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L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.32 Ounces

Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara has a revolutionary collagen infused formula and Millionizer Brush for amplified volume and definition. -The luxurious, buildable, No Clump Formula amplifies each lash instantly. Glides on smoothly, and lasts all day, while thickening and separating every lash for a clump-free, smudge-free look. -The Millionizer Brush is uniquely designed to amplify and seprate lashes from corner to corner while building breathtaking volume. -The built-in Clean Sweep Wiping System wipes the brush free of clumps leaving the perfect amount of mascara for an ultra-volumized clean lash look. Clump-free. Flake-free. Smudge-proof. All-day waterproof wear. Fragrance-free. Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • This luxurious, collagen infused formula glides on smoothly, thickening and separating every lash for a clump-free, smudge-free look that lasts all day
  • The Millionizer Brush is uniquely designed to amplify and seprate lashes while building volume and the built-in Clean Sweep Wiping System wipes the brush free of clumps leaving the perfect amount of mascara for an ultra-volumized clean lash look
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Fragrance-free
  • Waterproof Mascara

Honest reviews


Nice full brush; color still drops a bit at work

I work in a hospital and it can get warm or humid at times when busy. The color will smudge at mid shift under the eyes and it isn’t perfectly waterproof. I do like the full brush and the case which is easier to hold than some of the tapered mascara cases.The product came promptly with other Amazon purchases. The price was like drugstore price 7-8 dollar range. I’m still wearing it (it does a nice job with defining lashes). But i wish it was more lasting (hence the 1 star dropped). If they improve the formula, 5 stars then.

Adela Idlewild, TN


I use this along with my false eyelashes. Well, all I can say is fabulous. I will buy this again. I recommend the product and its seller.

Gina Comfort, WV


I liked it. It avoided clumping but after a while the insert to remove extra mascara came off and was a rather goopy mess.

Elaine Kerrville, TX

Drier but effective

I generally favor drier mascaras, but this is pretty dry. That being said, it does do what a mascara should do – separates, lengthens, and adds some volume. Oh, and colors your lashes of course. I have blond lashes so a good black mascara is essential. As fr waterproof, most definitely. It takes some serious scrubbing and tons of face wash/makeup remover to get this stuff off which is totally a pain at night but excellent throughout the day – not smearing or flaking!

Lilian Pendleton, NC

Favorite Mascara

I’ve tried tons and tons of mascaras at this price point but always come back to this one. I’ve purchased countless tubes, it’s seriously the best! I would recommend you apply two coats for the best look, one coat isn’t enough for this mascara.

Winifred Sayville, NY

Easy Brush

I love L’Oreal Voluminous. I have used it for years but I always use the non-water-proof. I needed to find a water-proof formula for swimming and a funeral I was preparing to go to. I decided to stick with L’Oreal and Voluminous despite the reviews complaining about the brush. I have no problem with the brush or the product. I really like it. Of course, it is somewhat harder to get off then what I am used to since I normally used non-water-proof. I would purchase again. However, I will continue to use my L’Oreal-Voluminous Non-water-proof formula for daily use and use the water-proof formula for situations that I feel call for it. It was shipped fine, no problems.

Isabel Jacksonville, MO

Wonderful Product!

I saw a bit on TV on the Rachel Ray show about this mascara and thought I would go and try it. And wow…it pretty much does what it says , with two coats there are no clumps, my lashes look longer and lusher and it doesn’t flack even after 10 hours of wearing it.I found this product for the exact same price as this company (Clear Skin Source)at my local big chain drugstore, so I will now be buying it through Amazon and this retailer and save the money on gas.

Darlene Ashburn, GA

Waterproof, Thickens, clumps a little, hard to remove

This is my favorite mascara so far and I have tried a dozen, looking for the perfect tube.My lashes are long and plentiful, and I like to accentuate them with mascara. I have been using this product even as I periodically try others. I still, so far, always come back to this one. I like the way it goes on — the applicator is better than most. Yes, there is still some clumping, but with practice, I have learned how to reduce the instance, and fix clumps that occur periodically.I like it because it stays on VERY WELL. It never smears on me — and I have been using it three years.It is difficult to remove when cleaning. Even the cleaners made specifically for waterproof mascara don’t really get it off. If you guys know of one that works to remove this brand of mascara, please share. I use the best cleaner I have on hand (Neutrogena) and just scrub a little and pick with my fingernails to remove. For now, that will have to work. (This is not problem enough for me to change mascara, because so far, like I said, this is the best mascara for me.)IF YOU WEAR CONTACT LENSES — this one will drop bits into your eye exactly like the other brands. Just wanted you to know that as far as I can tell, this one will drop a tiny fleck of product into my eye about once every 24 hours… for contact wearers, that hurts.I recommend this product because it is the best by far that I’ve found so far for me. If you know of a better one, I am watching for your comments! See my profile page for my makeup results. This is my normal make-up face.

Teri Roxie, MS

Seems good

I was using Bare Minerals mascara and it started out ok but this, this is great.I love mascara that makes my lashes long and plenty of them, this does just that. Then if i cry or sleep in it, i don’t end up looking like a racoon!

Denise Tyrone, OK

Fabulous Mascara – Great Performance!

L’Oreal Paris proves once again why their cosmetic line rules the runways! Million Lashes doesn’t clump, doesn’t smear, and cleans off your skin easily if you do make an accidental swipe when you put it on.I have very sensitive eyes and severe skin allergies, and experienced no negative reactions at all from Million Lashes. It doesn’t clump, gives you that long, false eyelash look without the falsies (use two coats for a really stunning look), and cleans off easily at night.Highly recommend!

Kaitlin Lesage, WV

Dry tube.

Came dry as the desert. Sucks but it’s cheap. What did I expect? Don’t buy it.

Marion Weaverville, CA

Great for the price

I purchased this mascara as an inexpensive add-on item after reading some of the good reviews. As other reviewers have mentioned, the brush is very big and bulky, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I have long lashes, so perhaps the large brush doesn’t bother me as much as it would bother someone with short or fine lashes. It doesn’t clump my upper lashes at all, but it is a bit much for my wispy lower lashes. I haven’t had any problems with flaking or smudging. It doesn’t quite live up to my favorite mascara (Rimmel of London’s Sexy Curves, which is no longer available locally) in terms of drama and boldness, but it does give me nice long, defined, dark lashes that look good for everyday wear. I’d highly recommend giving it a try; at this price, why not?

Marquita Sylvan Beach, NY

Not impressed

This doesn’t wow me at all. It didn’t last that long. It gave my lashes a longer appearance which is great, but I was kind of looking for volume. The brush is a little fat to work with. I would have enjoyed this more if it lasted longer than four hours.

Susie Carrizozo, NM

A good substitute for a phased out L’Oreal favorite

This is a pretty good substitute for the product they phased out, Lash Out waterproof mascara. Don’t know why they did that. It was the best ever. I see some vendors still selling it but for a HUGE price.Anyway, after checking different L’Oreal mascaras and other brands too (some were, in a word, terrible), I decided to give this a try and was glad to find that it does a pretty good job. No smears, no flakes, comes off easily with my good old reliable Albolene (a fabulous moisturizing face cleanser I’ve been using for over 30 years).I’ve ordered this mascara twice now and will continue to unless L’Oreal does another dumb thing and pulls a perfectly good product from its line.Oh, well.

Elisha Little River, SC

My Favorite

I think this if my favorite mascara. Never clumpy, but still really grabs your lashes, separates and extends. Very close to Benefit’s "They’re Real!" but for much less money.

Vera Spruce Head, ME

Arrived very quickly

I am very picky about my mascara, and this mascara id fantastic and is a great price. Thanks very much

Tracie Brigantine, NJ

Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara (Blackest Black)

I absolutely love this mascara this is the only mascara i use && will never change it for any other brand highly recommend A+++

Claudia Providence, NC

Best Mascara I’ve tried!

I tried a few of Covergirl and Maybelline mascara’s.I first tired the original Voluminous in waterproof.But I use to have prime it with a clear gel mascara first before applying the waterproof one,so it could separate my lashes and also have less clumping.I used it for 7 years an started getting tired of looking so dramatic.I started using this last year,an OMG! I love this one soo much better.No priming it with clear gel mascara to separate the lashes,it gives me a lot of length and some volume yet it’s natural looking minus the clumps.To remove it I use Alba Coconut Milk Face wash.Which it takes off the most stubborn waterproof mascara.A lil of residue is left behind but wiping it off with a sheet of tissue and BAM it’s gone.

Misty Brownsville, OR

My new favorite waterproof mascara!

I have very thin, sparse, straight eyelashes. I can’t believe what this mascara did with my lashes! I use a lash curler before applying it, and it really locks in the curl. This mascara really adds volume and even a little length. Once I got used to using the brush applicator, I had very little clumping. It stays on well throughout the day. To remove it, I use Neutrogena Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. This mascara “dethroned” Covergirl Professional All in One waterproof mascara as my favorite!

Holly Olathe, KS


Product works great. Definitely is the best mascara I’ve tried so far. Gets clumpy but only after you’ve had it for a long time.

Chasity Belgrade, MO


This mascara really lengthens and separated my lashes almost eliminating the need for a lash comb. I just love it!

Lesley Essex, CA

Pretty good mascara!

I love mascara and am always looking for the best one. I really like L’Oreal’s products so I decided to purchase this one. I had previously purchased the kind with the little round ball applicator, which was good at reaching the tiny lashes but kind of flimsy overall. This one is much better. With just one coat you get a nice even look and no clumps! The wand is a little bit bendy which worried me at first but so far so good. Add a second coat and your eyes really pop! I have fairly sensitive eyes and some waterproof formulas irritate my contacts but this one is fine. Doesn’t run with sweat or tears. Will purchase again!

Leta Chickasha, OK

Nice waterproof mascara, increases volume

Initially I had mixed feelings about this, I’d heard a lot about it, so just decided to try it out. It’s definitely a really good mascara, it volumizes my lashes instantly with about two coats, and stays put all day long as it’s waterproof, but it’s pretty difficult to get off even with an oil-based eye makeup remover and it invariably takes a few lashes off, which I don’t like at all.Also, it does clump a bit, and I prefer my (cheaper) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara over this which seems lighter on my eyes.

Judy Crescent, OR