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L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Line-Minimizing & Tone-Enhancing Makeup, Soft Ivory, 1.25 Ounces

With Pro-Retinol A.

Key features

  • Makeup that goes beyond covering skin imperfections to fight lines and wrinkles
  • Innovative formula hydrates and visibly evens skin tone
  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks
  • Contains broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 17 protection
  • For all skin types

Honest reviews



Is this a good base. I recommend them as making a cost analysis and quality is this basis that best goes to my taste.

Janna Red Lodge, MT

Not new

This is definitely not new, The cover is broken, the product is totaly not new. I really don’t want to buy this product again!

Arlene Lindseyville, KY

Coor is way off how it looked online

Sand beige, online it looked medium fair, but its dark..really dark. I have to return it and hope they are nice about it.But this is the first time, since I order most make up online, that there is such a descrepancy between the color shown,and the color that arrived. I want to add, the make up and bottle is nice, but the color is so dark, I cannot use it. That has nothing to do with the fact however, that the make up would be fine I’m sure for someone else. I did not use it, I saw it, opened the lid, and clealy using it would be foolish. It really is too dark for me. It arrived in a timely manner, I should add that, it also is in fine condition, the label, the bottle etc. I wish there was a way to really tell a bit closer what color it really is. Thats what Im discourage about. I have bought make up online before, so again, this time, it was so light in appearance online that I felt it would work. Thanks for getting the product to me right away, it was a bargain at 4.01, but unfortunately color is not a match for me. It has to go back. I also wish they would put some sort of packaging on the bottle, so the lid would not be loose as well, perhaps some plastic to keep it closed, and tight knowing that it was not tampered with either. I wss also sent an email to not place this reviews and only allowed to review the seller and packaging? I see reviews on products all the time, the color on this was dark, not just a bit off, but a lot so beward.

Gale Huron, SD

Don’t like the texture

I guess the coverage is ok, but I don’t like the texture. It doesn’t feel creamy and glide on like I want it to. It has a dry feel to it during application, but your skin doesn’t look dry after you apply it. As I’m applying it, it dries up too quickly, and then I have to get more from the bottle. A little does not go a long way and I have to really rub to get it on. It also looks streaky after I’m done. It’s hard to explain, but I just don’t like it. I prefer cover girl.

Pat San Lorenzo, CA

Trust me buy from the drugstore. Youll pick a clean bottle of foundation….

Color is great. It might be a great product had it not arrived in a used like condition. Seriously, whats the point of a review if its going to be unfairly deleted? This was my experience. If anyone wants a bottle of makeup that can honestly be questionable…Ill dig it outta the trash for you. Its not going on my face. If I were happy w product Id say so. I’m not. Theres makeup on the side of the bottle. It doesnt look like it poured out from the top. What am I supposed to think and why send a lil glass bottle of foundation in a bubble mailer to begin w? Theres better ways of sending off products.UPDATE: Im going to change my stars for this product. Sometime after my review seller apologized and sent me a brand new product. For their effort in correcting the situation, they deserve props. Color of make up looks great. Thank you! Wore it to work today and three people said my skin looked great. Which is weird because nobody ever notices my skin.

Betty Call, TX

Perfect Color For Me

I am always searching for a foundation suited for my olive skintone. This color was perfect in caramel beige and for my type of skin , Dry with oily t zone. I was so shock to find a foundation which covers minimizes my discoloration on my cheeks and makes my skin look so much better. I was so happy ordered several more for not to run out. Thank you Amazon for carrying this product.The product is medium coverage , applied it in sections and don’t need that much, this gives a better coverage to your face. Please use a light hand on application. I notice some women like to rub in their foundation like lotion. A big no , no.Thank you ,Native Rose

Esmeralda Cupertino, CA

L’oreal Visible Life line minimizing and Tone Enhancer

L’oreal has a great product line. Pick the shade closer to your skin tone and you will not be disappointed. I am in my fifty’s and love anything that will enhance my skin naturally.

Nelda Sea Isle City, NJ


I bought this product for only a few bucks, the coverage is okay but it doesnt last all day. But for the price that it was it was

Inez White Bird, ID



Tricia Monroe, IA

One of my favorite base make-ups

This has been one of my favorites for about 15 years now. When I can afford it, I try and keep it in stock. Very good price from Amazon.

Geri Cordesville, SC

It does what it says

The price was good and it does what it says. I will continue with it if it does not skyrocket in price.

Dianne Norwalk, WI

always works for me

I have used L’Oreal for years, it has always worked well for me. I would recommend this product to anyone old enough to remember why Marsha was goovy.

Tiffany Sandston, VA

Excellent tone.

Love the coverage because product is light and does not break out my skin. Beautiful color and easy to apply. Will buy again.

Shari David, KY

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Makeup

I use L’Oreal Paris products on a daily basis. I find that they are consistently good quality products without the department store prices.

Teresa Mc Coy, CO

a good foundation..

I purchased 2 shades, (creme cafe, and golden beige). My complexion is olive , medium tan. These colors are very similar, but the creme cafe was a tad deeper in color. A perfect match for me. The creme cafe feels like it has grit in the foundation, almost sandy.. but after smoothing it on, the grit dissapears. It has a slight painty smell to it. The other color is nearly odorless, and with no grit. Both containers were unsealed, and the original stickers were obviously scraped off. (Likely the clearence stickers). They didnt however, appear used. The containers were full and there was no excess makeup on the inside of the lids. the cost of these shades vary, but I got 2 for no more than $9.00! Way better than drugstore prices. The finish of this makeup is somewhat dewy, a healthy looking glow. If you have oily or combo skin, like me, you will want to wash, then tone, then prime your face before applying this, then follow with a powder in order to get a shine free look.

Eleanor Bee, NE

Love this !

This make up is the best. It covers good and last all day.I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely purchase more.Looks great and is a great price….

Staci Kleinfeltersville, PA

L’Oreal Paris makeup

To be honest, I wondered if this makeup was going to be good, because it was sold at a MUCH lower price than I paid in the store, but the ONLY difference was that it did not come in a box or package (except package it was shipped in, lol). The makeup itself is exactly the same. I like this L’Oreal product, it works very well for making my skin tone look even, and it lasts all day. I definitely recommend the seller, and will buy again myself.

Terry Blue Jay, WV

good product

it covers really well n feels smooth i set it with powder and it lasts all day :)but i think it was used because the bottle was kinda dirty with the foundation its self. And it has stickers that said “new” and they were like half way peeled off soo that was a downside 🙁

Fern Hartford, IA

This is now my Fave foundation!

BEAUTIFUL and Cheaper than going to the store even with shipping. Makes me look 5 years younger and looks smooth and natural. LOVE IT!

Beatriz Miller City, IL

Great product!

I bought this light color because it was at an awesome price and its a established product. I mix it with my summer (darker) foundation when applying and it works out perfectly.

Katrina Dema, KY


Great makeup I use this all the time and go back to it. Color is good and am very happy with the purchase. Thanks!

Mina Calamus, IA


Absolutely fantastic. It does what it says it does. Came right away and was very reasonably priced! Thank you so much .

Hope Linn, WV

L’Oreal Visible lift

This face makeup I have used for many years and have always been pleased with the color and the staying effect of the makeup over a long day. I used a face powder to set my makeup and the face powder is also L’Oreal. In this price range this is a good makeup.

Katharine Andersonville, TN

Great product

I love the L’Oreal Visible lift makeup, it goes on smooth, lasts throughout the day, and has a very light weight feel on the skin. I think it’s actually making my complexion better. It was a great price and free shipping from this seller. I would definitely recommend to any age group or complexion type.

Wilda Wilder, VT

it’s okay

i like the consistence,the covereage is medium,not bad not good but with power over it it looks nice i would buy this again.

Louella Fresno, TX

covers very well

my skin already looks better and younger each day that I use this product. It covers blemishes and wrinkles very well, I get comments of my appearance age is 5-6 yrs younger than what I really am. I complement the foundation also with age rewind powder, I think the combination of the two really help each other

Marguerite Iliamna, AK

Great Smooth Coverage

I have been using this foundation for years and absolutely love it. I bought it at Amazon because their price is better than the stores!!!!! I also sent one to my daughter in another state and she loves the coverage too.

Melissa Maybell, CO