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L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Color Lift Blush, Nude Lift, 0.14 Ounce

Visible Lift Color Lift Blush contours and illuminates cheekbones for a more radiant, youthful looking complexion. The hybrid cream to powder formula has a silky, lightweight texture that does not settle into fine lines, giving complexions a flawless even tone. Visible Lift Color Lift Blush is infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance to revitalize the complexion and create a healthy glow.

Key features

  • Hybrid cream to powder formula contours and illuminates cheekbones for a more radiant, youthful looking complexion
  • Infused with tourmaline pearls for optimized radiance to revitalize the complexion and create a healthy glow
  • Silky, lightweight texture does not settle into fine lines, giving complexions a flawless even tone
  • For all skin types

Honest reviews


Finally, the perfect blush for me!

I am reviewing the Pink Lift / Rose #703, (this is what is printed on the back of the case), of the L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Color Blush.Now then, when I say ‘perfect for me’, I mean exactly that. ‘Colour’ is such a subjective thing, one just has to try, and try, and try so many makeup colours before they find the right shade, tone, blah, blah, blah for them.This pink, with a very hint of ‘bright’ rose undertone, is lovely for me. This is not a ‘mauvy’ or ‘lavenderish’ pink. It is definitely on the brighter-side of pink. Think ‘Queen Elizabeth Roses’ pink only ‘paler’. It’s not a ‘bubble-gum’ pink either… so don’t get that idea in your head. Sheesh. Trying to explain colour is nigh impossible!Anyways, I’m old-school. I come from ‘rouge’ world. For years and years, dare I say ‘decades’, blush was ‘powder’. And I hate that. First of all, you can’t get a really proper colour match to your lipstick. Second of all, the texture of powder is, well, in-a-word, ‘horribly dry’. UGH UGH UGH.A ‘rouge’ is always cream-based. And what’s so great about this particular blush is that it goes on ‘creamy’, but dries enough so that it is no longer ‘creamy’ to the touch. It’s ‘dry’, but doesn’t ‘feel’ or ‘look’ like ‘powder’. Total brilliance as far as I’m concerned.It has a slight ‘shimmer’ to it. And I don’t like shimmer– I like matte. But, I cover this blush with my loose face powder anyway, so any hint of shimmer goes away. BUT, here’s the fantastic thing: the colour stays!… even after applying your finishing powder. More brilliance!Okay… back to the colour. As there are about a million shades of pink out there, finding the right one is both costly, time-consuming, and frustrating. Let it be stated that I have been searching for YEARS for this colour. Make no mistake, like others have said, it’s pale. But that’s what I like about it. So many blushes are just a waste. You spend more time wiping most of the product off because the colour is so saturated. Now, while you want a saturated foundation to cover your skin, giving you that flawless palette., you DO NOT want your blush to have that same kind of saturation… else you end up looking so garish and, like I said, having to wipe so much away.Which is why I LOVE this product so much, that I turned around and bought 3 more online the very next day, cuz, dontcha know, just when you find something you love, it’s discontinued. So, yeah, I’m stocking up big time on this blush.Back to the colour. Because it’s creamy and dries powdery, it can be built upon. You WILL get a deeper, darker colour if you put on additional applications. For me, this is dictated by my lipstick. If I wear a pale shade of pink, I use one application of this blush. If I wear a darker shade of pink, I use two applications of blush. But never have I used more than three… and that’s only when going out in the evening or to a dimly-lit formal affair.While others have stated that they use their fingers to apply this blush, I never use my fingers for any makeup application. I use a cosmetic sponge for this blush.I’m sure when all is said and done, I will have purchased at least 20 of these Pink Lift/Rose #703 blushes, (not to be confused with the ‘Rose Lift’ blush). And, yeah, you heard me right,
• lol
• . I do the same with my lipstick. Another item that is so difficult to find the right shade of. Well, I found mine and it matches so perfectly to this blush… (Maybelline ‘Hooked On Pink’, but, shhh, don’t tell anybody I said so,
• lol
• ). You can purchase it on Amazon as well.

Milagros Glenwood City, WI

Lovely blush!

I tried Visible Lift blush in Pink Lift after it was recommended for my skin tone on L’oreal’s website. LOVE IT! The soft pink lends a gentle blush to fair and medium skin tones, and goes on smooth. Visible Lift is a soft cream blush that’s easy to apply with your fingertips.The container is compact and very light to carry in your purse for touch-ups. It’s perfect for travelers, since it goes through airport security easily as a powder.

Delia Ailey, GA

Doesn’t quite last all day, but the Rose Gold color is lovely and works great with the Naked 3 Pallette

I bought this blush in the Rose Gold color after seeing a You Tube makeup artist use it with a tutorial using the new Urban Decay Naked 3 (rose gold) eyeshadow palette. It’s really a lovely color. I had been thinking that it was close to NARS’ Orgasm blush, but it’s much pinker, in a good way.It goes on really nicely and smoothly, and doesn’t leave any glitter. (At the age of 42, I don’t want to wear blushes or highlighters that have glitter in them.) Instead, it has a nice subtle shimmer to it.The compact is a bit hard to open (even after using it every day for the last week), but I suppose that means that it won’t come open easily if you put it in your purse.Even after applying this over a primer and then foundation, the color doesn’t last all day on me, but it does stay on for most of the day.It’s my first time trying this line of blushes by L’Oreal, and I’m impressed!

Dale Millersburg, KY

Nude = Invisible

I ordered this because the peach-colored one was sold out. But now I don’t think I’ll get the peach one either. Main complaint is no applicator sponge and no place to put your applicator once you use it. Also, this particular color doesn’t show up at all on my skin. I guess it makes a slight shimmer – very slight – invisible in my reflection in the mirror. Maybe get it for your daughter who is begging for makeup, but you don’t want her wearing makeup. She could wear this with her little-girl gloss.

Marla Decatur, MS


Creamier than I expected. Put on with fingers instead of a brush. The color was more a light coral, more orange(?) tone instead of pink. Nice pearly sheen, good for older face, but if a pink/coral is what you’re wanting, try a shade darker or pinker. This was more like a bronzer, but with blush color. Hope this helps!

Beryl Vincent, OH

Nice glow, not too heavy.

This blush goes on nicely and gives a subtle glow. I have to use it over a darker blush as the blush is very light when applied. I have fair to medium skin. For a very fair skin, there would be no need for another blush.I like it because it adds a pretty glow that is not as brown looking as some of the bronzers.

Dawn Turin, GA