the whole bottle because it was a fine moisturizer and didn’t stink, wasn’t greasy, I didn’t break out, and it didn’t burn my eyes (HUGE plus bc some ALWAYS gets in my eyes!). I noticed my frown line was less, well, noticeable, and my face seemed to be having a good phase. I ran out and I returned to my usual Olay 7 (you can use both but for me that was begging for a breakout). After a month my skin was going through a rougher phase. Suddenly I was spot treating parts I’d forgotten having had to daily, actually needing foundation/powder all over the face again, the overall look was less luminous, the tone was uneven(er) and generally my face didn’t look so hot. Not horrible, but needed way more work. I’d forgotten about having to deal with this because the change had been gradual, I guess. Figured “well, guess that Youth Code was doing SOMETHING” and it certainly was. I returned to it and within a week, the skin was luminous again!So dark spots: m’eh. Overall look: YEAH! Again, no miracle, but it’s nice to not yell “GAH!” in the mirror in the morning and needing only spot treatments – not foundation. Moisturizes very nicely, spreads well and dries NOT greasy, no breakouts, safe eyes… I’d say try it and finish the bottle before judging. Not much to lose if you’ve purchased it anyway! And I’d say only YOU will notice bc you won’t need as much covering up, but I actually got a couple of comments on my skin looking “healthier lately” upon using it. So it just might sneak up on you!

Jillian West Winfield, NY

This product works.

I was a it unsure of this product when I purchased it and saw some reviews. However I must say I am quite pleased with the product and I have since re-ordered. I love the product because it works for me. My skin has been clear and is of an even tone. Really enjoyed this product.

Mary Cairo, NY

Does Not Work

I am on my second bottle. It does not work at all. Even small acne scars have not faded. This is a waste of money. Do not buy.

Dolores Millersville, PA

Seems to get the job done

I’ve been using this product for over a year. I’m 49 years old. It doesn’t completely clear the skin, but it lightens everything quite a bit. I would think if you want a completely unmarked face, you’d have to go to a dermatologist. I’ve tried some other dark spot correctors and this one seems to beat the ones I’ve tried. I also use Retin A. If you can get a prescription for that, then you really don’t need anything else.

Claire Sparks, NV

Skin feels so good

I have been using this Youth Code Dark Spt Serum for 3 weeks and maybe it is just the power of wishful thinking but I think it has helped even out my skin tone. I have blotchy uneven skin tone and sebborreah kerotisis that makes dark crusty spots on my face. Th serum won,t work on these but it is very pleasant smelling and does not feel greasy and the best day and night cream I have tried. Will update in a few months

Rosa Rockledge, GA


This is a great serum! It goes on amazing and smells awesome! It could work as a primer too because my foundation and/or concealer go on quite nicely over this serum. As far as its efficacy in correcting dark spots, I am not 100% certain yet as I have only used it for 3 weeks and want to give it the full 8 weeks before I decide. I will say that my dark spots appear to be fading, but that could be because I am using other spot correcting products (e.g. face wash, toner, moisturizer) in addition to the serum. It’s worth a try if for no other reason than the smooth texture it gives your skin after application!

Latasha Freeburn, KY

Dark Spot Serum

I have used a more expensive product for many years and thought it did a good job at making the dark spots lighter, but once I tried Loreal Youth Code Dark Spot Serum I won’t go back to the more expensire product. In about two weeks you can really see the difference. I love this product.

Iva Medora, IL

Did not work. Basically overpriced face moisturizer.

This did not change the appearance of my scars one bit.I have had acne scars for a very long time, and wanted something to get rid of them. This is not the product to do it.It went on smooth, and lasted longer than I though (at least 4-5 weeks) However, it ended up being just expensive face moisturizer. I bought one for myself and for my girlfriend. Neither of us had any noticeable results.I do not recommend. Tired of companies that claim to do "wonders" when in reality they don’t do anything.

Dorothea Winnsboro, LA


I bought this several months ago, use it on a weekly basis and I still have enough in the bottle. This stuff doesn’t make me breakout and makes my skin glow. I am 27 and have acne-prone yet dry skin, so for me this works perfect. It has corrected my dark/acne spots and has become a must have for my skin care regimen. I bought this here off Amazon and had no problem with it. It is the actual product and I will buy again!

Wendy Cochranville, PA

Working Wonders For Me!

I am biracial, African American/Caucasian. I have dark spots on my face from sun damage and acne scarring. I have tried MANY very expensive products and some prescriptions as well. This has worked better than anything I have ever tried – I have been using this serum for only a week and have had significant improvement! I am hopeful that with further use my skin will improve even more.

Matilda Humptulips, WA