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L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro Glossy Volume Shampoo, Fine Hair, 13-Fluid Ounce

Fine hair can appear flat, dull and limp and tends to lack volume and shine. After using Glossy Volume shampoo & conditioner fine, limp hair is injected with airy volume, body and glossy shine without weighing down hair. Recommended by the hair experts at L’Oreal, glossy volume with weightless plumping complex adds airy volume and glossy shine.

Key features

  • Cleanses while adding weightless volume
  • Injects pure, glossy shine without weighing down hair
  • Provides fullness and body

Honest reviews


L’Oreal Paris Vive…

I liked this product because it gives hair great volume with a beautiful shine. I don’t think there is any shampoo like it. I haven’t tried it yet. It keeps hair looking great in between washes.

Marla Lovelaceville, KY

Smell Good as it Works

I used this shampoo and conditioner works well for my fine hair and I like the smell, I am so glad to have ordered the both of them. will uses this often don’t need much either.

Jesse Boss, MO

excellent value

It does produce volume and conditions well but the best part is it detangles as well. Have fine hair and it makes it easy to comb thru damp hair.

Yvonne Colfax, WI

Does what it says

I use this when I run out of my usual Korean hair conditioner. It detangles and makes my hair shiny but I use a lot more of it.

Frankie Woodland, WA

Excellent shampoo! Fine hair texture looks very thick.

I’ve been using this shampoo for many years and love it. It doesn’t condition which is perfect for baby fine hair. It gives hair lots of volume and shine.

Graciela El Cerrito, CA

Seems like a good product

I like this shampoo so far but have said that about many that are no sitting half full. My husband is always remarking about the number of shampoo bottles in the shower. I always use them to wash out hand washables when traveling, rinse well without soapy residue so I do recycle -:) The smell is good and feel of my thin hair light and curly so as I said it seems good and I will keep rotating it in with the other favorites. I would recommend this one. It it sure it’s worthy of five stars yet.

Mable Goldsmith, IN

Happy Hair

I damaged my hair so much I cried. Its so thin and lifeless. Dry and breakable. My hair used to be thick and strong. Not anymore thanks to bleaching. Its black now. Point is…I ordered this shampoo that I found during my sleepless nights trying to find remedies for my hair. I am very pleased because it does EXACTLY what it says it will do.My hair felt thicker! Stronger! Fuller! Very Soft and silky!! It has shine and bounce!. I love it..I feel more confident and hopeful. I hope this can help someone out there that ever went through the disastrous thin hair problems i went through like it has helped me! No doubt about it Five Stars!

Jennifer Sisters, OR