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Loreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Mascara Lash Kit

Discover a breakthrough in fiber mascara technology. Voluminous false fiber lashes features a unique blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibers, the same material used to make false lashes to deliver lashes that appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted. No clumps or messy results. Just outrageous volume from every angle. Kit includes our kajal inspired smoldering liner, which adds an intense black definition to your eye.

Key features

  • Create a smoldering, dramatic, total eye look in just 2 easy steps with L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lash Kit
  • Kit includes Volumious False Fiber Lashes Mascara, Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner and eyeliner sharpener
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Fragrance-free
  • Washable Mascara

Honest reviews


good surprise

I actually purchased this for the eyeliner, but decide to try this because it was only a dollar more and let me say i was impressedd when I tried on the mascara. I havee very short lashes and this mascara makes them look so long someone actually asked me if I was wearing false lashes.

Latasha West Warren, MA

Nice creamy color, long lashes and a sharpener make this a great deal!

I mostly bought this for the eyeliner, but I really like the mascara, too. The sharpener was a nice bonus, and it seems easy enough to keep the longer shape of the liner, which is an advantage – the long, narrow tip helps make a smooth long line. I will buy this again before they sell out. It’s worth twice the money.

Olga Perryville, KY

Eyeliner Great! Mascara – not so much

Love the eyeliner – goes on easily – is soft, and stays well. The mascara – almost seemed old and gloppy – not for me. Will stick with the eyeliner!

Erica Ho Ho Kus, NJ

L’Oreal Eye Kit

I had my makeup done for a very special picture andthe makeup artist chose this kit to put on me.

Angeline Milligan, NE


Gorgeous, i love it , nice color, its so beautiful and cute, so great. and good quality (Hermoso ,el color es exacto al de la foto lo recomiendo)

Flora Webster, FL

I like this better now that I’ve tried some competing products

I bought this kit because it contained both a mascara and an eyeliner; I chose black because I have (dyed) black hair (I’ve read that blondes should choose browns instead of blacks).At any rate, my feelings about this product are a little bit mixed. However, after having tried some competing products, my opinion of this is a little more favorable than when I originally posted this review.Color/appearance: The color of both products is a nice, dark black. The eyeliner looks all right when on. The mascara does extend the length of my eyelashes in a noticeable and dramatic manner.Staying power/removal: Both the eyeliner and the mascara stay on all day without smudging or coming off. However, when it IS time to remove them, several different eye makeup removers have worked (as did washing my face with Cetaphil when I forgot to remove the eye makeup first).Size: The mascara appears to be a full-size product. The eyeliner, however, appears to come in a shorter pencil than if it was bought alone (I checked some of them out in a local Walgreens). I do worry that a fair amount of the actual eyeliner is wasted because it’s a thicker pencil and a lot of the product gets removed when the pencil is sharpened. (Note: this package does include a sharpener.)Application: The mascara is easy to apply but did clump a little bit on the second day; well into my second week of using it, very few days go by when I don’t experience clumps. Wiping the wand on the edge of the container to remove extra material does seem to help. While I think the eyeliner pencil is easier to handle because it’s thick, it’s difficult to smudge the eyeliner to create different looks. If you’re not looking for a blendable/smudgeable eyeliner, and prefer straight lines, this might work for you.In the end, this product has a fairly even mix of advantages and disadvantages, maybe slightly tilted towards advantages. I’d be open to considering the mascara again, alone, after trying some of the competing products. I’m less enthused about the eyeliner. However, if you’re experienced with pencil eyeliners and are looking to try one of the new "false fiber" mascaras, it may be worth giving this a try. 3.5 stars.

Hallie Wendell, ID