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L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara, 280 Black Brown, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara with a sculpting fiber formula that adheres to lashes for a volumized, sculpted lash effect. Lashes appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled at every angle. Clump-free. Flake-free. Smudge-free. Frangance-free. Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • Discover a breakthrough in fiber mascara technology for an outrageous false lash look
  • Fiber volumizing mascara
  • False lash effect
  • Long lasting

Honest reviews


Really does thickens and lengthens the eyelashes

My eyelashes are not long and about average on thickness, so I’m always on the look out for a mascara will make my eyelashes stand out and was curious when I saw this one at the store. Even though I was a bit skeptical, I found this mascara really does lengthens and thickens my eyelashes without using an eyelash curler but if I use the eyelash curler the look of my eyelashes are even more stand out.I bought Blackest Black which is very deep black and stands out. As I put it on, with each stroke I can see my lashes getting longer and thicker. The trick to keeping the mascara from clumping as you put it on, is turning the brush a quarter of a turn, after two or three strokes. Plus as you pull the wand out of the mascara container, gently wipe it across the opening. Wiping the wand across the edge of the mascara bottle’s opening also makes sure the mascara doesn’t clump in random sections on the mascara brush while evenly distributing it across the brush. The tip of the brush does a good job reaching the eyelashes on outer corner of the eyes and the hard to reach little eyelashes. The overall look isn’t clumpy but smooth looking which I am very happy with and my eyelashes still feel soft.Even though my eyelids get oily as the day goes on, this mascara stays on all day without flaking around the eyes with very minimal smudging and is very easy to clean off. I wash my face withNeutrogena Naturals Cleanser + Makeup Remover, Fresh Cleansing, 6 oz.and have no need to use an oily eye makeup remover to remove this mascara, I love that.L’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara is my new little miracle in a bottle for my eyelashes. I was a dedicated Lancome DEFINICILS High Definition Black Mascara (6.5g) .23 Ounce user until this gem. I highly recommend this mascara!

Nina Bowen, IL

Great, for about 3 weeks…

L’Oreal mascaras are in my opinion, some of the best that you can find at the drugstore. At first, the False Fiber Lashes was no exception.The wand is average-sized, it’s almost triangular in shape. The best feature of this mascara, however, is the brush itself. It’s very dense and packed with bristles which help it to coat every individual lash.The formula is okay. The first week I used it, it was clump-free, thickening, volumizing, and very black. It literally looked like I was wearing false lashes. I’m currently on my third week of using this mascara and unfortunately the formula has dried out quite a bit. As others have said in their reviews before me, the brush is so dense and takes so much of the mascara itself that it dries out easily. It still thickens and volumizes, but I’m starting to get large clumps when I apply it.Overall, I really like this mascara. But it’s only good for about 2 weeks, and then move on to something else!

Lidia Valliant, OK

Somewhat surprising

So I must admit I am a bit of a mascara snob. Typically I prefer Givency or MAC, however on a lark I thought I would try a less expensive brand. After a few uses I was actually rather pleased. Their short and long fibres do work well together and the product did give me some nice length. My only caution to those that aren’t aware, the models for most all mascaras have false lashes or have been photo enhanced so do not expect to recreate their precise look. (in Europe manufacturers are required to disclose this). That being said, for less than $10.00 I think it was a good buy.

Jeanne Cottekill, NY

Pretty good drugstore mascara.

So far, im pretty pleased with this mascara. It lengthens and provides seperated, semi-full lashes. Better at the lengthening though.Be careful, will clump if there is too much product on the brush. I recommend using this with another mascara for best results.I think LOreal has some of the best drugstore mascaras out right now. Glad I tried this one. It’s not perfect and it sheds a little but definetly an improvement.

Christie Anita, PA

Mascara Fail

So…I really wanted this mascara to work. I hate paying money for cosmetics that aren’t even usable…and this isn’t usable.Let me back up-I didn’t buy this from Amazon. I got it in a drug store…but I had to write a review-which is something I rarely do-because it was so bad.I expected this to be like the other products in the Voluminous line. I love the other mascaras. LOVE them. But this…from the second I pulled the wand from the container, the fibers were flying. And the fibers aren’t tiny-they’re big enough to pluck from the wand-probably a good centimeter or two. That’s scary when we’re talking about putting that next to your eye.Second, there’s no way to keep this stuff from clumping. None. It’s a big wet sticky clumpy mess. I agree with “Holy Clumps Batman” because it feels like stage makeup, I swear.This product gave no visible volume, ruined the curl,definition, and length that I have naturally, and the fibers looked unnatural hanging off the tips of my lashes. I strongly recommend to stay with the regular Voluminous line or use something totally different. Anything but this.

Annmarie Evergreen Park, IL

Fiber Lashes…Really?

This product was like most mascaras in my opinion. Where were the fiber extensions? Not in this product, I would not purchase this product again.

Ramona Bayside, NY

Too Dry and Too Much Feathering

Although I love L’Oreal products, this was not the best mascara I’ve tried. I found that it feathered way too much. I always felt like I had something in my eye, and more often than not I’d find little black fibres in my eye. Also I found that by the end of the day, I’d have numerous fibres under my eyes and on my cheeks. It looks awesome when you first put it on, but then as time goes by, it becomes very dry and the fibres start falling off your lashes. I would hate to imagine what those fibres in the eye would do to contact lens wearers. I don’t recommend this product. There are better products out there, like the original Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal.

Beverly La Loma, NM

It Really Is Voluminous

My lashes are thin, light blonde (almost invisible unless you’re really up close), and medium length. This mascara completely changes that though. I actually grabbed the color “black” by mistake (I usually get the “blackest black” in whatever brand I choose) but I didn’t notice any difference color-wise; it was still satisfyingly dark. If you apply one coat, you get a nice, almost every-day type of look. But this mascara is buildable and if you want a darker, more dramatic look, then this can be achieved as quickly as applying the second layer. There is absolutely no clumping! This mascara also multiplies my lashes and creates a really voluminous look (what can I say, the name was well chosen ^_^). I think the false fibers helped with that; they help fill in the gaps so your lash line is completely full. Another thing that is really impressive to me is that this mascara holds your curl ALL DAY! I’m talking from 8 in the morning until 11:30 at night. I also like the tube; the cap makes a “click” noise when it’s screwed on completely, which ensures it’s on tight and you know there’s no air getting to it. I didn’t have the problems others mentioned. Regarding wetness, I would recommend the waterproof version (which is what I have) because I can assure you it does not feel wet and heavy on your lashes nor does it cause them to stick together. Very rarely I notice a microscopic amoung of flaking under the eyes, but it’s so minimal that I only notice up close and it’s easy to wipe away; I do not notice the false fibers falling out, and they don’t irritate my eyes either like anohter false fiber mascara did. It’s fairly easy to take off at night with makeup remover, but depending on how many layers you apply, it could get tough to make sure the product is completely removed from your eyelashes, so that’s my only negative.Overall, this mascara makes your lashes dark, voluminous, multiplied, and holds your curl all day. No flaking, no clumping, and it’s affordable. Definitely one I’d reccommend.

Louise Saline, LA

well that was terrible

This is one of the worse mascaras I’ve ever bought. It’s runny. Within one hour of wearing it I had racoon eyes. It’s supposed to come off with soap and water but it took two days to get this off completely.

Sylvia Sunset, ME

Looks like a mud mess

I would not pay even one dollar for it.I received it as a free sample and used only 2 times. Like a mud! Makes mess on eyelashes, not smooth, not eve close to be at least not perfect but Good.

Noemi Bellwood, PA


I admit, I did not purchase this, I won it from the L’Oreal facebook giveaway. Thank goodness I didn’t buy this! This is a pricey drugstore mascara, and not worth it! I’ll start with the good though. I really liked the brush, I was happy to see it wasn’t plastic! The color is nice-a very rich black. I also like that the cap clicks into place when you close it. I like knowing that it’s fully closed so that it doesn’t dry out. The bad however…way, way way too much product comes out. I had to wipe off the wand before using it, and an amazing amount would still be left! After a few hours, the formula flaked on me, which I was surprised about. I had only used it for a month before the formula got very clumpy and messy. I wanted to like this, but honestly, i’m happy it was free.

Bridget Moyers, OK

Absolutely Fabulous

I am fairly picky about my mascara. I already have fairly long lashes… I know, no hardship to those of you who wish they did, but can be fairly irritating when they are not tamed. They poke me in the eye or stick together after mascara’ed… again, no large hardship. I really enjoy this mascara because I am able to wear it fairly dramatically (two or three coats) without it clumping up or looking like tarantulas hatched out on my eyes. I am a very big fan of the brush… it’s not very full, but it’s multi-dimensional and so it coats very evenly and curls beautifully. I’ve noticed that after using it for a while it seems that I don’t need to use as much of the product to get the same result as well… almost as though it trains my lashes to act the way I want them to. Highly recommended… I only gave it four stars because it doesn’t last as long as other products I’ve purchased… dries out quicker with repeated uses… but it’s well worth the money to purchase more.

Lorrie Stoutland, MO

Very Lengthening

I disagree with the name. I find that this mascara is more lengthening than volumizing, at least in my case.It is a dramatic look and not truly natural. I would wear this more for evenings than day time wear.You really get the most out of your lashes with this mascara and it’s very dramatic.

Wanda Deerfield, OH

Really does what it claims

I just bought this recently after trying the L’Oreal Million lashes and I am totally sold on the Voluminous False Lashes Mascara. The volume and and length are incredible. The Million Lashes mascara is great but, this one creates false lash effect and I’ve had friends compliment me on my lashes (and of course I told them about this product). I did not experience any of the negative things other reviewers wrote about. I had no clumping, no flaking, no raccoon eyes. It wears well throughout the day and comes off very easily with non-oily eye makeup remover. I highly recommend it.

Donna Mc Roberts, KY

My HG mascara

I have naturally very long and dark eyelashes to where I don’t really "need" mascara, but this helps thicken them up a bit and gives them lift – I don’t need to use an eyelash curler. With even a minimal coat of this, it looks like I have false lashes but not gawdy or anything. LOVE THIS! Be sure the scrape the excess on the sides of the tube before use.

Noreen Peru, NY

Good Stuff – Repeat Customer

I have purchased this product more than once now. It does indeed give volume, length to the lashes. Next best thing to false lashes indeed!

Dorothea Orcas, WA

Great mascara

This mascara rivals any department store mascara at a fraction of the cost. Lengthens lashes and washes off easily, priced competitively.

Lucia Silerton, TN

Good Mascara.

I really like this mascara, but as many brands do, it dried out fairly fast – like in less than 2 weeks. A couple of drops of water fixed it, so far. I really like the color. It’s way more brown than black, and with fair skin and hair, that looks better than black.

Jennifer Fairview, KS

Wayy too clumpy

Trying find something that’ll make my eyes pop using little make up. This wasn’t it. It’s not cause it doesn’t do that job it’s cause it’s sooo messy and clumpy to use!If you wipe it to try to unclump it it smears everywhere then it’s just hell to make it look good.

Betsy Salem, VA

Really Lengthens Lashes

This is such a great mascara. It makes my lashes so long they touch my eyebrows! It’s not very volumizing, but that’s ok, I just put on some Maybelline Falsies mascara before I put this on and it looks like I’m wearing false lashes. 🙂

Margie Wyandotte, MI

I Expected More. The Line Is Substantial Just Not This.

Ok, this wasn’t false lash worthy by far. It was ok but it didn’t even do the over dramatic cheap trashy creepy crawler eyes which none of us want but it seemed almost dry. The consistency was dry and almost sticky with less gooey and more of a stick.The wand isn’t very good either because you can easily get the mascara on your eyes if not careful. It’s is now with one other mascara in my in case of emergency (the emergency being I lost my other makeup) box.I didn’t expect Christian Dior Show, but I wanted this big gold bottle with false last effect to be a little better than this.

Stephanie Maxwell, NM

Caution to Contact Lens Wearers

I wear contacts, so I’m always hesitant to try new mascaras in case they irritate my eyes. However, I heard such great things about this I decided to give it a try. I know this says ophthalmologist tested, but I found this mascara very annoying. My eyes got very dry.This went on great–I was thrilled with the long lashes I got sans clumping. Unfortunately, by the afternoon it had mostly worn off–the area around my eyes was tinged gray, which I’ve found to be a problem with formulas that don’t last long. I wouldn’t recommend this for that reason; even if you don’t mind reapplying, it’s a pain to wash off the rest of your face.

Carol Elmhurst, NY

Way to clumpy. Not worth the money. You …

Way to clumpy. Not worth the money. You can get nicer mascara in drug stores for cheaper. Also doesn’t make your lashes longer or thicker then any average priced mascara.

Daisy Greensboro Bend, VT

pretty good buy

I purchased this mascara because i have been using false eyelashes for quite some time but. i notice the eyelash glue irrate my eyelids. so i hated that i had to go back to mascara. because one my eyelashes were long and plush once upon a time now they are short and boring in the modern day. and second why i really did not want to wear mascara again because it’s hard very hard to remove. especially for me because my lashes are so short. i have to triple up on mascara coats.but with that said this mascara really wakes up my short dull lashes and gives me that wide eyed sexy marilyn monroe doe eye. which really makes me happy because hey who does’nt want the look of the worlds most sexed eye’s that ever was on earth?

Kathryn Pierson, IA

mascara was flaky and dried out

I was excited to use this product but unfortunately when I opened it I noticed that the mascara wand was flaky and dry. The mascara was dried out. : (. This has never happened when I purchased it in the store so I’m not sure why this happened.

Morgan La Salle, IL

Ugh – Hated it

I got this mascara after watching a YouTube video about how to do makeup for “cat eyes”. The girl in the video recommended it. This stuff is awful. It has tons of tiny fibers in it, which add nothing to the product as far as I can tell. Honestly, this is the clumpiest, smeariest mascara I have ever bought. Even the cheap stuff from Walgreen’s is better than this.

Liza Mound City, MO

Love this Mascara!

I love this mascara it never flakes or smears on my upper lid even after wearing it all day. It lengthens and thickens my natural lashes to look as if I have false eye lashes on. Great for every day wear.

Anita Genoa, NE

Like it!

I really like this mascara! I *might* even like it more than my usual Voluminous Carbon Black. I don’t have any issues with clumping or “spider lashes”, and I typically apply 4-6 coats! It lengthens and increases volume and I can barely even detect the fibers. The formula is a bit dry, but I think that helps make it layer-able. I will re-purchase for sure!

Jeannie Fayetteville, TN

Lengthens for miles!!!

I have short, straight, asian eyelashes. They are practically invisible. Nothing adds more to your face like a pair of curled, thick, long eyelashes. I have tried a number of mascaras, and was excited when I saw this Black Lacquer mascara. It was everything I was looking for, a volumizer, lash lengthener, and ultra-black. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have been using this product for about 1 month now and this stuff works. I do still have to curl my lashes, but after one coat of this stuff, they are noticeably longer and fuller.

Meghan Sulphur, OK

I have loved this one for years

I have tried lots of different mascara’s – this one is a proven performer. I always come back to it. It’s consistent. I have little lashes – thin – the opposite of my hair for some reason – anyway I digress – I’ve used this product for years and I’m always happy with the results. Price is much better here than "out there" too.

Fern Dixfield, ME