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L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm 8.5 FL OZ by L’Oreal Paris

An sos treatment mask for hair that has suffered from time or aggressive styling techniques.

Key features

  • Total repair 5 damage erasing balm is a rinse-out reconstructing balm that repairs up to one year of damage in 1 use.
  • Reverses damage to hairs smoothness with daily use, when using the system of shampoo and balm.

Honest reviews


Its is like any other conditioner

I’ll describe this in categories :)Smell: Smells exactly like you made a cup of plain tea, exactly like the smell of a freshly brewed tea bag.Condition it left my hair: Soft,but so would any other conditioner.You can use a regular conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment.I don’t know why they called it a balm it seems like regular conditioner to me.Left it on my hair: For about an hour.price: reasonable, but kind of a waste considering like I said you can use any other conditioner.Would I buy this again: No because there are many more conditioners,such as the ones you can buy at the 99 cent stores, which have name brand shampoo and conditioners only for $1.00.This very easily seems to be only a conditioner and that they just called it something different to just make more money.

Margery Hext, TX

Great product, Excellent for the price, BUT Contains silicone

I’ve been trying to salvage my hair after a combination of heat damage, hard water, and silicone-based products eventually took their toll. I have tried a lot of products, and I had settled on using L’Oreal’s Keratase Oleo-Relax, in spite of some silicone in the product. I use Oleo-Relax when I want a “good hair day,” but at about 50-bucks a tub that can’t be everyday. I love the product, just not the price, nor the silicone. In addition, the effects of the Oleo-Relax treatment don’t last from shampoo to shampoo.Enter L’Oreal Total Repair Balm …I fell in love with Total Repair balm after using a sample that came with a cosmetics order. After the next shampoo, I still could tell that the balm had made a difference. I immediately set out to find it, and I purchased it at a bricks-n-mortar store at an excellent price, a price much better than available here at Amazon.Total Repair balm calms the frizzies, reduces volume, and creates manageability … with only 3-5 minutes on the hair! At this price point, this balm is excellent. Unfortunately, there is some silicone and alcohol in the product, although not as much as in many other products. I am using it in spite of those ingredients, but I don’t use it as often as I would like to … which would be every time I shampoo my hair. I also am not using other products in the line due to the use of silicone ingredients. But this balm … I’m making an exception.Definitely worth a try. Keratase Oleo-Relax most definitely is the better product, but the Total Repair balm is a very good, price-friend substitute. For the price, th L’Oreal Total Repair really can’t be beat and it would get 5
• from from me it was not for the silicone in ingredients. So, it’s getting 3
• instead.========UPDATE: Here are the ingredients on my tub …AQUA / WATER / EAU
• CI 19140 / YELLOW 5
• CI 15985 / YELLOW 6Note that the ingredients contain many things people are trying to avoid. Moreover, because of these ingredients, the product is probably best used as recommended on the package, that is, use after a shampoo, apply for 3-5 minutes, rinse well. Essentially, the balm is used in place of a conditioner. Because of the ingredients, I would
• not
• leave this on my hair longer, like I might do with a deep-conditioning treatment or a masque (20 or more minutes). Recommended treatment time is 3-5 minutes for a reason. 😉

Leah Belgrade, NE

Saw Results but used it Differently

I purchased this because I wanted a hair treatment since my hair started to feel dry and look a little frizzy only a couple weeks after my trip to the salon. I didn’t want to go back to get a trim because it wasn’t necessary so I started to look for damage repair treatments. I bought this after reading the label and the directions, I didn’t have any reviews to go on since this was a new product and I’m happy I did.I have fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl, barely holds a pony-tail holder and I need to readjust and tighten bobby pins frequently if I ever wear them. Basically I can only blow dry my hair straight with a round brush and call it a day, on top of that I have an oily scalp which inhibits my use of any products like mousse, serums and heat-protectors. My last trip to my stylist I really paid attention to what she did and started to mimic that at home, mostly blow-drying on hot (not warm) and because of this my hair started to feel drier more quickly.The directions say to use it after the total repair shampoo/conditioner, leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse, I knew I wouldn’t be able to follow this with my fine hair (plus I didn’t buy the same shampoo/conditioner, I worshipYes To Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo, 11.5 Fluid Ounce) so I decided to try it as an overnight treatment and that’s where I saw my results. At night, before bed, I used about a nickel-sized amount, smoothed it into my hair mid-shaft to ends, gently combed it through then tied it into a loose pony tail with an ouchless elastic band and in the morning I did my routine as usual. It washed out and didn’t leave residue or extra weight to my finicky hair.I started to see results after about three days, my hair was less frizzy and dry where I treated it and it looked a tad shinier as well so I started to inch up closer to my scalp and saw the same results. I still don’t do my whole head for fear of causing an imbalance but I’m very happy with the results I have seen. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell, it dissipates after a while and I’ve seen no damage to any pillows or any cloth products that have come in contact with my hair while the product is in it. Since I only use this at night and in such small amounts I suspect this could easily last me a year.

Sophie Cumming, IA

so amazed!!

I must say i have tried dozens of products looking for something that will make my dry, brittle, damaged hair look and feel healthy. When i saw this product that claimed to repair damage i figured i would give it a shot. Wow, i am amazed at how well this worked for my hair. It it very creamy and doesn’t have a very strong smell, which i love. I coated my hair with this and covered with a shower cap. I left this on my hair for 30 minutes than rinsed it off in the shower. Even when my hair was wet I could tell that my hair felt softer. After i dried and straightened my hair (eek i know heat is harmful, but i cant stop) it looked amazing. I could not stop running my hands through it. Usually when i sleep on my hair it gets so knotty by the morning. When i woke up my hair will still soft and knot free. This has become a staple in my hair care routine and would recommed this to someone who has tried everything under the sun with no results.

Monika Circle, AK

great deep conditioner

left on for 30min wit a heating cap and it did wonders for my hair …… will repurchase,did not buy off amazon

Winifred Ivesdale, IL

Not a miracle in a jar

My go-to repair balm is Pureology—at $50 for a little jar. While I don’t expect a $6 drugstore product to perform the same or better, I’d at least like it to do more than a basic conditioner.This product is thick like a custard, and because of the jar size it’s hard to juggle the lid and a palmful of product as you try to replace the lid in the shower! Awkward. And, this doesn’t even do a better job than the basic Pureology conditioner I use. This says that it helps hair that ‘looks like straw’: but it does nothing to my hair that a basic everyday conditioner can’t do.I was disappointed, I expected more from this product based on the hype. Maybe I have special-needs hair that is simply pickier?UPDATE: I received a sample pack in the mail with the matching shampoo L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo 12.6 FL OZ and conditioner L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner 12.6 FL OZ. The shampoo I currently use (Pureology) is sulfate-free, but the L’oreal is not. I was amazed at the sheer mass of foamy bubbles and then realized it’s that way because of additives that my usual shampoo does not have. The shampoo and conditioner do a good job of making my hair feel very coated and soft (the additives, of course) and with these products, the L’oreal Total 5 balm performed much better. I did still get tangles at the ends of my hair while trying to comb it out for straighening, something I don’t get with my Pureology hair mask. So, for a drugstore trio, maybe you might like the L’Oreal products together.

Leigh Malvern, AL


When I read the reviews my first thought was, yeah right! Especially the one where the lady needed to get to the beauty shop for cut and color and used this instead. Her lunch friend raved about her hair!I used this for the first time today and at lunch was greated with, “did you just get your hair done?” It looks FANTASTIC! So there you go. My hair for the first time in years no longer looks like hay, oh joy! Now I, too, am a convert! Oh by the way I think it smells terrific. Similiar to Caress soap.

Amber Fruithurst, AL

It didn’t work for me ……..

I saw a review about this product on a blog. The very next week it was on sale at CVS. I put it on my hair, then waited about 10 to 15 minutes. Then it was time to blow dry my hair…… and while blow drying I noticed that my hair was hair. Once done my hair was so hard, I had to go back to my regular conditioner and blow dry my hair all over again.

Claudia Hettick, IL

Get back to your hair when you were 18!

I tried a generous sample I got in the mail and left it in my hair for 30 minutes. When I rinsed it out, I couldn’t believe the new texture!!! Tons of body, no greasy feeling, not limp, swingy gorgeous hair like when I was a teenager! I’m naturally blonde but at age 57, my blonde color is getting a little lighter with a small amount of gray. The gray has a horrible texture! I bought 4 jars before other people discovered it by using a sample like I did! I gave 2 away as gifts though so I’m not that selfish. I can’t say enough good things about this and I’ll never be without it. I love it but the repair is temporary for me – until I shampoo and wash it out. That’s ok though …and a big high 5 to L’Oreal for making it!

Geraldine Kearsarge, MI

my hair is so much less coarse

When applying this product I noticed my hair started to feel plumper and thicker. After rinsing it and blowing it out, I did notice it was much smoother and the texture seemed much less coarse.

Ruthie Millwood, KY

Love it

I am impressed by how shiny and soft my hair is, My hair is very thick and heavy, but now it feels light and clean, if it smelled better, i would give it a higher rating.

Alejandra Warwick, RI

Hmmm it’s ok

Well let’s just say with what the product says it does I was looking forward to amazing hair… did I get it??? Not really 🙁 At first, while my hair was still wet and while I combed it out I thought this was going to be a super product… then my hair dried… and ta da, it’s still dry 🙁 So… it’s a conditioner like most others and unless the effect is cumulative I’m afraid it’s just ok… I actually do better making my own conditioner so back to that and back to saving money.

Marion Faribault, MN

A Thick, Creamy Ceramide That Fights Hair Damage

I love this product! It’s a reconstructing balm and repairs split ends, rough hair, dryness, and dull hair. I use it on a weekly basis as a deep conditioner for my natural, 4b hair. Results? My hair doesn’t feel as rough afterwards and it doesn’t appear as dull. Con? I only wish it was packaged in a larger container.BENEFITS- Application of natural ceramides to damaged hair improves the scale of the hair cuticle and restores the natural properties of the hair.- Ceramides perform a “barrier function” and help reduce the hair’s overall porosity.- Ceramides bind to the hair fiber in damaged, vulnerable areas to help prevent natural moisture and protein loss that occurs when we manipulate our hair.- Heat users will find that ceramide-rich products greatly improve the condition and appearance of heat-abused hair.- Those who dabble in hair color will also find that their colors deposit more evenly when the hair has been conditioned with ceramide-rich products prior to the service.- Ceramides have also been shown to protect the hair against ultraviolet radiation from outside sun exposure.- Application of products containing ceramides (synthetic) results in decreased breakage to relaxed hair (as shown in hair treated with guanidine hydroxide, aka no lye relaxer)- Ceramides are most beneficial to relaxed hair according to a study done by L’Oreal.- Application of synthetic ceramides (which is more concentrated than natural ceramides) to damaged hair produces immediate improvement in the strength and appearance of the hair.- Reduces the friction coefficient of hair. By reducing the friction coefficient, ceramides reduce hair damage caused by abrasion and daily weathering.- Ceramides are only deposited in small amounts into the cuticle layer of hair, yet they are effective in improving the hair’s condition.

Leola Evergreen, LA

Not for me…

I used it once and didn’t care for it. Maybe I should give it another chance, but I did not notice any difference in my hair. The only good thing I can say is that it smells great. Lots of other reviewers seem to love it, but I cannot give it my stamp of approval.

Kimberly Lake Monroe, FL


I have very long over-processed fine hair. I had been using Neutrogena deep moisturizing treatment for years, but received this as a sample. It was amazing! I now use it 1-2 times a week and leave it in the length of my shower- probably 15-20 minutes. My hair feels amazing, and it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down at all.

Meagan Amboy, WA

worth it after one use

I have thick long hair down to my lower back. It has started to feel so dry and constantly breaking. I want to cry after brushing my hair out and looking at my brush. After shampoo and conditioner I apply this balm generously and do my shaving needs then rinse out. There was no breakage after brushing! Worth it alone for that. After blow drying my hair looks so healthy. I also use their smoothing serum for my current fly aways, both products I found at my local CVS. Next time I go I’m picking up a couple more bottles of erasing balm because I dont want to be without and it’s cheaper in the store.

Yesenia Pointe Aux Pins, MI

Wouldn’t Purchase Again

I was very excited to get this product after seeing so many positive reviews but it was just too much for my hair. My hair is extremely fine, thin, frizzy and is cut a few inches below my shoulders. I was hoping to find something that might make it a bit healthier and give it some volume. The first time I used it I probably went overboard and applied it all over my head and through the strands. The result was greasy hair that I couldn’t get rid of. I washed my hair everyday for a week and it still remained really, really greasy. To be fair it was also extremely soft and more manageable but unfortunately just so greasy it looked horrible. Needless to say it was a ponytail week. The next time I used it I was very careful to just use it sparingly and through the ends of my hair. This time around it wasn’t as greasy but it was still too much for my hair. It’s hard to say whether or not I can recommend this too anyone else. Based on the great reviews it normally gets and the price I’d say go for it but if your hair is like mine be careful with how much you use. Overall I’m glad I tried it but will not be re-purchasing.

Terra Blanco, TX

If you have sensitive skin BEWARE!

I purchased this product because lately my hair has become very brittle, damaged, and dry. I purchased this for less than $6. You also get a lot of product for the price.The packaging for this product isn’t the greatest. It’s made to be used in the shower, but the lid makes it a little tricky to use. I would prefer it came in a squeeze bottle or with a pump.When I first started using this product, I was very impressed. I noticed a major difference in the conditon of my hair. It smells great and left my hair feeling much more soft and healthy. It also found it easy to rinse out. I bought this product 2 weeks ago and used it every day. The first week, I didn’t have any problems, but during the second week, I noticed that my face was itching, especially on my forehead and cheeks. I started using a new foundation as well, I assumed that was the culprit. So I returned it. I thought that would take care of the problem, but it didn’t. The itching started out pretty mild, but as time went on, it got more and more intense. It was frustrating. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive and allergy prone. It was obvious to me that I was having an allergic reaction to something. I also developed 5 or 6 small, raised bumps. They looked like tiny blisters. I’ve been under major stress lately, so I thought maybe my skin was freaking out from that. But I almost never get acne. When I do, it’s usually just one pimple. But this was a small cluster. I think the small bumps were actually tiny hives or an allergic rash of some kind. I found another review on this site from someone else with sensitive skin. She said that it made her itch and caused raised bumps as well. It obviously wasn’t the foundation, and I hadn’t changed anything else in my beauty routine. My primer, foundation, facial cleanser, and makeup remover wipes are all hypoallergenic. So I couldn’t figure it out. While I was at work, I realized I’d started using this balm around the same time as the new foundation. I wondered if this could be the true culprit. I decide to stop using it and see what happened. The itching stopped and the small, raised bumps on my forehead went away. I did a Google search and found a link that said that allergic reactions to this product don’t happen right away. It takes several days for the allergic reaction to appear. This balm was clearly the cause of my all problems, so it went in the garbage. If your skin is not sensitive, I highly recommend this product. It works great and made a huge difference in the condition and texture of my hair. But if you have sensitive skin, I DO NOT recommend using this product.

Bridgett Hickory Plains, AR

Smooth, silky hair

This product is very nice. I use it in the shower right after my shampoo. Leave it on for two or three minutes while I finish everything else (LOL). Then rinse it out of my hair. Towel dry as normal then enjoy the softness and sheen to my hair. My husband didn’t notice that I had changed products but he commented the other night on the glossy/sheen of my hair and how soft and silky it was.My crowning glory ladies….Recommend to buy. Enjoy

Eileen Thorn Hill, TN

Wasn’t Expecting Results… But WOW!

I didn’t even realize I had samples of this product before I bought it (from Target). I tried it just in the shower and didn’t see much results but my hair was soft. Then I tried it overnight, wetting my hair first and I put the product all throughout then braided and wrapped my hair. Then next day I didn’t see a whole lot of difference, in the shower I rinsed, then rinsed with apple cider vinegar, then rinsed again. My roots were a bit oily probably because it was one of the my no shampoo days, but my ends were still pretty poofy (by the way, I have fine, dry, frizzy, wavy hair. Not color treated or heat damaged, just dry).I used it again the next night, shampooing and conditioning the next day, then let my hair air dry. Admittedly it was still very frizzy, but normally when I let my hair air dry it curls and poofs wildly. It was much more sleek, and I had nice waves too. I’m going to continue using this and hopefully I’ll see more improvement!

Amy Forest, VA

Looooove It!

After hearing rave reviews on this product from one of my Youtube subscribtions (who has the more beeeautiful hair), I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical because of some of the ingredients, as I try to use alcohol/silicone/sulfate (et cetera) free products but figured why not. It made my hair feel so amazing!After only one use I could tell the difference. My hair is naturally coarse, frizzy, and fine. This product made it silky, my split ends less noticeable, and it didn’t weigh my hair down. It could be doing absolutely nothing to ACTUALLY repair damage, but my hair feels and looks sooo nice after using it that I don’t even care.

Vicky Alexander, IL

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare

I love this damage erasing balm. It will literally produce the most beautiful hair you have ever seen on yourself. Buy it and you will see the gorgeous results!

Hollie Markham, VA

Dang Good Product

my hair is awful, over processed, fried, blonde, with a naturally absurd wavy texture that causes it to poof out like a giant yield sign – i had major doubts about this product because of the low price point, but i decided to give it a go.weeks later, i’m still really impressed. there are so many good things about this conditioner:1. it’s cheap as i mentioned.2. it doesn’t smell bad.3. it’s SO easy to rinse out, and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue (normally i have to rinse and re-rinse and stand with my head under the shower for 3 minutes to get all conditioner out, this comes out in less than a minute)4. it doesn’t weigh your hair down or cause it to become crispy and ‘poofy’ and fly away as bad conditioners sometimes do5. SO MUCH LESS FRIZZ. somehow my hair would always be greasy or poofy or crazy but this product did wonders taming it.6. basically does a good job of taming the frizz and removing all the unwanted crazinesshonestly it works better than Kerastase, Wen, and It’s a 10 and numerous other conditioning treatments i’ve tried… i will be repurchasing this.

Erna Pleasant Hill, NC

was hoping for something a little better

I got this in the mail today and then used this as the directions say. I can say that I am not impressed but it does feel some softer( I think). I was really hoping that this could make the hair feel good but think I get better results with the stuff I have been using for the last 15 years or so. I think that the smell is not bad. I will use this a few more times and see how this does. Maybe this needs to be used a few times to see some sort of difference.

Lena Jefferson City, MT

yes yes yes

this is greatttttt product specially when used together with loreal total 5 repair shampoo and conditioner. gooood stuffff righttttt hereeeeeeeeee. go get it!

Jody Sanbornville, NH

Pretty Good

I like this stuff a LOT. I am a big-time "product hopper" and rarely pass any hair aisle without buying something. Needless to say, I have tried everything from cheap shampoos and conditioners to expensive $30 cleansing conditioners and have seen dry ends and healthy hair from using my many hair products. I recently bought this from Target for $5.99 and have used it about 4 or 5 times. Before this, my hair was damaged and fried from constant hair dryer and straightening iron use (every day, with no protectant spray, What was I thinking?!), frizzy, dry, it was just a mess. This made my ends noticably softer and healthier, and the smell is pretty good, too. All in all, I would definetely recommend and is worth the $6.

Iris Somers, IA

Deep Conditioner

I use this once or twice a week on my frizzy but fine hair. It provides good nourishment without weighing down my hair.

Deena Eagle Lake, ME


I been thinking about buying a repair balm for quite some time and went ahead and picked this one off the shelf. My hair is soft, curly, frizzes, and breaks off a lot and in less than 3 months from my last haircut was already starting to frizz more from being broke. Now I use a big loose comb on my hair and avoiding heat products, so I thought I would go ahead and try this balm since I’m trying to grow my hair out to donate again.After one use I noticed, my frizz was cut down again. My natural hair color had a very nice shine and was softer than usual. I didn’t need the haircut I was worried about.Important I did not use another conditioner after this use which made my hair feel more weighted down.- My hair didn’t style the same after use, but it did dry very nicely. Not anything I would complain about, just more small individual curls compared to larger bulkier curls.

Joanna Campbellton, TX

Great deep conditioner

I had heard great things about the shampoo and conditioner so I had decided to try the damage erasing balm and love it. This is the best deep conditioner i have ever used and it’s even better than getting a professional deep condition treatment. I should also mention that I have very fine hair and it didn’t weigh it down at all!

Dale Elberon, IA

Helped save my hair!

This stuff is great! I have very fine, thin, straight, virgin hair that I’ve been trying to grow. No matter how much I’ve tried to treat it gingerly and condition it (wash scalp only, condition all over – especially mid to ends), the ends have become brassy and looked like bizarre old outgrowth. Parts of my hair – front, ends, and behind my ears – were also fuzzy and almost completely dry after washing and putting it up in a towel for a few minutes. I tried using Wen for a time (good at first), but the honeymoon didn’t last. I knew I either had to find something to help moisturize my hair, or I’d have to cut it.I bought this jar right before Christmas and used it for about a week straight. I saw pretty immediate improvement! Because it’s so heavy, I’ve begun using it in conjunction with Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth Treatment (just on the scalp), and sometimes mix in with Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner.My hair right now is soft, more manageable, shiny, and uniform in color. Those parts of my hair that were almost completely dry after towel drying are more moisturized and no longer fuzzy!I’m pretty sure the Candelilla Wax has something to do with how well this stuff locks in moisture, but I don’t care – wax it up, baby!

Jasmine Humboldt, IA