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L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Eye Cream Daily Treatment, 0.5 Ounce

Why is youth code right for me? With age, your skin regenerates less quickly. Time leaves a visible imprint: signs of stress, fatigue and aging seem to suddenly appear. After 10 years of research, L’Oreal scientists unlock the code of skin’s youth by discovering a specific set of genes that are responsible for skin’s natural power of regeneration. Genactiv technology with L’Oreal’s breakthrough genactiv technology, this powerful daily moisturizer can increase skin’s power of regeneration so it regains the qualities of young skin. See smoother, youthfully luminous and rested skim emerge. Plus, skin is protected with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 to help prevent future signs of damage. See dramatic results. Immediately skin is smoother, deeply hydrated, wrinkle reduction begins. After 1 week signs of stress and fatigue are visibly diminished, and skin looks rested. After 1 month: lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Key features

  • Reduces signs of stress, fatigue and aging
  • Dermatologist tested for gentleness and fragrance free
  • Youth regenerating skincare
  • 10 years of gene research
  • Ophthalmologist tested; non-greasy

Honest reviews


No longer impressed.

Okay…I bought this product two days ago, but I have already seen results. I’ve had under eye wrinkles and puffiness for about 4 months and it’s been driving me crazy. Concealers (I’ve tried several) had settled into the lines. Seeing this new product on the shelf, I decided $20.00 wasn’t too much money and if I didn’t like it, I still had the receipt. I’ll come back later and update my review in a month, but for now, my fine lines are less noticeable, puffiness is gone and I’m estatic about it. I’m going to order the day/night cream from Amazon.Update: November 26, 2011It’s been almost a year and about a week after using this product, it wasn’t working as expected. My wrinkles were less noticable but not gone the way I wanted. I decided to buy Dermae Peptide Plus Wrinkle Reverse Eye Cream. I love it so much that I use it every day. The jar is almost empty and I’m ready for another jar. It’s inexpensive (about the same price as Youth Code). It HAS kept my wrinkles at bay for a year. That’s all I’m asking!

Elsa Atchison, KS

I bought this and the serum, but feel like it was money wasted

I am a product junkie. I try new things all of the time, not just for my skin, but everything.I was excited when I read the hype and the reviews about Loreal’s Youth Code.I usually post over-the-top, very positive reviews. I don’t often take the time to comment on things I don’t like, unless I feel like I can save someone the trouble or wasted money. That’s why I’m posting this.The cream comes in a nice tube, has an odd little metal tip (used to keep the under eye circles cool and reduce swelling? You’d have to hold it on there for a while)It is non-irritating, has a pleasant scent, but I could tell no difference using it. I also used the serum, and while it felt good ‘going on’ I could see no positive results with it either.This eye cream felt like an inexpensive facial cream. No bells and whistles. I’m sure it moisturizes, but I didn’t feel there was some underlying code for youth in it.I like Olay Regenerist MUCH better, and even though I found it made my face red for the first week and a half, I could see a visible difference.Youth Code, nada.

Janna Glenwood Springs, CO

Loreal Youth Code Eye Cream

I bought this cream and got it last week. Tried it and right away did not like it. It is not moisturizing and does not dissolve into the skin well at all.I’m disgusted because I bought the Serum from this line for my face and really love it! Strange..Also, the seller wouldn’t allow me to return it because it was opened. If you buy this in a store and open it, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, you can return it with the receipt. My mistake.

Jamie Wrightstown, NJ

Poor and didn’t do anything!

It was ok didn’t really do much doesn’t work with the tip of the item. Won’t buy this again a waste of money

Guadalupe Vermontville, NY

love it

Really work i’ve been using this product since i was in high to tell you the truth this really work on my skin no rash or bump on my skin..

Deann Franksville, WI