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L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Smooth Makeup, Absolute Creamy Natural, 0.85 Fluid Ounce

Age-minimizing foundation with light to medium coverage with dewy finish.

Key features

  • Formula infused with collagenspheres known to replump skin from within
  • Hi-precision brush blends seamlessly to instantly fill in lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging formula leaves a dewy, radiant and light finish

Honest reviews


Very good

I love the make up texture, its light, I use it sparingly for a quick make up look. The brush appliction I dont like, I just find it makes things a bit messy so I use my fingers anyway. The make up is very good, can be used minimally, gives a dewey look.

Marsha Kinmundy, IL


Make sure you get the right color, because it’s thick stuff. You won’t need much and don’t think the brush alone will do all the blending for you–use a regular makeup sponge. This was too much coverage for my 47 year-old combination skin. It emphasized my pores and lines.

Mercedes Limaville, OH


I got this when I purchased the Visible Lift Concealer. I saw the brush and thought it was cool. The concept is cool but the actual foundation sucks. Although it did match perfectly with my skin tone (which is a bonus) it made my forehead look all wrinkly (note without the foundation this has never been a problem). It’s like to seeped into every little fine line and crevice on my face. Fortunately I did a test-run before I actually went out into public with this gunk on.

Ester Sasakwa, OK

Really nice for the price~!

Perfect shade! I love it 🙂 the brush it comes with one the top is really soft and smooth, just be careful when you have to twist the part below the brush to make the cover up come out. It only takes 2 to 3 twists to get it to come out but any more than that and you’ll have it squirting all over your hands. Would definitely buy again<3

Lelia Norwalk, OH

Instant Beauty – Right Here. Right Now.

Well, to start with I’m over 50. My skin is fairly good for my age, but I am very fair and without makeup I look blotchy, so I wear foundation every day. I always think I look nice, but this is the first time in ages that anyone has commented on my skin. Since using visible lift, I’ve had lots of comments, curiosity (i.e. “what have you done, your skin looks so flawless – where did you get it? How much does it cost? Exactly what shade are you using, etc.”)The improvement is so dramatic that it’s almost embarrassing. Want to be suddenly beautiful? Then this might be for you.

Nita Nelsonville, OH

Loved it at first then not so much. Also be aware that colors run dark

I absolutely loved this foundation at first. There is a lot to like about it. It has an amazing dewy finish and instantly makes your skin look vibrant and youthful. I am 36 years old and it gave me a glow I never had before. It feels lightweight on but provides amazing coverage. Creamy Natural was a perfect match for my light to medium olive skin. I also tried one shade up Natural Buff 166 and it was way to dark and orange.Now for the problems:1. The color seems to oxidize and look orangey. They all do this except maybe the ivories but those are WAY too light for me (I tried and looked like a Geisha).2. The foundation seems to sit on top of my skin and never soaks in so that it would come off easily onto clothing etc. This problem lasted for hours.3. When I looked at myself in natural sunlight my makeup was extremely noticeable. THat might be the makeup itself or be might be the fault of the packaging which really is a cool idea but doesn’t work out so well in practice. The brush is nice but it is very hard to control how much product comes out of the tubeSo, in the meantime I have gone back to Covergirl Advanced Radiance which I don’t absolutely love (matte finish not dewy or glowing) but it is lightweight and has a no makeup feel and, as an added bonus, when I look at myself in natural light I am not horrified. But, while it covers, it doesn’t do much else for my appearance.Still on the search for the perfect foundation for me and will let you all know if I ever find it 😉

Vicky Parachute, CO

Great coverage

great coverage but the swivel brush with make up dispenser doesn’t work well, too much product comes out and it leaves brush marks, I hope they make this is a regular bottled foundation because it is great coverage and my skin looks great with it on

Tisha Rockwood, PA