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L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment, 1-Fluid Ounce

This potent serum boosts skin’s natural powers of regeneration so it regains the qualities of young skin. It’s a lightweight yet powerful boost to your skincare routine. See immediate results by using alone or with other Youth Code products. Skin looks rested, smoother and youthfully luminous. Signs of stress, fatigue and aging are visibly diminished.

Key features

  • Restore fresh glow
  • Boost hydration
  • Rapidly diminish first lines
  • Dermatologist tested for gentleness

Honest reviews


Similar to Genifique but better & less expensive

NOTE: The picture Amazon is showing is incorrect, this is not in a tube, it’s in an air-pump bottle. I have uploaded a photo of the correct item you will receive.A little background: I’m 45+, dry hormonal skin, I’d been using Olay’s Regenerist and Total Effects with some Neutrogena items thrown in also for quite awhile, but I’d hit a point where they weren’t working so well for me. So I picked up a few samples of Lancome’s Genifique serum.Now after a few weeks I can compare Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate and the L’Oreal Youth Code Serum. In case you don’t know, L’Oreal owns Lancme.While I loved what Genifique did for my skin I couldn’t justify spending $80 for 1 ounce of serum. Youth Code is even better, not only for the price, but this: After comparing these two serums, their ingredient deck is almost identical, except Youth Code contains two beneficial peptides that Genifique doesn’t have, as well as Youth Code contains N Hydroxysuccinimide, which is an ester used in skincare that helps reduce dark pigments and inflammation of the skin. Additionally, Lancome’s Genifique contains castor oil, which I’d rather not ingest through my skin or my mouth (yuck!).The only bad thing I can say about the Youth Code is I notice a little more perfume-y scent to this compared to the Genifique, but it dissipates in a minute or so.Youth Code has taken my skin up a notch from the Olay products. I’m using Youth Code until something better comes along — my skin is looking great, and I’m saving a ton of money over the high-priced Genifique.

Graciela Decatur, IN

Simply remarkable!

As a strictly department store skin care gal,I decided to try Youth Code because of its similarities to Lancome’s Genifique. I’ve been using Genifique, along with a complete Lancome skin regimen for over two years with great results. However, I’m finishing my college degree and money is a bit tight (I’m in my late 30’s, just so you know that I’m not an 18 year old reviewing wrinkle products). Therefore, I decided to try Youth Code since it made similar claims as Lancome.I can’t believe how soft and luminous my face has become. I’ve been using it for about a week now and it’s truly wonderful. It’s actually quite better than Genifique. No comparison. Since Lancome is owned by Loreal, I decided to check out the ingredients list for both products. They are very similar, but the Youth Code has a couple of other skin loving ingredients that Genifique lacks. They both seem to make the same claims that are also rooted in genetic research. The texture is almost identical, but the Youth Code is less slimy. Since I’ve been using Genifique for about two years, I’m very familiar with the texture and results and this is much better. Most importantly, my skin has improved vastly since the first time I used it. Even my hands are softer, since I use them to apply the product. I did not experience these same results with the pricier product.At this point, after I finish my other department store products, I will try the other Loreal creams. There’s actually a starter kit of this particular system available for a pretty good price. If it’s as good as the serum, I can’t see a reason to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive creams. Right now, I spend $80 on day cream,$80 on Genifique, $80 on night cream, and $60 each on eye cream and eye serum. Although my face looks great as a result, my bank account does not. I believe in quality skin care and don’t mind paying for a good product. But since I got such good results from this low cost serum, I am ready to try anything from this brand. Heck, I even bought the two newest Loreal foundations, Visible Lift Serum Absolute, and Magic Smooth Souffle. Honestly, these are the two best foundations I have ever owned. They are particularly wonderful if used after applying Youth Code serum and a moisturizer. Loreal has certainly earned my respect and business.It is my opinion that Youth Code serum is by far the best I have ever tried.

Elisabeth Rotan, TX

Not Really Sure

I gave it 3 stars because I can’t really tell if it did anything. The cream has a nice scent but otherwise I just can’t say. Sorry that I can’t give any info to anyone wondering if it’s worth it.The one thing I can say is that the price on Amazon is better than Walmarts. That’s one of the reasons I tried it.

Jenny Barryton, MI

Another let down

After reading all the positive reviews, I couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve been using this product for over a month now and see no changes. When first applied, it does leave the skin feeling firmer. However, it wears off. I won’t be purchasing this again.

Adele Bellefontaine, MS

Not good at all

I was using Genefique before youth code. I decided to give this a try due to its lower price. I finished the bottle but I must say this is nothing like genefique.Genefique leaves my face soft and youthful but youth code does nothing. Anyway I am back to using genefique.

Nelda Maxbass, ND

Love this product!

I have used many products on the market and this one has been one of the best. I bought this after reading the reviews and tried it along with my facial regimen. This product made my face feel smooth and soft. I am battling adult acne and the medication I use dries out my face. I am also at the age where I worry about wrinkles, especially around my eyes. I’ve notice a difference in the past 2 weeks of using the product twice a day.

Brooke Bethany, IL

not for my fair skin..

easy to apply, very smooth and skin feels tight immediately; but, on my fair skin, face turns red and slight burning sensation after a few seconds. After about 1 minute, the redness disappears and skin almost ‘cools off’. I stuck w/it for a month and decided to try something else to see if its my skin, or the product.

Pearlie Prosperity, WV

Better than the cream-not as good as De-crease was

While youth code cream is not bad, this serum is very light and fairly effective. I’ve been using both for almost two months and I am definitely seeing tighter and more luminous skin. I still use the loreal wrinkle decrease pen on my fore-head. This is NOT as effective as de-crease serum but since Loreal happily discontinues all their most effective products each yaer, I’m using what I can afford. When I have the spare cash I’ll by Lancome resolution and genefique serum.

Tiffany Ducor, CA

You have to try this!

Overall this is a great product. I’m in my mid-30’s with very sensitive skin that’s combination that still breaks out from time to time. I have noticed a significant difference in the overall tone and texture of my skin from using this line. The serum is very light but absorbs quickly. It’s not greasy and seems to not only work on tone and texture but also breakouts. I purchased the whole product line and I’ve been using it twice a day and I just love it!

Shana Hampstead, MD

Nice product

I saw this recommended on Dr Oz a while back. I don’t remember what it is supposed to do but what I like about it is that it helps the moisturizer go on very smoothly after it so I end up using much less.

Gina Dexter, KY

Great value

I discovered L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment through Allure’s list of award winning products. I hadn’t expected Youth Code to feel so smooth but I immediately felt that it moisturized and gave my skin radiance. I’ve become a big fan – it’s one of those products that gives you department store quality for drugstore prices.

Earnestine Midland, AR

This stuff works

I find that this stuff really works, I am on my third bottle of it, It actually has the same ingredients as the Lancome genifique. I really like it.

Tabitha Big Sandy, WV

softer, more youthful, even around the eyes

Just one pump of this product is enough to do my entire face, and then another pump covers my neck and decollete area. It sinks in quickly and leaves the area around my eyes immediately softer, smoother, and more youthful.I’ve been using it for close to 2 weeks and I do see an overall improvement of fine lines and clarity. I also started using a BB cream at the same time, so the two combined are really whipping my facial skin into shape!I wear it just under my eyes and on my cheeks/neck/chest during the day, and at night I apply it all over.I will buy again!

Latisha Amherst, SD

Unhappy Skin, Unhappy Nose

I was using Skin Genesis Serum and loved it, it really improved how my skin looked. But Loreal discontinued it and came out with this new product. So I tried it. My skin was not loving it. It got red and irritated. The redness would fade but was still irritating. My nose was not loving it – smells like bug spray to me. So off to find something else that will make my skin and nose happy again. And to make my eyes happy, too, since they see those pesky new wrinkles every day. (I hate when one of my favorite items is discontinued and I have to start a new search.) Eveyone’s skin is different. Youth Code serum may work great for you. It did not for me.

Denise Gould, OK

Years of use

I can’t really explain exactly what I like about this. I’ve used it for years in conjunction with Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. I can’t use it as a stand-alone product, but I definitely notice the difference if I don’t have it. Not the most helpful review, but this does great things for my dry skin.

Earlene Mount Olive, MS

No better or worse than similar products

I have used this for several weeks and find that I have gotten the same results from less expensive brands.

Ella Panther, WV

Not impressed

I got this product because it was on sale and the packaging seemed pretty enticing.Well, that’s where it all ends for me. I was pretty disappointed with the product. My face got bumpy after I started using it and I just didn’t see any wrinkle repair. When I discontinued using it the bumps on my face went away so I’m pretty sure it was a reaction to the product.

Angelita Bend, TX

Meh. Not that impressed

I read the reviews and the comparisons to genefique by Lancome.I’ve smeared it on several days in a row now, for over a week. It’s not bad. I just feel there is no THERE there.I didn’t experience any irritation, no breakout, no—nothing.It just has a cooling feel upon applying, but I can’t see any difference in my skin.Plus, sometimes when I get a little irritation or notice SOMETHING, that means change (cellular turnover, improvements, etc)Maybe it is just that I have enough good products that really seem to make a difference for me, and there is just no more room, but I wouldn’t buy it again. And the youth code eye cream seemed even more useless.

Florence Cheriton, VA

loreal paris youth code

Oh to sell a time machine in a bottle, NOT!!! Does nothing, absolutely nothing!Total waste of money. Very dry skin becomes drier!

Colleen Whitakers, NC

Love this serum!

I used this product faithfully, twice per day after I washed my face. I used 3 pumps of it – 2 pumps for whole face and neck, then 1 extra pump for my eyes, forehead, and around my mouth. After 90 days, there was a significant difference in my skin. My fine lines disappeared, and the two vertical lines between my eyebrows (i.e. “elevens”) are barely visible. This product works as well as Lancome Genifique, which is, depending on where you get it, 5-7 times the price.The serum absorbs well, isn’t sticky, doesn’t aggravate my acne or clog pores, and doesn’t make my skin itch or become red/inflamed like so many products do.I should add that I mixed in a half scoop of Philosophy Turbo Booster C powder in the a.m. to this serum, so the combination of these two products may be why my skin has improved so much. But I’ve used the Philosophy product alone, and my skin didn’t improve in the way it has lately. So, I’m pretty sure it’s the L’Oreal serum that gave my skin such dramatic improvement.

Penelope Mount Liberty, OH

Think I Expect Too Much

Every time I buy a new face product I expect to see dramatic changes…I know my expectations are too high. This product is fine – just can’t say it’s any better or worse than anything else I have tried.

Janis Rockford, OH

hydrates without grease

i have been using this serum for years and found a really good price for it here on amazon. at drug stores it is $20. the active ingredients are comparable to lancome’s product (genifique, i think), though i am sure the lancome version must have more of the active ingredient, because otherwise it seems like there would have been a whistleblower case by now. i love this product and i use it morning and night, on my face, neck, and chest. it hydrates my skin without being greasy and i use it before my sunscreen without reaction. in winter, i use a heavier face lotion, which i apply after using this product. i will continue to use this serum as long as it is appropriate for my skin type because i really like the way my skin feels after i apply it: smooth but not greasy at all.

Sonya Pittsburg, NH

great night serum for face

I had bought this before to try out from retail store ($20). I use it on my face and upper chest. It seems to keep my skin soft and soften wrinkles. I am a senior citizen and people are amazed at my face skin. The normal question is did I have plastic surgery. I had tried other creams and they did not seem to help. Your online price is very good compared to retail store. Yea!

Glenda Frewsburg, NY

Love the smooth feeling on your skin

Love the smooth feeling on your skin. Can’t say I have noticed any difference, but I love using this product.

Merle Kearny, NJ


I was looking for some face serum, and I’m on a pretty tight budget at the time. I love Clinique’s clinical dark-spot corrector, but again, I’m trying to be very frugal at the moment. I thought this would be a decent drugstore substitute, based on some other reviews.I haven’t really noticed any big improvements from this, other than it helps to keep my skin soft. I’m not noticing any changes with my complexion or the fine lines that I’m starting to develop. I probably won’t buy again.

Dionne Wyandanch, NY

I don’t know…

I’ve been using this for months and haven’t seen any difference in wrinkles… then again, I started using it because I wanted to avoid deep wrinkles in the first place, so maybe I just can’t tell. Still, I would expect to see some diminishing in the fine lines I already have, and I haven’t. For the price, it’s not worth it… there are probably better serums out there.

Annette Sutton, AK

jo jo baltimore

This lasted a pretty long time, I use it during the daytime on dry areas, and was surprised how effective, but light it was!

Jerry Grant, MI

Wont Stop Using this Ever

I’ve tested every cream, lotion, serum, hybrids etc etc. You name it….I have tried it. La Mer, EMK Placental, and other high end products are my regular routine type products and I didn’t think this 15 dollar serum would make the cut but it does. I tried it when I got a coupon and have vowed to never stop using it. It does make my skin glow more, not majorly but if I stop using it, within a few days my skin "dulls." Its hard to explain to people but my skin just lacks a bit of luster that I do notice and so did my mom. It is for this reason that I wont ever stop using this product. It does give my skin bit of a oomph. Its no miracle worker like some other products from the EMK Placental line I use but once you stop using this, and see nothing but dull skin staring back at you in the mirror, trust me, you’ll keep using it like me.

Julianne Mount Eden, KY

Great Product

I use this product with Loreal Revitalift and it works well for the damage to my face from my accident and helps with the aging process.

Cleo River Edge, NJ

Youth Code Serum

Has a nice texture and feels good on skin. Smells nice too. No miracles so far, but I am a patient person.

Liza Salem, MI