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L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner, Black, 0.056 Ounces

Design a soft or dramatic liner look with Voluminous Eyeliner Mistake-Proof Marker

Key features

  • Design a soft or dramatic liner look with all day wear, up to 8 hours, that won’t smudge, smear or fade
  • The Slanted Applicator provides a controlled and continuous flow for ultimate precision
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Fragrance-free
  • Water-resistant

Honest reviews



I had never used this product before and was really shocked when I got it that it is really like a marker, in the way it looks. It goes on like liquid liner though so is a bit heavy (and hard) to put on the lower lashes. I still use a pencil for the bottom but use this marker to line the top.I think this is a great product for those who like the liquid liner look. And it stays on all day/ That’s a plus in my book!!

Dina Mayport, PA

Super easy to use, and looks great!

I am quite the dummy when it comes to eye makeup. I can never seem to get it to look right or straight or even. I was really worried about trying this eye liner, being that it is basically a liquid, but it was surprisingly very easy to use, even for me. I only use this on my top lid, just above/against the lash line. I did find it easier to apply when both of my eyes were open. Great for doing cat eyes too.

Colleen Shishmaref, AK

Too hard tip

The tip of this liner is to hard sometimes I thought it cut my eyelid, I give it 3 stars.

Valarie Florence, TX

Not thrilled.

This eyeliner is mediocre at best. The color does not go on evenly, nor does it go on smoothly. It doesn’t look like eyeliner, it looks like you took a dried out Crayola marker to your eyelids. The color is washed out at best and it begins to flake off after only an hour or so of wear. Its very hard for me to get a quick, smooth line and I take more time with this than any other eyeliner I’ve ever used.There are other, better “marker” style eyeliners on the market if that’s what you want. Pass this one up.

Rowena South Tamworth, NH

This product is responsible for my perfect cat’s eye look!

I was never able to master liquid eyeliner – but this product made me a master! I look naked without my cat’s eye look, lol. This is essentially, a marker with a chiseled tip, so it’s easy to control and to make the subtle graduated thicker/thinner line that I look best in. It wears well and washes off with mild soap and water. My big fear is that it is going to be discontinued. I have tried every other felt tip liner on the market – and nothing else works as well for me. Stocked up!

Jodi Waupaca, WI

No use for it

It seems like this was a dried up liner, nothing comes out and I wasted money. Regardless I will never buy this one again. What it looks like on the package is NOT what you get.

Monique Aliso Viejo, CA

Not really a fan of this stuff

I didn’t like the applicator it was way too thick for precision eyelinerIf you are looking for smokey, cool, but think lines or thinner cat eye no buenoa bit messy to wipe off too which is surprising because it goes on very clean when you can get it where you want

Marquita Christoval, TX

Shows up as a light grey color?

I’m not sure if I’m applying it incorrectly or if my eyes are just not cooperating, but this eyeliner isn’t really working for me.I’m a fan of liquid eyeliners over gel or pencil, and I usually stick to deep black colors. I bought this on a whim to test it out and I remember getting it to almost work maybe the first one or two times? Or maybe it was just blind optimism.When I do a swatch of this product on my hand, it goes on smoothly but doesn’t show up as black, but rather as a light grey color. When I try to line my upper eyelid with it, it hardly shows up at all. It almost feels as though the ever-so-slightly-too-liquidy liner that comes out has been too diluted or something. I guess it’s good if that kind of subtle definition is what you’re looking for, but it definitely wasn’t what I was looking for.The tip is great in theory, with an angled edge allowing for thin or thick lines. I just wish the color showed up more so I could actually test it out!

Dorothea Everetts, NC

Easy to use in a pinch

I like this eyeliner a lot–it’s easy to use and dries right away. It is more long wear than a standard pencil, but not quite as long-wearing and waterproof as I like. But the black is dark and pretty–a good deal and better than department store comps.

Marina Aylett, VA