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L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Oil 3.4 FL OZ

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Oil 3.4 FL OZ. This advanced treatment oil with ceramide absorbs immediately into hair for weightless repair without leaving residue. Helps seal split ends and leaves your hair shinning.

Key features

  • 1 Piece – 3.4oz
  • Restores Hair’s Smoothness,
  • Instant Repair And Shine,
  • For Normal To Fine Hair,
  • Helps Fight Split Ends

Honest reviews


Excellent smell

This stuff smells so good that I use it on my hair to attract my new boyfriend. It replaces any perfume any day. He always tells me that I smell pretty and it really turns him on. I already have really good hair to begin with so I just use it for the scent.

Jewel Glen Ellyn, IL


This Stuff is bad. I mean real bad. It’s not even real oil, it’s a blend of additives and oil. Alcohol being one of the first ingredients on that list. It irritated my scalp, and it did nothing for my hair. This is not for girls with curly, kinky hair or even with chemically straightened hair. This stuff sucks. Never buying anything from L’Oreal again.

Florine Hamtramck, MI

It’s silicone, not oil. If you want an oil, use oil but not this.

This L’Oreal product is not an oil, in spite of its label. It’s a silicone product that also contains alcohol, fragrance, olive oil, and coconut oil.I get better results at a better price using food-grade coconut oil before shampooing (a so-called “pre-poo”). Some of my friends use pure food-grade olive oil after shampooing but before styling. If you want an oil, I’d say experiment with oil – you will get a lot more for the price.If you are looking for a silicone product, you’re in luck because this L’Oreal product has enough silicone in it to make it immediately recognizable as a silicone product on the first try – it is slippery and slick. Silicones are also confirmed by the ‘cones listed in the ingredient list.

Leslie Lyons, GA

I like it, smells good, wish there was no cones

So far I like it, to me it smells pretty good, I wish there was no cones or alcohol denate in it. Here is the ingredients:ISODODECANE, DIMETHCONE, ALCOHOL DENAT., ISOPROPYL PALMITATE, DIMETHICONOL, PARFUM/FRAGRANCE, OLEA EUROPEAEA OIL/OLIVE FRUIT OIL, COCOS NUCIFERA OIL/ COCONUT OIL, LINALOOL, HEXYL CINNAMAL, BENZYL SALICYLATE, BENZYL ALCOHOL, LIMONENE, AMYL CINNAMAL, CITRONELLOL, 2-OLEAMIDO-1,3-OCTADECANEDIOL, ALPHA-ISO-METHYLIONONE, HYDROXYISOHEXYL 2-CYCLOHEXENE CARBOXALDEHYDE, GERANIOL, ISOEUGENOL, CARROT OIL/BETA-CAROTENE.I think I’m going to be trying something different because of those issues I stated. Other then that it has a nice slip when I sprayed it onto my hair and some got on my fingers. I wanted something lighter then unrefined coconut oil because when going overboard on it, your hair looks greasy. My hair is wavy-medium thick.

Viola Utica, MN

Really Moisturizing Without Weighing Hair Down!

I am 41 and have colored my dark brown hair to light blonde hair for almost 30 years, and it is very long. I am also very bad about getting trims. My hair tends to feel dirty /oily within 1 day of shampooing, so I shampoo virtually every day, and frequently swim in chlorinated water. Basically, I beat my hair up lol. Having said all of that, I was looking for a leave-in product that would keep my hair soft, silky, shiny and healthy without weighing it down as my hair is very fine. This dry oil really works- my hair feels amazing! The only caveat is it will cause you to break out if your hair touches your face, especially before it’s dry. To avoid this I don’t use it if I’m showering right before bed, and I keep my hair off my face until it is completely dry. I cannot believe the price of this product- the quality is expensive while the price is reasonable.

Cornelia Kirbyville, TX

A must for hair health!

L’Oreal Total Repair Restorative Oil keeps its promise! I have “combination” hair; it’s somewhat oily on top, but very dry mid-length and almost like straw near the ends. Total Repair softened the dry hair, and turned my straw-like strands silky and healthy. I’ve used it on the top of my head and it DOESN’T turn my hair into a stringy, greasy mess!I use this a couple of times a week just for hair health, because I blow-dry so much during the work week. My combination hair condition has evened out almost to normal after only two weeks of use. It’s also wonderful for styling….smooth some through your hair for buns and braids, and they stay even, with no fly-aways.Highly recommend!

Ilene Perdido, AL

Its alright if your hair is not too damaged

I didn’t really see a big change in my hair, maybe because i didn’t use it every single day. The smell is great tho! I will have to keep looking for something that really helps my hair

Francesca Zebulon, NC

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare

This oil is amazing. It is so good for restoring soft beautiful and natural hair. Even if your hair isn’t damaged, it will still go long lengths in improving your hair’s state and beauty.

Laurel Danevang, TX