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L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer, Fair/Light Neutral, 0.10 Ounces

Conceal it all, big to small. True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer offers customizable coverage from the tiniest of blemishes to larger areas of imperfections. The tip of the crayon allows for precise application, while the side of the crayon can easily canvas a larger area of skin. The innovative formula provides sheer to full coverage that blends easily and won’t look cakey.

Key features

  • True-to-life shades precisely match your skin tone and undertone
  • Innovative formula provides sheer to full coverage that blends easily and won’t look cakey
  • Customizable coverage, the tip of the crayon allows for precise application while the side of the crayon can easily canvas a larger area of skin

Honest reviews


make up

great product, works well, saw it advertized in New York magazine it will last a long time, i feel like a movie star.

Paige Highgate Center, VT

the perfect concealer

Gives great coverage and of course this shade is very true to skin tone. Blends very easy and i love the crayon idea. I strongly suggest you use it with the true match foundation and powder for the full affect. But also great alone..

Darlene Poth, TX

excellent portable concealer

Perfect purse companion. Great for touching up worn off makeup or for days when I don’t want to wear face makeup its a backup in case of sudden redness. It covers my dark circles as well as it does blemishes and/ or redness. Produce lasts long and doesn’t get cakey or travel to crevice around the eyes or nose. Blends easily and smoothly.

Nancy Soldier, KY

Best concealer on the market!

I use several different foundations because my skin tone changes throughout the year, but this concealer crayon is my favorite for use with all of them. It gives the best coverage and is the easiest to apply. No mess, no smears, no fuss.

Christy Durham, CT

Finally found it.

True Match is extremely easy to use. It’s easy to handle, glides on nicely and conceals very well. Love it. Definitely would recommend.

Rosalinda Lake Elsinore, CA

,best concealer ever

Best concealer that i have tried, i have really oily skin and really bad dark circles so i have tried a lot lf drugstores concealers and this is by far my favorite , this is my fourth one and i will repurchase it it covers everything and stay in place all day and doesn’t crease either it doesn’t make a good job at highlighting but it will cover your under eye circles like no other…it can be little bit to drying on top of acne something so its better for youR under eye area just keep that in mind,,best concealer ever

Eunice Benavides, TX

Poor packaging.

I typically love this product. However, when I received this stick, the product had metled and re-hardend; rendering it impossible to use. The product just flakes out of the tube.

Cynthia Fall Creek, WI

It does the trick

This crayon concealer does a wonderful job. It smoothly erases the imperfections on my face and allows me to put on foundation to get a great finished appearance. Once again, a L’Oreal product is on my list of "must haves" for the makeup bag of tricks.

Juliet Simpsonville, SC

Natural cover

Great products, did just what I wanted it to do. Covered very natural and not cakey. Nice color, blended right in. Loved it. Will buy again.

Lupe Shanksville, PA


Makes my skin oily but other than that it’s okay as long as you use some type of acne cream. Also make sure that this is your skin color.

Kerri Cooperstown, PA

So creamy!

I may have gotten a shade too light but it still works amazing, I compared it to the covergirl tru blend stick which was dry and hard to blend. But this loreal stick is great! Definitely recommend it to anyone with bad bags under their eyes, and if you get a shade too light it’s okay because it works as a highlighter too!

Dorothea Church Hill, MD


I love this concealer. It is rich and creamy. It’s also super buildable and blendable. I went a shade lighter than I normally would so that I could use this more as a highlighting concealer. I love it!

Carey Corea, ME

I like it

I like this product, but i bought it in the shade light, what a mistake. I’m Mexican so i’m pretty tan. I also like the simplicity of this product. I don’t use it much because of the color…

Cleo Mohrsville, PA

Great for fair skin. 8 Blendability 7 Staying Power

I purchased this concealer about 2-3 weeks ago and, overall, am very pleased.I’ve never liked liquid concealers because I’ve never found one that provided good coverage and didn’t simply blend out during application.This crayon offers thick, buildable coverage while still blending well. I use it primarily over acne blemishes and under-eye circles and it does a 8/10 job covering both.My only issue is with the staying power. I’m the type of person that applies makeup in the morning and unless something happens that will directly influence my makeup (rain, naps, sweating, etc) I don’t reapply until the evening.This concealer holds its ground for a few hours–3-4 and pushes 6 under ideal conditions–but doesn’t really last much longer than that.Another thing worth mentioning is that this is a fantastic match for very fair skin.As someone who frequently finds that a company’s “lightest shade” still manages to be too dark I really appreciate L’Oreal’s overall commitment to catering to all skin shades in their True Match line… this concealer included.

Pamala Enfield, NH

color not for me butttt

its a lot darker in person so this color is not for me. it is very creamy and glides on nicely, tho

Kate Middleburg, OH

Works great

I use this for highlights under my eyes or to hide great…I bought a color a little lighter than my usual color and it works great for highlights or contouring

Cora Quaker Street, NY

Don’t order this from Amazon (might be a summer issue)

I have received two of these from Amazon. The first arrived with a good chunk of it detached and concealer had coated the inside of the tube. It was an unusable mess. I asked for a replacement item. They were very polite, as always, and I received a replacement tube today (8/30/13). The second tube arrived in the same condition. I noticed the crayon tube was hot, and am attributing the damage to heat+shipping jostle. Generally cosmetics from amazon arrive in great condition, but I believe the concealer is too soft to weather the heat of August combined with the violent hustle of shipping.

Kelley Austin, AR

I’m on the fence about this one

I am really undecided so far about whether or not I truly like this concealer. It has both good and bad points which I will explain. I bought this concealer thinking it would be perfect for getting very precise coverage. In that area, it is good. You can really pinpoint right where to apply this. The issue I have is the formulation of the product. It is much more creamy and soft than I had imagined. I really expected more of like an eyeliner texture, and it is much softer than that. It almost squishes onto your skin as you are applying. To cover a major blemish it just does not work for me. The plus side of this, is that it does seem to be very blendable. I imagine this would be good for covering dark undereye circles, freckles, or things of that nature. It you are looking to cover a blaring blemish….well no dice. Also I was off on the color I chose. I bought the neutral fair/light. Holding the tube up to my skin in the store it looked like a pretty good match. When I put it on the first time it applied much lighter than I had expected. Maybe this was just poor judgement on my part, though it may be better to go with one that looks a little too dark in the tube, and then it might apply just the right color on actual skin. So overall, this isn’t a horrible concealer, it was just not exactly what I expected. I think I will stick with a liquid concealer next time.

Adriana Wilcox, PA

Good coverage

Asian user with fair skin – matched well! I bought this stick with the intention of using it as an under eye concealer…unfortunately, it’s a thick product. It has good coverage for redness and blemishes, has staying power, and blends well without looking caked on.

Shanna Lorane, OR

Not the correct color

wasn’t as satisfied with this as I was with the foundation…..just didn’t conceal or match my skin tone. I like L;Orieal so I will look for another color

Katrina Elyria, OH

highly recommend

All concealers I have previously tried have instead of covering the dark circles, highlighted them by giving them a grey ashy appearance or the concealer has been a cakey mess. This concealer, while it is a crayon foundation stick consistency, doesn’t have the sticky oily cakey appearance, it is blend able, I use it along with physicians formula tinted moisturizer for a flawless,natural, glow from within complexion.I have Medium Olive tone complexion: Light/Medium Warm is a good option

Helga Sterling, UT