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L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.34 Ounces

Discover your lushest, most luxurious lashes with extra-volume collagen mascara. made with hydra-collagen, it enhances the thickness of your lashes for up to 12x more impact without any clumps. our patented brush is 50% bigger so it builds that incredible.

Key features

  • Lash-plumping technology delivers high impact and incredible wear without any clumps, flakes or smudges
  • The Hydra-Collagen Complex Formula is infused with collagen to enhance the thickness of your lashes
  • Patented Instant Impact Brush is 50% bigger than a classic brush so it builds that incredible volume fast
  • Up to 12X more impact, breathtaking volume
  • Ophthalmologist and allergy-tested; suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Honest reviews


Great at first, but then dissapoints

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect, inexpensive mascara. I wear it everyday so I need it to last and work well. I’ve had this L’Oreal mascara for just under 2 weeks and already it’s gone from impressive to clumpy as heck. I think the problem is the brush is just too thick. I realize that is what usually creates the fullest lashes, but I’m now having to use an eyelash brush every morning to fix all the clumps I get when I put the mascara on. The first couple of times I used it, it actually went on very smooth. No clumps at all, and a great dark black color. Now, it’s just a mess. While it doesn’t smudge if I accidently rub my eyes, it does start to flake by the end of the day. I will not be buying this product again. I can’t be buying new mascara every 2 weeks…

Judith La Porte City, IA


This was absolute garbage. $7.00 garbage, not to mention. The product certainly didn’t live up to its promises. It promises fuller lashes, without clumps. For starters, WAY to much product is on the wand. I ended up having to scrape lots of it off on the side of the tube. But even after that, I still had to comb my eyelashes to get the clumps out. It does however, promise to be an easily washable mascara, and that part is absolutely true. Sad to say though, I used this just a few times, and gave up on it. I was expecting something better from a brand that is usually pretty good.

Cathy Creswell, NC

The brush ruins it

I hated this mascara. Bought it at a store and immediately returned it. The brush is so short and thick and stumpy and not curved, it ruined it. Makes applying it totally impractical. Also I found the mascara itself to be clumpy. Waste of time.

Lucille Milo, MO

Not great, does not give that much volume or length

I had high expectations for this mascara but I am really not impressed. Does not give my eye lashes extra volume like it says on the packaging. Just ok mascara, I will not but this again as there are much better options out there for the same price.

Pearlie Mineral, VA

Love it

Love this mascara!!!!! it really does look like on has lake eyelashes…. It does not smudge and it is pretty easy to remove it, all one needs is to wash their eyes with any regular cleanser…. Very satisfied. With my mascara

Britney Martinsville, MO

works like a charm

exactly what i wanted. makes my lashes long and full. goes on smooth and not clumpy. it has a big brissel brush which i like a lot. very pleased with this mascara.

Aileen Kanawha, IA

Not crazy about it…

The bristles are very hard, it hurts my eyes kind of when I put it on. They’re “bristly”. Not worth it. I won’t be buying it again. Voluminous is the way to go, along with CG Marathon which they don’t make anymore but I STILL have mine and it is excellent.

Latanya Mountain View, OK

Doesn’t require lots of coats!

This mascara has sped up my make up process. It doesn’t require coat after coat. Goes on smoothly, coverage is superb. Wears well until I take it off at night. No flaking throughout the day. I like the L’oreal Voluminous too but I do feel this one is superior.

Colette Lagrange, GA

Good valued mascara

My farend used this mascara and she says that it rather good. It’s provide all described features. But, as I know, the mascara is personal kind of pruduct, and you couldnt actualy know will it be good for you or not, before you’ll tey it.

Brittney Pedricktown, NJ

Working for me so far!

Okay, if you’ve read any of my other mascara reviews (such asCoverGirl Lash Blast Length Mascara – Black/ Brown), you will know that I am on the endless quest to find the “perfect” mascara. I have not QUITE found it with this product, but so far, it is in the lead. ;)One problem I have is that I go back and forth between lengthening and volumizing products. I tend to lean towards the former, as my lashes are clearly quite short and stubby, but sometimes I find that the volumizing mascaras wind up producing a better overall look. Such was the case with this product, which I bought on a whim when it was on sale and I had a coupon. This product has a traditional brush–as opposed to the new-fangled plastic ones that you see everywhere today–and it is LARGE. L’Oreal boasted this as a selling point, but I was a little concerned, as my eyes are on the small side; I wasn’t sure how well the large brush size would work for me.I’ve broken the product down further into PROs and CONs below.PROs
• Dramatic effect! The product applies well and really does make my lashes look dramatically fuller AND a bit longer as well.
• Going back to a traditional brush was actually kind of a relief, and overall, I found that it worked fine.
• The product seems to last all day (with the exception that I bought the regular formula, not waterproof).CONs
• TOO MUCH product comes out on the brush–I hate this! I have to wipe the brush along the sides of the container several times before I even try to apply it, and there is STILL too much. L’Oreal could have solved this problem by doing something simple like making the opening a bit narrower so that the brush was naturally wiped down more before exiting the tube. It also would have eased the application process a bit, as because of this, there is…
• Some clumping due to too much product. I can solve this by combing through my lashes with a comb/old brush, but it’s a pain to have to go through this extra step.
• I don’t like the huge tube! Why this trend? It’s awkward to fit anywhere (makeup case, vanity, etc.), and not great to use, either. Mascara manufacturers, please give us slim, streamlined tubes!Despite the cons, I really do like this product, enough so that I will probably go ahead and try the waterproof version the next time I have another coupon. I do wish L’Oreal would make a few improvements, but until I find something better, this is the mascara that I will continue to buy. Final rating: 4 1/2 stars.UPDATE 12/10/10: I’ve discontinued my use of this product, as the brush became harder and harder to use as more product clumped on it over time. In addition, the mascara began to dry out MUCH more quickly than other brands. At this point, I am seriously considering re-purchasingMaybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara, Very Black – .28 oz, the one mascara that has come closest to meeting my standards.

Shelia Vaughan, MS

Love the volume and fullness of this mascara, and the brush

Works great, stays put. Only my very hardest workouts/yard work sessions, in extreme heat and humidity, have made this smudge. It has never run.Might try it in blackest brown or brownish black, whichever they offer, next time. I think such a dark black is perhaps too dark for my brown eyes/very pale skin color, for daytime.Perfect for defining the eyes at night, perfect for giving really full looking lashes, very easy to use to get the look you want. Tube it comes in and the brush on the wand are very nice, too.

Candace Churubusco, IN

Really Nice for the Price

I really like this mascara because it isn’t clumpy at all, but has a way of making my lashes look extremely full and long. The best thing about this mascara is that, although it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t smear even if you do have rather watery eyes (like I do) and it rarely flakes. It’s really great for my lower lashes and when I do want to wash it off, it comes off cleanly.One thing I don’t like about this mascara is that it’s really hard to apply a second coat for some reason. I like the ability to apply a second coat to my lashes occasionally for a more dramatic look. While my lashes don’t feel hardened by this and they are still flexible and soft, if I try to do a second coat a few minutes (or a few hours) later, it’s like the mascara won’t stick to itself very well and gets clumpy, and that’s when I’ll start to see flakes. Also, I’ve had this particular mascara not too long (about a month or two) and it’s seemed to have dried out rather quickly.Other than that, I would recommend this mascara because it goes on smoothly for one coat, stays on very well, and it seems to thicken the lashes without making them feel dry or too crispy.

Socorro Oldham, SD

My favorite

I have searched high and low for the perfect mascara and this comes pretty dang close!!! I have used the really expensive ones to the drugstore ones and this feels like the luxury brands without the price tag. Does not flake, clump or smudge and is a beautiful dark black.

Glenda Alma, GA

works great

Great colors, lasts long and makes your eyelashes appear fuller with no clump. I got this for my daughter and she loved it.

Ebony Strawberry Plains, TN

I love this mascara!

This is a great mascara and works great for me! I don’t like wearing eyeliner just because it always runs and this thickens my lashes enough to give me the look of wearing some eyeliner :)It doesn’t seem dried out at all and i’m fine with the amount of product that comes out on the brush :)I don’t have any problems with flaking and it comes right off with soap and water!Recommended!

Elnora Spalding, ID

Love it

Every single word on the packet is true. I am so happy finlly finde this product. It works great. Nice

Alexis Rewey, WI

One of the Better Mascaras

This is one of the better mascaras I’ve tried recently. The brush is large and dense, the liquid is fluid enough, so that it feels wet when you put it on your lashes. It coats the lashes nicely, with a minimum amount of clumps. It wears well, it doesn’t dry out too much by the end of the day. I put my mascara on twice to make it thicker, darker, and bolder. I coat the lashes once with however many strokes it takes to make the lashes fully coated. Then I wait until they dry and I apply mascara again. I find I get better, bolder results this way. I’ve used it for two weeks, and it hasn’t dried up in the tube, but I do see some small clumps left on my lashes, and that’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Otherwise, it is great and I highly recommend it.

Estelle Lodi, NJ

Great Mascara!

This is the only mascara use. I like that it isn’t clumpy and like the applicator. I will continue using this product.

Marta Lakeland, GA

Like this mascara

This is a great mascara and a great price on amazon. It makes my lashes dramatic without being too clumpy or brittle. It’s one of the few top mascaras that I have repurchased. You know you like a mascara if you buy it again girl!

Gracie Auburn, GA

false lash effect!

I love the way this mascara makes my fine lashes look so full. It dries matte though and tends to crumble and u end up with bits of mascara in ur eyes throughout the day…ESPECIALLY the waterproof one to it. So be very careful. But it does give a great false lash effect.

Tammy Verona, WI

Love it!

This is my favorite mascara. Lashes look fuller, thicker and longer without clumping. Easily removed witheye makeup remover or soap and water. Great product for the money.

Kathryn Plympton, MA

Another good mascare from L’oreal

I wanted to try this mascara from L’Oreal because they make such good mascara. This is another good mascara and it makes my eyelashes look good.

Chelsea Underwood, WA

Great mascara!

I really like the Loreal Paris Extra Volume Mascara! It really does give much volume to your lashes! I also like that it contains collagen. Another plus with this mascara is the fact that it isn’t waterproof, but it stays on so well. I love to build up my lashes really thick and this mascara does the job! I also got this mascara cheaper online than compared to my local drugstore. The price was great and the shipping was fast! Good buy….

Luella Brewton, AL

Incredibly Clumpy

I liked how thick and full my eyelashed looked the first week I used this. After that, the mascara became incredibly clumpy and looks really bad. I normally buy Maybeline full and soft mascara which I’ve been using and loving for years, but the store was out so I thought I’d try this. Waste of money.

Sonja West Sacramento, CA

wondeful mascara

This mascara works well, it makes your lashes long. It makes the eyes almost look like false lashes. This is all I ever use. I recommend this to everyone. […]has really cheap and the shipping is only […]cents.

Maricela Carmen, ID

Wish I could take it back

A few websites named this the best mascara saying how it lengthened the look of your lashes. I don’t really have a problem with length but I needed to replace my old mascara so I figured I’d give it a go. BLECK! This is the worst mascara, besides Great Lash, that I’ve ever bought.It’s pretty wimpy given all of the expectations I had for it. I had waterproof Lash Stilleto before this and while it looked great it could be hard to remove. This stuff is about average in the removal department but if it doesn’t make your lashes look thick and beautiful, it kind of defeats the purpose. It might be for some people but my lashes say no go.

Allie Twentynine Palms, CA

Love it

I love this mascara. The brush is bulky and thick and I love it because it translates it to my eyelashes and make them look doll-like!! Lasts all day and my go to mascara!

Kimberlee Jersey, VA

Great Second Coat!

Very black, goes on w/ just the right amount, makes lashes long, holds curls well. My routine is to use an older mascara (drier) to coat the individual lashes, then apply this mascara, which is really black, builds volume, good length, and retains my lashes’ curl and the lashes feel nice, not hard or crunchy like some others. I really like this mascara and will buy it again.

Luisa Burns, KS

not a favorite

i find that this clumps and dries out very fast. its definitely not something i would repurchase. doesn’t extend either as advertised. had some cheaper and better mascaras

Elise Scottsville, KY

Lengthens lashes like no other!

This mascara lengthens lashes like you cant even imagine! I’ve been using it for years and often get asked by other women what I am wearing.The only problem is that it does flake after wearing it for extended periods of time and can be difficult to remove with soap and water.

Rosie Stony Run, PA