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L’Oreal Professional Series Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Conditioner, Lactic Acid, 5-Ounce

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Conditioner is a fortifying and restorative conditioner for hair that has lost structure, volume and strength.

Key features

  • Featuring Lactic Acid technology
  • Fortifies dry and damaged hair
  • Adds structure, volume and strength

Honest reviews


Nice fragrance, but that was all for me

PROS: good conditioner, excellent fragranceCONS: did not “repair” my hair, very expensive (small bottle), had to apply a LOT of it to cover hairI blow dry, flat iron, color my hair. My hair used to be soft as silk. It’s still healthy hair, but I wanted to see if this would make the texture more like it was before all of the above. It lasted ~12/13 shampoos. GREAT fragrance, and while I noticed improvement in shine, hair health, and moisture when I used it, when it ran out and I just used the salon products I normally use, my hair looked and felt just like it did before using the L’Oreal product. So it’s a great conditioner, but definitely didn’t “repair” any processing damage to my hair.Won’t buy again.

Callie Castle Rock, CO

Good Product.

Love the prodcut and it goes a very long ways. It makes your hair shine and feel so soft and smooth.

Daphne Beaverville, IL

It isnt sulfate free

Doesnt worth the price and i stopped to used it after i did my keratin because this is not sulfatew free

Victoria Dobbins, CA

Maybe Not Right For Me

I had really high expectations for this conditioner, which is perhaps why I was disappointed. I knew it was a smaller bottle, but I didnt expect it to be THAT small. If it had worked wonders on my frazzled hair, I wouldn’t mind investing in something like this regularly, but it just didn’t do much for my hair, that I can tell.

Charlene Albion, IA

Good product, but expensive for such a small bottle! Go with the masque instead!

I can’t really say bad things about this product because it did work better than most conditioners and had good results for my dry-dyed-damaged hair. That being said, it’s really quite pricey given the tiny size of the bottle. Instead, I highly recommend paying 2x more and getting the 16oz jar of the Absolut Repair Masque. I use the masque like a 2 min conditioner every other day when I wash my hair, and the results are better and I use a lot less product because the masque is super thick!Overall, in absolute terms, this is not a bad product, but compared to the masque, the value there is much better. (Only point for this is that if you’re travelling, this is a much more convenient bottle to lug around than a huge jar.)

Carla Lebanon, SD


i love this conditioner, it works great on my damaged colored hair. but it is not profitable to order in such a small size.

Myra Le Roy, WV

Okay, hair feels stripped

I tried the Absolut repair after my hair was damaged by highlights after a straight perm. It felt like it stripped my hair more, and my impression was that it wasn’t much better than most drugstore brands. I do usually use salon products, and as far as a professional repairing conditioner, it didn’t blow me away at all.

Jana Grafton, VT

used it

I used this and it didn’t do anything to my hair this bottle is overpriced It’s tiny and very expensive

Ola Pahrump, NV

I like it.

It’s OK. It smells nice and it is moisturizing. However, I do not feel like it’s anything out of the ordinatry and I give it 4 stars.

Anna Enon Valley, PA

Incredible conditioner for dry or damaged hair

This works wonders on very dry and/or damaged hair. May also be good for a deep conditioning of normal hair. One of the best conditioners I’ve used. It smells great too!

Stacey Dresden, NY

Good But Too Expensive

This stuff works. It detangles and makes the hair very soft and silky. BUT, this is such a tiny bottle it lasted me only about a month. It’s too expensive. Matrix Biolage conditioner is a better bet, in my opinion.

Mattie Pleasant Dale, NE