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L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup, Natural Buff, 1.0 Ounces

With patented color technology, True Match Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture and coordinates perfectly with True Match Powder, Blush, and Concealer. Formulated with Precise Match Technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin. With Vitamins A and C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract to keep your skin nourished, protected and healthy.

Key features

  • Light to medium coverage makeup for all skin types formulated with Precise Match Technology so you can control coverage and match to your skin tone
  • Enriched with Vitamins A and C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract to keep your skin nourished, protected and healthy
  • Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers
  • Coordinates perfectly with True Match Powder, Blush, and Concealer
  • Contains SPF 17 in select shades

Honest reviews


A sheer, natural looking foundation

This liquid foundation is dispensed by upending the bottle onto the tip of your finger and then rapidly dotting the product onto your face. There is plenty of time to work the product, so streaking or uneven application isn’t normally a problem. I have very oily skin and don’t like the feel of a heavy foundation, so the weight of this product is a bonus. Nevertheless, coverage is very sheer indeed. You won’t be covering too many of those freckles. I’ve tried heavier applications but then the product settles into my pores and I look worse with the foundation than without. I settle for a light dusting of a loose powder foundation on top for a touch more coverage and a drier feel to my skin.The SPF factor is only 17. Since this product works best if you use sparingly, I doubt that I’m getting a protection factor of 17. I doubt I’m getting SPF 8.Matching the color to my skin was not too bad using the display at the drugstore. I suspect the match is relatively easy because the product is so sheer, you don’t need as precise a match as other foundations.My skin acquires a rather oily/gluey sensation in the afternoon with this plus the powder. However, I haven’t had time to shop for a powder foundation that goes on fresh looking, not powdery and can survive my oily skin.My only other point of comparison is an Estee Lauder foundation and a Lancome foundation. The Lancome foundation was wonderfully smooth in comparison, offered heavier coverage, fabulous fragrance but left my skin even oiler. The Estee Lauder is a new one I’ve just purchased. It too has heavier coverage, maybe a little too heavy and is very smooth. Can’t say too much about the oiliness factor yet.However, for the price the Loreal is a great bargain. The jar is small enough so you can pack it in your carry-on when you fly. The Estee Lauder tube is under the limit but looks large; I just don’t want to deal with airport security.BTW, I’m Asian-American and medium fair for this population. Hope that helps you zoom in on your shade.

Beryl North Stonington, CT

Emphasizes large pores, can look ashy on skin

I am surprised by how much I didn’t like this foundation, or the corresponding powder.Paula Begoun rates this stuff pretty high–it is a “Paula’s Pick”–so I thought it would be great.Unfortunately, even with a primer under it, my pores looked huge. The color “matched” to my skin by the color match chart is N1, which is really too light for my complexion. I need to put bronzer over the foundation to keep from looking goulish.This can’t be used around the eyes because of the SPF in the product causing irritation, and it seriously emphasizes lines under the eyes, too.The matching powder was too cakey, also.The only good things I can say are 1) the product does have SPF, and 2) it was cheap enough for me to not feel all that bad about throwing it in the trash.

Alfreda Plattekill, NY

Was a gift

Just like some other makeup I bought from Amazon it was smooth and does its job. I think the color should have been darker though but that’s my mistake lol

Vickie Linville, VA

Im obviously blind

Lol True Beige is so not my color. Im a deep golden caramel. White face city whenever I put this on. Thankfully I dont wear makeup on a daily, so I just practice at home, and whenever I use this and take pictures it is White Face City….. So recently…. (after many useless buys of different foundations) I found NARS tinted moisturizer in Malaga…… (LOL COMPLETELY different tone: True Beige vs Malaga) lol and that matches my skin perfect. So now that I see what my skin color actually is, I may look for a different True Match foundation…… But ladies make sure you know your color first!! Because it will just sit your drawer…..

Gayla Etna, OH

Not my foundation

I am used to using Clinique Redness foundation,SmashBox, or Estee Lauder. I had a coupon and my local store had this on sale. I bought the shade that was recommended to me on the website when I went through the quiz. I tried it out and it turned my face completely white like paper. It did not cover any of my freckles or sun spots and was a running, watery mess. I am not satisfied with this product and I have used other L’Oreal products in the past and have had no problems. This just wasn’t the foundation for me.

Katherine Bowersville, GA


I have uneven skin and dark circles, but you don’t notice it when I wear this. Skin looks even and flawless. Easy to take off at night and doesn’t smudge on my clothes or fabrics during the day. It also doesn’t make me break out since it’s oil-free and non-comodogenic. It doesn’t lie. Great all day wear and super blendable. I also really like how it has some SPF to protect your skin.This was the first product I tried in liquid version and I can’t complain. It seems like you do get more for your money with liquid versus compact. But I find a lot of the makeup being wasted on the sponge applicator I use. I don’t know if that’s just how I am using it or if that is normal with liquid foundation or if it’s the product. Hopefully someone who is used to using liquid can clarify that.

Leila Colfax, NC

wife ordered this

apparently my wife ordered this on my account so i cant give any first hand knowledge but i can say that i havent heard her complain about it so i assume she likes it.

Nanette Santaquin, UT

Okay, but not perfect.

This color was pretty good on me, but it was not a perfect match. This would be a backup makeup.

Muriel Pottsville, TX

Good price, good product.

I’ve been wearing this for months now. Easier then having to pick it up from the store. I suppose I could go with a heavier foundation, but this works well, and maybe it is better not to look to pancakey. I am a bit on the tan side for a redhead. This gets rid of some of my red coloring and other blotchiness. Not super heavy, goes on well, good color for me. Price is better than in store with subscribe and save. And more convenient this way.

Bernadine Lyme, NH

Bought this for my Sister, She Loved it

She said it was the perfect shade, and wore well. I thought she looked good in it. Would recommend. 🙂

Ginger Old Appleton, MO

Breaks my face out!

I heard that this makeup had good coverage (which it does), but was unable to use it due to allergy. It made my face red within a few minutes of applying. May be good for some users, but didn’t work for me.

Angelia Cope, SC


Normal quality did not notice anything special, but like most of the other make-up basis …. I think it’s the best … is a normal quality is not bad …

Abbie Gray Court, SC

Wrong bottle -_-

It would have been 4 stars if i actually got the correct colour. i ordered two of these, one for myself, one for my mum, we’re the same complexion, and only one of them came in the correct color. the other one came in a completely different color -__-

Miriam Golden Meadow, LA

Too many chances to get it wrong

I’m not a person who likes to be confronted with choices. Grocery stores overwhelm me! So, I guess I shouldn’t have taken a chance with this foundation. First, you have to decide whether your skin tone is warm, cool or neutral. Then, you have to choose from a range of shades in the category you choose. I chose wrong (Neutral, Natural Buff), even after careful consideration, and had to buy a lighter shade to mix in. Besides the color issue, I just don’t like the feel of the foundation. It seems to sit on my skin, rather than blend in, giving it a painted-on look and an odd feel. I prefer tinted moisterizer Lancome Bienfait Multi-vital Teinte Spf 30 Sunscreen, Bisque but am trying to find something more affordable. A worthy experiment, but it didn’t work out for me.

Benita Eliot, ME

Best Foundation ever!

I’ve had a difficult time finding a foundation that works well for me. I have very fair skin, which is hard to match with foundation. Also, my skin was oily, for many years, because I was not using the correct skin-care products and this foundation controlled the shine very well.Anyway, I’ve been using this foundation (Alabaster) for about 3 years along with the True Match blush (Baby Blossom) and concealer (Fair/Light) topped off with L’oreal’s Hydra Perfecte (now Translucide) loose powder (Transluscent). This make-up looks very natural and I’ve had many comments on how amazing my skin is (which it really isn’t).L’oreal has (somewhat) simplified the process of chosing the right shade for your skin. They’ve grouped their foundation shades into 3 categories: Warm, Neutral, and Cool. Once I figured out that I’m a “Cool,” that narrowed down the selection to a much more manageable number. They have so many shades I’m sure that almost everyone could find a shade to match their skin. If not, I’ve heard of poeple combining two shades to make their own.The foundation goes on and blends well. Once it’s on, you can’t tell. Even when I touch my face, I only feel my skin. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. Blush and eyeshadow go on smooth and stay put when applied over this foundation. It almost has a powdery finish and lasts all day. I apply it around 7:00 A.M. and most days it still looks good at 7:00 P.M without any touch-ups. There are some days when my skin is more oily than usual but this stuff usually does a good job of controlling the shine. I can’t remember for sure but one bottle lasts me at least 3 months, maybe longer, with almost daily use.Another thing I love about this makeup is that it doesn’t clog my poors or cause breakouts, even when I go to bed without washing my face. There are many nights when I’m too tired from work to wash before bed and I’ve never had any problems. Also, coverage is light but if you want or need more coverage, just add another layer to whatever areas you need to get more coverage and it builds on itself.The price with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program is the best I’ve seen. The biggest problem is that the shades I need aren’t always available. Other than that, I have no complaints with this product and will (hopefully) be using it for years to come.

Geraldine Landisville, NJ

Loreal True Match; Love it!

Great foundation. I have oily skin, but I don’t have any problems with this makeup and I don’t use powder either. This foundation is oil free. It lasts all day. It gives very good coverage. I’ve tried Revlon Colorstay. It lasts all day, too, but it’s a heavier feeling formula. It doesn’t blend into the skin as easily as this one. This foundation lives up to it’s “super blendable” name. Since it blends so well, it gives a very natural and smooth look to my skin…not masklike. When wearing, I’ve gotten comments; “your skin is beautiful”, instead of your make up looks nice.The cute, little, glass bottle reminds of of an old fashioned milk jug. A little goes a long way. As the manufacturer stated; use four dots of foundation…forehead, cheek, cheek, and chin. Covering the open bottle with the finger tip and giving a tilt of the wrist, leaves the perfect size dot on the finger tip. I use a makeup brush to blend. Using most days, a bottle lasts me almost 3 months.Another thing I really like about this foundation, it doesn’t transfer easily and it doesn’t drip off my face with normal sweat in hot weather,(or hot flash). It leaves no foundation ring around the collar. The foundation I’d worn for years was discontinued. It’s not so easy finding a new one. I’m glad I stumbled across this Loreal True Match. I like it better than the old.UPDATE; I’m still fond of this makeup, but I have to tell you, I have found even better. To my surprise, it’s Maybelline “Super Stay 24hr” Yeah! It’s wonderful; perfect color and glides over your skin like satin and blends right in, extremely well. It must be formulated with an included primer. Very natural looking with great coverage. It formulated to not sweat off. Well, I put some on and worked out, until I was dripping in sweat. As soon as I was done, I ran to the mirror. This foundation didn’t budge. Absolutely, no dripping or streaks. I’m sold.I’m a Massage Therapist. My treating room is warmer than normal, to accommodate my client’s lack of clothing. When I do deep or vigorous work, in no time, I’m sweating like a pig, but I like to use makeup. I definitely look better with it. This Maybelline “Super Stay 24hr” has everything I want; good coverage, natural looking, perfect color, great formula, great feel on my skin, and sweat proof, too! It comes in a tall cylinder bottle, with a white and silver cap. Try it, if you find a color you like for your skintone. I’m almost exactly the color of a brown paper bag. The Caramel works perfectly for me. It’s a little more expensive…about 13.

Tasha Ackley, IA

Maybe I ordered the wrong shade

Product was a little dark for my skin tone. I ordered buff and I am fair skinned so maybe it was just the wrong shade. But the product glides on the skin which is nice

Bernadine Hutchinson, MN

It matches!

It took me a few different swipes of foundation to find a true color match, but this foundation TRULY matches my skin. The coverage is excellent, and it goes on smoothly. It does have a tendency to wear off mid-day, so it loses a star because it is not really a long lasting foundation. For the color match, ease of wear, and breathable feel, however, it is an excellent foundation. It is the best I have used thus far!

Gabrielle Grantsville, UT

I love it

Its really amazing. The foundation blends with my skin color. easy to take out and does not have any affect on my skin

Luann Butler, MD


I was so nervous that this would not be the right color for my skintone, but it turns out I picked the right color! This foundation offers great coverage for a really good price. I would recommend this!

Carlene Frederick, MD

Not for oily skin.

This has mediocre coverage. I have combination/slightly oily skin. This didn’t conceal my oily spots well, use a oil-free moisturizer if anything. However, if you have barely oily skin it gives you a healthy glow.

Amparo Hartshorne, OK

Looks a lot darker than it is.

I’ve had issues buying foundations, because nothing seems to match my skintone. I’m dark-skinned, but not super dark. No makeup seems to really be dark enough or they’re too dark? This looked chocolaty(?) enough and I got it. The colour is a lot brighter than the picture would make you believe. When I put it on I look like I brightened my face, which looks odd with my neck and body lol. I use BB cream first and then add bronzer, but after putting on the foundation I usually pat my face and it looks a little better. Recently I’ve found that combining it with another foundation I have that’s darker makes it the perfect shade. I bought two of these off of here, so after they run out I’ll probably try something else, but the main thing here is the colour isn’t as dark as it looks.

Jocelyn Knoxville, TN


The only pro I can list with this is that it holds up well after eight hours. Concealer will show sometimes…It cakes on my face and creases in my lines. After a while it changes colour for me (oxidises) and I can hardly recognise myself in the mirror.I even had to add some other foundation to it to give it some oomph. Will not repurchase. I’m a Revlon Colorstay girl now

Kara Caretta, WV


I am used to wearing high end foundations and I have to say, I was really, really impressed with the results of the L’Oreal Paris True Match. This is one to have forever. I am already going to purchase another one for back up.

Bianca Marston, MO

No hype…no inflated price…a beautiful soft glow…

An affordable and highly recommended makeup, True Match has been at the top of the leader boards for some time.It covers light but well, feels soft and appears to be fragrance free. Been using for some time and it continues to please.

Lindsay Elizabeth, IN


Saw this on my mom and loved it on her so I bought some and I really like it. I am already using the true match powder and I love it, this is just an awesome bonus. Thought it would be too dark, but it matched to my skin well.

Darla Maben, MS

poor coverage

I swqitched over to a revlon brand of liquid makeup, poor coverage, poor finish, just not good, maybe for others, but not for me

Deena Anna, IL


Perfect blending power and stays on all day ! This covers alot but is thin and you cant even feel it on your face .

Willie Perry, GA

I like this stuff.. A LOT!

I bought this because it was on sale at Walgreens for $8.99 so I figured I’d try it. It wasn’t hard for me to find my PERFECT match! I’m the shade, Natural Beige. When I put this on, it looks like I’m wearing nothing. This stuff has Medium Coverage. It’s actually thicker than I expected it to be but has pretty good coverage! I just wish it lasted longer. It lasts me maybe 5-6 hours.. i wouldn’t recommend if you work long hours and have no time to touch up.. but if you have that extra few minutes to touch up , then I’d definitely recommend! This is probably one of the BEST drugstore foundations I’ve ever used & it doesn’t break me out! & I have VERY VERY sensitive skin. I really hope L’oreal comes out with a similiar foundation to this that has longer staying power & still is still great for your skin! For now though, I’m sticking to my Almay TLC foundation.. I go back to this when I want something that isn’t so full coverage like Almays TLC is ! I switch back & forth because Almay TLC seems to be difficult to wash off & can be a pain in the butt!! I WOULD definitely buy again but I want the new bottle with the pump! The bottle with the twist off cap can be a bit messy & I’ve noticed it wastes a lot of product! I would definitely recommend to those on a budget who want a decent foundation. 🙂

Eileen Millstone, WV

Totally natural and perfect

This make-up is incredible. Affordable, natural looking, and comfortable to wear. I am an actor and whether on stage, on camera, or for daily wear- I live by this stuff!

Jayne Garfield, NJ