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L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

This potent daily moisturizer boosts skin’s natural powers of regeneration so it regains the qualities of young skin – skin looks rested, smoother and youthfully luminous. Signs of stress, fatigue and aging are visibly diminished. This unique, luxurious formula leaves a light, velvety smooth finish. Apply in the morning to illuminate skin tone. Apply in the evening for overnight recovery.

Key features

  • Restore fresh glow
  • Boost hydration
  • Rapidly diminish first lines
  • Dermatologist tested for gentleness

Honest reviews


GREAT moisturizer that makes a difference!

First, I have to laugh at the reviews of “heavy perfumed” and “I had breakouts” let’s be real – you are very sensitive to smells, obviously, because this is no way perfumey! And anyone can have a breakout from trying a new product. So, if this made you break out, then yes, this is not a product for your sensitive skin. I think people w/sensitive skin should be buying “sensitive skin” products only. Makes sense, yes? For us normal skin people – this cream is awesome! It does what it says. Regenerates. I noticed a difference in two weeks. Glowing, smooth, moist skin. I use a little in the AM with my SPF and of course at bedtime – bedtime is the best for using your face creams as it gets to set all night. You don’t need a lot, so it lasts a long time. (Hint: for women to decrease wrinkles – use satin pillow cases only – also the satin does not absorb all your face creams like cotton cases.;) I worked for a plastic surgeon and know all the prescription creams and treatments out there and you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars. Perfect price for a great cream.

Arlene Sidney, KY

L’OREAL Youth Code.

When I first applied it, there was no greasy feeling and it instantly absorbed, and it made my skin tighter and more brighter.

Erica South Bend, TX

It made me break out.

I rarely have any pimples but this cream made me break out.I assume because it clogs pores.It also stings a little, right after you apply it.

Constance Naches, WA

A good product for such an affordable price.

I am 30 years old and couple of years ago I started to get fine lines on my forehead. I wasted a lot of money on famous brands anti-wrinkles and they gave me an “OK” result. I tried this cream and it’s result was better than my expensive creams(I can say it reduced my forehead lines by 70% while my expensive creams could reduce them by 50%) . I don’t say it was perfect, but considering that it gave me better result for much less money I really like it and give it 5stars.

Lana Chautauqua, KS

Love this!!

OMG I got this and used it and I absolutely love this stuff. Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated not greasy and love the overall appearance ya get and It does reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. Love the soft scent. Buy this product you wont be let down! Move over Olay…. Loreal youth cream has got ya beat on this! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Joy Puxico, MO

NOT good as De-Crease, NOT as great as Lancome but still recommended

Cannot change my review to THREE stars. After a month I’m not that impressed. Another reviewer aptly pointed out that Lancome owns L’Oreal, and they often put out similar products. That said the serum in combination with the day/night cream IS NOT as effective as Genefique. The one advantage Genefique has is that it is as light as a feather and can be used on enlarged pores and sensitive skin but the price (98.00) is simply out of reach for most.Youth Code is NOT as effective as Resolution refill either which I have found to literally erase wrinkles. Granted I’m over 30, nearly wrinkle free as it is and have always worn sunscreen so I have minimal signs of any ageing. My forehead and frown line is the one concern and Lancome resolution smooths it 100%. L’oreal now discontinued decease/collagen refill was a great, cheaper version, almost as effective and youth code now takes it’s place but is not as effective.

Mildred Spring Church, PA

You have to try this!

Overall this is a great product. I’m in my mid-30’s with very sensitive skin that’s combination that still breaks out from time to time. I have noticed a significant difference in the overall tone and texture of my skin from using this line. The lotion is very light but does a great job moisturizing right where I need it. It’s not greasy and my skin never feels tight afterwards which means it’s doing its job. I purchased the whole product line and I’ve been using it twice a day and I just love it!

Cornelia Melfa, VA

Loreal Youth Code

I started using Loreal Youth Code back in the winter to brighten up my skin. I have had good luck with Loreal products in the past so I was hoping to see my skin look fresher and soften the fine lines a bit. I was impressed with how it blended right into my skin and moisturized while I slept. After using it for a week or so I saw my skin getting the glow back. I have continued to use it on and off for the past few months rotating it with other moisturizers periodically. I was excited to get a free sample recently since I knew it already worked for me, how much more exciting can that get? I will continue to use it to keep my skin moisturized and prevent new fine lines. It also did not irritate my skin which is helpful.

Rosalyn Calumet, MI


Makes your skin feel like a baby’s butt. I have so many lotions and moisturizers but this is the best. Spend the extra money. It’s worth it and the jar lasts a long time.

Maura Warrens, WI

Good moisturizer

This is a nice, light cream that seems to work very well (I have normal skin) and, like all of the L’Oreal products, it is reasonably priced.

Deloris Zion Grove, PA

Like this line.

I have been using Youth Code for a year. I like it so much I now have my husband using it too!

Lori Gallipolis, OH

Best product out there!

This stuff is amazing! I used Lancomb renerge for years and this makes them look like idiots! It is soooo much cheaper and works a thousand times better! I am suggesting this to all my friends and family!

Joan Pecos, TX

Love it

It is a thicker cream (which I like). It does’t irritate my skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Better than some of the expensive products I use.

Lorrie Crosslake, MN

best day/night cream ever

first i have to say that i got this as a free sample from smiley 360. but i love what this day/night cream does for my face. i had some signs of age showing on my face. after i used this cream i didn’t have anymore. i use this all the time. it’s the best that i have found and i really like what it does for my face.

Alexandria Firebaugh, CA

Youth Code Regenerating Cream

I am 74, soon to be 75 and have always tried to take care of my skin. Never been a sun worshiper either so my skin was in pretty good condition, but looking a little faded. I bought some Youth Code serum and cream on a whim in a drugstore and have been using it faithfully for about a month. Today I went to a new beautician and she remarked, twice, on my “beautiful” skin. 🙂 She said it just has a glow about it. That was a pretty nice thing to hear at my age.

Pearlie Lostant, IL

good results for the price!

I like very much Loreal as a brand quality presentation results and price. I add now the serum and the results are more thanI expected.

Sonya Spotswood, NJ

Great For Wrinkles & Softness

This is a really great product. For one thing it leaves your skin feeling smooth and not sticky like a lot of creams. I like the fact that it’s easy to wipe off in the morning and ready to apply a fresh coat instantly giving an all day protection, Highly recommend to lighten those wrinkles!

Renee Strongs, MI

Smooth, light, and effective.

First off let me start by saying I have tried numerous different facial moisturizers and tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to skin care. I have been using this moisturizer for over a year now off and on. It has been off and on because I like to try new and different products, and I always come back to this one.The product is very light and creamy. It has not caused any oily feelings or break outs, and provides ample moisture for the day. I tend to have very dry skin but can also get the monstrous zit here and there. This keeps my face moisturized all day and feels wonderful on my skin. When I use it consistently I can notice a difference as far as the fine lines around my eyes, “crow’s feet”, and most mornings I can notice an immediate difference in the texture of my skin. It isn’t too heavily scented and has become my go to daily moisturizer. I would recommend it to anyone, especially at this price on

Sheryl Mc Clure, PA

Good facial cream

This is really soft. Makes your skin baby smooth. Just remember to wash your face and use a pore cleanser then this to make it even more effective. Beware of friends that may pet you after using this.

Katheryn Santa Clara, UT